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A definitive list of the most relevant, effective, and prominent sales keynote speakers.

The Top 15 Sales Keynote Speakers of 2024

Welcome to our list of the top sales keynote speakers of 2024.

Sales keynote speakers are professional leaders who provide expert knowledge and engaging speeches that inspire and motivate sales teams. They combine their deep understanding of sales and valuable insights with their inspiring stories to create tailored keynote presentations. Then, their motivational presentations lead to greater employee satisfaction and productivity.

We have compiled a definitive list of the top 15 sales keynote speakers of 2024 by considering the relevance, effectiveness, and performance of the finest keynote speakers. Our list features a diverse set of keynote speakers, including:

  • Best Selling Author Speakers
  • U.S. Olympians
  • Celebrity Sales Keynote Speakers
  • Female Sales Keynote Speakers
  • Fortune 500 CEO’s and Executives
  • and more…

Each entry includes a video showcasing their skills as engaging speakers, and a link to their pages where they can be contacted. So, let’s get started.

The Top 15 Sales Keynote Speakers of 2024

Alex Banayan

First on our list is Alex Banayan, the author of The Third Door, a #1 international bestseller. It details the development of his Third Door Framework, which earned him an audience with Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg while having no credentials to his name. 

Banayan presents the Third Door Framework to corporate leadership teams around the world. Through both in-person keynotes and virtual presentations, Banayan inspires sales teams to reach and surpass their quotas. 

Why do organizations hire Alex Banayan as their sales keynote speaker? Firstly, his career has been incredibly influential on young entrepreneurs and businesspeople. Secondly, the essential principles of his Third Door Framework are not only relevant to sales but to competition as well. Lastly, his story of self-made success and charisma perfectly complement his sales motivational expertise, making him one of the top sales keynote speakers of 2024. 

Alex Banayan is a renowned keynote speaker who has presented to top executives and sales teams from Apple, Google, Nike, Disney, and many more. Contact the Mollie Plotkin Group today to find out Alex Banayan’s fees and availability for corporate conferences and events. 

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Matt Newman

  • Top-performing financial services wholesaler
  • Brain cancer survivor and top-selling Amazon author
  • Specialist in fostering strong business connections

Matthew S. Newman is a brain cancer survivor and keynote speaker who motivates individuals to commit to making greater connections in their personal and professional lives. His personal journey began at 39 years old when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. 

As a financial services professional for almost 20 years and a father of three small children at the time, Matt’s diagnosis brought him to the fight of his life. Today, his experience serves as inspiration for him to teach others how to build deeper, more meaningful connections with their friends, family, clients, and prospects.

Matt Newman is available to be booked for corporate and private events. He is also well-known for his keynote and motivational speaking. Contact the Mollie Plotkin Group today to inquire about Matt Newman’s fees.

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Jean Oelwang

  • Founding CEO and President of Virgin Unite
  • Internationally-renowned business connection specialist
  • Former joint CEO of Virgin, Australia

Jean Oelwang is a highly respected figure in the world of partnership-building and collaboration. As the founding CEO and President of Virgin Unite, she has dedicated her career to uniting people and organizations to create positive change. Jean is also the author of the book Partnering: Forge the Deep Connections That Make Great Things Happen, which offers valuable insights into forming meaningful partnerships.

With her extensive experience and expertise, Jean Oelwang is a top sales keynote speaker for corporate and private events. She is known for her captivating keynote speeches that inspire and motivate audiences. Jean’s ability to foster deep connections and her passion for making a difference make her an exceptional choice for any event.

If you are interested in booking Jean Oelwang for your next conference or event, please contact the Mollie Plotkin Group to inquire about her fees and availability.

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Seth Godin

  • 20-time best-selling author
  • Leading innovator in online direct marketing
  • Marketing Hall of Fame inductee

Seth Godin is a premier keynote speaker in marketing, innovation, and creativity. With 20 best-selling books under his belt, Godin is a leading authority in the field of marketing and has been recognized as a Marketing Hall of Fame inductee.

As a leading innovator in online direct marketing, Seth Godin has revolutionized the way businesses connect with their customers. His insights and strategies have helped countless organizations achieve success in the digital age.

In addition to his written work, Seth Godin is also an accomplished speaker. He has given over 1000 presentations to organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. His dynamic and engaging speaking style has made him one of the top sales keynote speakers featured at conferences and events around the world.

Through his keynote speeches, Seth Godin shares his expertise on effective marketing, leadership, the spread of ideas, and changing everything. Drawing on his thirty years of experience in the industry, he provides practical insights and actionable strategies that inspire and motivate audiences.

Whether you are looking to ignite creativity within your organization or drive innovation in your marketing efforts, Seth Godin is the perfect choice for your next event.

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Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt

  • Google’s first-ever Chief Innovation Evangelist
  • Co-founder of Google’s The Garage and its first Innovation Laboratory
  • Adjunct Professor at Stanford University’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design

Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt is a visionary leader on a mission to inspire people to invent their future, harnessing the #1 human superpower: To shape one’s destiny. As Google’s first-ever Chief Innovation Evangelist, Dr. Pferdt has spearheaded a diverse community of over 500 Innovation Evangelists, trained tens of thousands of Googlers, and co-founded Google’s The Garage along with its inaugural Innovation Laboratory.

Organizations that prioritize innovation and creativity hire Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt as their sales keynote speaker. His keynote on Innovation Culture offers insight on how to catalyze breakthroughs and cultivate forward thinkers. 

So, how did Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt become a top sales keynote speaker? During his tenure at Google, Dr. Pferdt has helped leaders and teams across Alphabet/Google and beyond to discover and solve problems in new, unconventional ways. Therefore, he played a pivotal role in shaping one of the world’s most renowned innovation cultures. Then, drawing from those experiences, he crafted actionable, engaging keynote speeches, fit for any organization.

In addition to his role at Google, Dr. Pferdt serves as an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, also known as the There, he teaches graduate courses such as Hacking Your Innovation Mindset, empowering students to unleash their creative potential and invent impactful solutions that matter in the world.

Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt has been featured as the Pope of Creativity and Dr. Innovation in over 300 international newspapers, magazines, and documentaries. His insights and expertise have been sought after by publications such as FastCompany, Inc. Magazine, Times Magazine, Harvard Business Manager, and many more.

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Sarah Robb O’Hagan

  • Executive, Activist, and Entrepreneur
  • Named one of Forbes’ Most Powerful Women in Sports
  • Expert in transforming businesses through digital content and services

Sarah Robb O’Hagan is a renowned executive, activist, and entrepreneur. She is best known for her innovative use of digital content and services to transform businesses. Additionally, has been recognized by Forbes as one of the Most Powerful Women in Sports for her prolific success in reinventing the business practices of the largest brands in the industry.

As the global president of Gatorade, Sarah led the business through a major repositioning and turnaround. She then went on to serve as the global president of Equinox, where she successfully reinvented their offering through a significant technology transformation.

Sarah Robb O’Hagan is available for booking at corporate and private events. She is also highly sought after as a keynote speaker, known for her motivational and inspiring talks. So, contact the Mollie Plotkin Group today to inquire about Sarah Robb O’Hagan’s fees and availability.

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John ‘Gucci’ Foley

  • Former lead solo pilot of the Blue Angels
  • Philanthropist
  • Top-rated keynote speaker

John “Gucci” Foley is a former lead solo pilot of the Blue Angels, philanthropist, and top-rated keynote speaker. His exciting, rare journey inspires awe, triggering audiences to take action and rethink what they believe is possible. John has spoken to some of the top organizations such as Microsoft, Cisco, Merrill Lynch, and Million Dollar Round Table.

In addition to being the former lead solo pilot of the Blue Angels, John Foley is the Bestselling Author of Fearless Success. An expert in the How of High-Performance teams, ‘The Guru of Gratitude’ will inspire your audience. As a Blue Angel, John consistently performed in an extreme, high-stakes environment. For instance, flying at speeds exceeding 500 miles per hour in formations as close as 18 inches apart is a near-impossible task. To survive in those circumstances he relied on a culture of high trust, leadership, and teamwork. John employs the intense realities of his aviation career as a metaphor to inspire and breathe life into teams.

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Jay Shetty

  • One of the most booked keynote speakers in the world
  • #1 Amazon best-selling author of Think Like a Monk
  • Host of the #1 Health Podcast in the world

Jay Shetty is a highly sought-after keynote speaker known for his powerful messages and inspiring storytelling. He is the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller Think Like a Monk and the host of the #1 Health Podcast in the world.

At just 21 years old, Jay Shetty made the life-changing decision to become a monk. This experience shaped his perspective on life and led him to pursue a higher calling. After leaving the monastery, Jay Shetty faced numerous challenges, including an 80-hour work week and crushing debt. However, he persevered and built an empire that has made him one of the most influential voices of our time.

Despite initial skepticism from agents and publicists, Jay Shetty’s podcast became a massive success. Today, he is not only a bestselling author and renowned speaker but also a member of the National Geographic Chasing Dreams Council. His journey from monk to motivational speaker has inspired millions around the world.

Companies hire Jay Shetty to inspire, empower, and train their organizations for well-being, engagement, and purpose. What’s more, his transformative keynotes and workshops have been praised by top executives and employees alike.

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Jon Dorenbos

  • 14-year NFL veteran and professional athlete
  • Finalist on America’s Got Talent
  • Regular on The Ellen Show
  • World-class speaker on Fortune 500 stages

Jon Dorenbos is a renowned magician and keynote speaker who has captivated audiences around the world. With 14 years in the NFL as a professional athlete, Dorenbos knows what it takes to overcome adversity and achieve greatness.

As a finalist on America’s Got Talent and a regular on The Ellen Show, Dorenbos has showcased his incredible talent and captivating personality to millions. He seamlessly incorporates your company message through storytelling and world-class magic. Dorenbos will leave your audience motivated and aligned with your organization’s mission.

Jon Dorenbos is available to be booked for corporate and private events. He is also well-known for his keynote and motivational speaking. Contact the Mollie Plotkin Group today to inquire about Jon Dorenbos’s fees and availability for your next event.

Book Jon Dorenbos.

Dr. Keren Tsuk

  • Renowned leadership expert and organizational consultant
  • CEO and founder of Wisdom To Lead
  • Ph.D. in Leadership in the 21st Century

Dr. Keren Tsuk is a renowned leadership expert and organizational consultant. What’s more, she has over 20 years of experience in advising organizations through change and growth. As the CEO and founder of Wisdom To Lead, Dr. Tsuk has established herself as a leading authority in the field of leadership and mindfulness.

What sets Dr. Keren Tsuk apart from the other top sales keynote speakers of 2024? With a Ph.D. in Leadership in the 21st Century from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Dr. Tsuk brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. She has developed a holistic approach to addressing organizational challenges and tensions through mindfulness, which she shares in her book, Mindfully Wise Leadership: The Secret of Today’s Leaders (2021). This groundbreaking book has been recognized by Simon Alliance as one of their Best New Leadership Books of 2021.

In addition to her consulting work, Dr. Keren Tsuk is a sought-after lecturer and sales keynote speaker. Her captivating speaking style and insightful presentations have made her a favorite among corporate and private event organizers.

Book Dr. Keren Tsuk.

Leslie Maxie

  • Accomplished sportscaster, Olympic athlete, and keynote speaker
  • Expert in adapting the Olympic mindset for business success
  • Founder of Maxie Media Group

Leslie Maxie is an extraordinary individual who has achieved success as a sportscaster, Olympic athlete, and international keynote speaker. They value her presentations on the Olympic mindset, helping audiences adapt to the highest levels of business competition. Leslie’s mindset allowed her to thrive in the hypercompetitive world of sports journalism at ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC.

In addition to her accomplishments in sports and media, Leslie is also a self-made entrepreneur. She is the founder of Maxie Media Group, a PR consulting company that serves influential clients. Leslie’s leadership skills and inspirational presence make her a sought-after speaker and role model.

Leslie Maxie has achieved success in front of the camera, behind the camera, and in boardrooms around the world. She is available for corporate and private events, as well as keynote speaking engagements. Contact the Mollie Plotkin Group today to inquire about Leslie Maxie’s fees.

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Marcus Allen

  • Former professional basketball player
  • CEO of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region
  • Sought-after keynote speaker on team building, DE&I, overcoming adversity, and motivation

Marcus Allen is considered one of the top sales keynote speakers because of his implementation and expertise in the Entrepreneurial Operating System, or EOS. Allen was the featured keynote speaker of the 2022 EOS conference and continues to speak on the efficacy of EOS to leading organizations.

Additionally, Allen is a former professional basketball player and the current CEO of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region. With a successful career on the basketball court, extensive experience in the business community, and exceptional leadership within the non-profit sector, Marcus is highly sought-after as a keynote speaker. He delivers powerful talks on various topics including team building, diversity, equity, and inclusion, overcoming adversity, and motivation.

Before joining BBBS Independence, Marcus served as the Chief Executive Officer of ACHIEVEability, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization dedicated to breaking the generational cycle of poverty for low-income, single-parent, and homeless families. Marcus’s personal journey of growing up in poverty and discovering the value of mentorship and sports has profoundly influenced both his professional career and personal life.

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AK Ikwuakor

  • Former top collegiate athlete turned philanthropist and sports diplomat
  • Internationally known for his work with government officials of foreign nations
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning and Sports Performance Specialist

Among the top sales keynote speakers, AK Ikwuakor stands apart as a multi-hyphenate international philanthropist, influencer, and CEO. AK Ikwuakor’s life has been a remarkable journey, starting as a standout collegiate athlete and evolving into an internationally known philanthropist and sports diplomat. With an approachable and friendly presence, AK encompasses the qualities of a great entrepreneur in his multifaceted life.

Throughout his career, AK has built an impressive resume, traveling to over thirty countries to work with corporations, students, coaches, athletes, victims affected by terrorism, and CEOs. He teaches his audiences to challenge their preconceived notions and discover their true potential, enabling them to become the best version of themselves.

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Michael Rogers

  • Award-winning journalist and keynote speaker
  • Ten-year Vice President of The Washington Post’s new media division 
  • Recipient of the World Technology Network Award for Lifetime Achievement in Media and Journalism

Michael Rogers is an award-winning journalist and highly sought-after keynote speaker on artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies. He has spoken to leading organizations ranging from Boeing and GE to Microsoft, Pfizer, and American Express, as well as NASA and the Department of Defense.

For ten years, he was the vice president of The Washington Post Company’s new media division. Additionally, his work in interactive media includes projects with LucasFilm and Apple in early ground-breaking developments. Furthermore, Rogers is an inductee of the Magazine Industry Digital Hall of Fame and recipient of the World Technology Network Award for Lifetime Achievement in Media and Journalism.

His most recent book, Email from the Future: Notes from 2084, is available now in paperback, Kindle, and audiobook. Contact the Mollie Plotkin Group today to inquire about Michael Rogers’s fees

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Robert Paylor

  • Top Keynote Speaker on Disability and Overcoming Adversity
  • Courageously regained the ability to walk after traumatic injury
  • UC Berkeley Graduate of the Haas School of Business

Robert Paylor is a living testament to the power of the human spirit. Despite facing the unimaginable challenge of quadriplegia, Paylor has not only overcome his physical limitations but has also found a way to thrive. His story and the tools he shares inspire others to access their full potential and conquer their challenges, no matter how daunting they may seem.

Paylor is available for corporate and private events, where he delivers powerful keynote presentations that leave audiences motivated and inspired. His unique perspective on overcoming adversity resonates with individuals from all walks of life, making him a sought-after speaker for conferences and events.

In 2017, Paylor suffered a life-altering injury during the Collegiate Rugby National Championship. Despite being told he would never walk or move his hands again, Paylor refused to accept that reality. Through sheer determination and courage, he defied the odds and willed himself to walk again.

Paylor’s incredible journey has been featured in Sports Illustrated, where he was celebrated for walking across the stage at his graduation ceremony from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. This achievement was one of the many goals he set for himself as he continues to push boundaries and inspire others with his remarkable story.

To inquire about booking Robert Paylor for your next event or conference, please contact the Mollie Plotkin Group for information on fees and availability.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Sales Keynote Speakers

1. Can a sales speaker customize their presentation for my organization?

Yes, many sales speakers offer customization options to tailor their content specifically to your organization’s needs. They can incorporate examples and case studies relevant to your industry or address specific challenges your team may be facing.

2. Can a sales speaker provide ongoing support after their presentation?

Some sales speakers offer additional services such as coaching or consulting to provide ongoing support after their presentation. This can help reinforce the concepts learned and ensure long-term success. Contact the Mollie Plotkin Group to receive a proposal for sales keynote speakers that provide ongoing support.

3. Can a sales speaker address specific challenges faced by my industry?

Yes, we represent sales keynote speakers who have experience working across various industries and can adapt their content to address specific challenges faced by your industry. It is important to discuss your industry-specific needs with the speaker beforehand.

4. Can a sales speaker help motivate my sales team? 

Yes, sales speakers are skilled at motivating and inspiring sales teams. They can share success stories, provide practical tips, and offer strategies to boost motivation, confidence, and overall performance.

5. How much does it cost to hire a sales speaker?

The cost of hiring a sales speaker varies depending on their required travel accomodations, length of their presentation, and whether they are presenting live or virtually. The Mollie Plotkin Group can create a proposal that perfectly fits your organization’s budget and goals for your events.

Hiring Sales Keynote Speakers for Long-Term Business Success

In conclusion, hiring a sales keynote speaker can provide numerous benefits for businesses looking to improve their sales performance and drive business growth. These speakers have the ability to inspire and motivate sales teams, improve customer relationships, enhance brand image and reputation, and provide valuable insights and strategies for success. Therefore, by investing in a sales keynote speaker, businesses can position themselves for long-term success and achieve their sales goals.

Our team represents top-rated speakers who specialize in every aspect of personal development, from overcoming obstacles to achieving success in all areas of life. Contact us today to learn more about our speakers and how we can help you plan your next event, conference, or retreat.

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