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You have questions and we have answers (lots and lots of answers). In the end, it’s all about teamwork and we’re excited to be on your team.  Please don’t hesitate to contact MPG at 215-510-6607 for more answers to your questions!

Yes we can and that’s what we do best! You know your audience and we know our speakers. Let’s set up a time to talk so we can learn more about your event, what your goals & objectives are and then we’ll get to work.  You can reach us at 215-510-6607.

We hate to sound so “sales-y” but it’s best to contact us to set up a time to talk or video chat. Never trust an agency or bureau who says right off the bat that they have the “perfect person” for you.  Unless they take the time to know what you need, how can they be so sure their speaker recommendation is the right one? Call us at 302-212-0475 so we can find out what your needs are.

No. Although we are adding speakers, athletes and entertainers to our website daily, we can book almost any speaker or entertainer in the world. If you would like information on a speaker, but do not see him/her on our website, please give us a call. Chances are, we have worked with that person in the past.

Book. Early. Living in a world which now embraces live, virtual and hybrid events, our speakers are busier than ever.  It’s heartbreaking when a hiring client waited too long to make a decision and the speaker they need is now booked for another event. Consider this our PSA: Don’t let this happen to you. Book Early.

Great question. An exclusive speaker means that we are that person’s agent for all events. Whether you work through us, or another bureau, we’re still working together. At MPG, a non-exclusive speaker is someone that has signed a representation letter with us and may be working with an outside management team as well. 

Yes. MPG maintains long-standing relationships with all of the major exclusive bureaus, so we can book their speakers for your event at no additional cost.

It never should. A reputable agency is going to make sure you pay the same rate whether it’s through their agency or another bureau.

No. The vast majority of speakers we work with maintain a high-degree of fee integrity, which means they charge the same fee to everyone who books them. BUT, and this is important, it’s difficult for a speaker to be objective if they are the right fit for your audience. That’s where we come in. We’re your partner in making sure the speaker you chose is the right one for your event. 

Oh yes we can! Our reach is wide and we know a lot of people.  Our industry is one of collaboration and we work with many agency partners in bringing great keynote speakers to each other’s events. Let us know who you’re looking for and we’ll be excited to work with them.

Absolutely. We see those trends by keeping an eye on our industry and also noticing the pattern of what our hiring clients are looking for. During COVID, we saw new trends happening every few weeks and continue to see huge shifts in what our clients need and want in their keynotes. 

Absolutely! We’re “people” people. If you invite us, we’ll be there.

Let’s cut to the chase: virtual is going to save you a little money (and who doesn’t love a savings). No additional travel charges to incur and easier to schedule, your virtual event will typically be about 1/3 less than a live appearance.  

It’s not the length of time that they speak, it’s the quality of the speech.  Most live events schedule one hour for a keynote and it breaks down to 35 to 40 minutes of speaking followed by 15 to 20 minutes of Q&A. For virtual, most clients request 25 to 30 minutes of speaking followed by 20 to 30 minutes of Q&A. This time frame is fairly industry standard as it allows audience members to stay engaged and still have time to make it interactive. 

That depends on the speaker. If travel is necessary for your event, some of our speakers add a travel stipend and prefer to manage their travel themselves. Typically though, many meeting planners prefer to book our speakers travel as they have negotiated better room and travel rates for their event. 

Sometimes “yes” and sometimes “no”. Our speakers often create content specifically tailored for your meeting or event and many allow you to record it. A few of our speakers do not allow recordings as their information is proprietary. Let’s learn more about what you need and how your recording will be used and then we can answer that question more accurately. 

A keynote speaker will bring their experience and expertise in a subject matter and deliver that speech with a focus on how it will impact the goals of your business or organization. A motivational speaker is going to help your audience become more excited, efficient and engaged in what they are already doing. 

Sometimes what you really need is a high profile person to be at your event to raise the profile, garner excitement and make your event even more memorable. Having our high profile clients attend your event is what converts an ordinary event to a memorable experience. 

Just send us an email at and please include “looking for representation” in the re field. We look forward to learning more about you, your keynote and reading through your current marketing materials and testimonials.

We’re a company made up of meeting planning professionals and sports enthusiasts. Our goal is to make your event planning easier. No run around. No selling you someone just to close the sale. We only represent people we know and that alone makes us unique. We’re not a directory of names; our speakers are our clients. The three words that best describe our brand are trustworthiness, partner and memorable. Once you work with us, you’ll be describing us that way too.

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