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Working with The Mollie Plotkin Group is about more than hiring a professional speaker. It’s about working together to create unforgettable live and virtual events, filled with engaging content, extraordinary stories, and enduring lessons. 

As a Keynote Speakers Agency, we proudly represent the most popular keynote speakers, motivational speakers, sports speakers, thought leaders and wellness experts in the industry. Our live events, virtual programming, webinars, and online events allow the Mollie Plotkin Group to bring engaging, exciting, and valuable speeches to your audience anytime and anywhere.

Our team connects you with keynote speakers who provide valuable lessons that motivate, educate and excite your team. Together, let’s help you transform your company, your industry, and the world. 

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Seth Godin
20X Best-Selling Author, Business Keynote Speaker
Jim Collins
Best-Selling Author, Business Speaker
David Kwong
TED Speaker, Celebrity Magician
Prashanth Challa
Cybersecurity Keynote Speaker, Emerging Cyber Threats

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If you’re planning a meeting or event, look no further. Our keynote speakers agency only represents the best keynote speakers and entertainment. We will provide you with everything you need to book the perfect keynote speaker or energetic entertainment for your event.

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Keynote Speakers, Athletes, Magicians, Emcees - We've Got it All

We’re your connection to inspiring stories from the worlds of sports, wellness, business, and more. Working together, you are partnering with one of the best networks for finding motivational speakers that encourage you and your team to be the best that they can be. 

Celebrities and Sports Speakers

Are you searching for an appearance of a professional athlete or celebrity to motivate your team, or raise the profile, of your event? We’ll connect you with the perfect person to get your team excited! 

Emcees and Moderators

Our emcees and moderators make sure your live or virtual event will flow seamlessly. Whether you’re hosting a fireside chat, round-table discussion, or one-on-one interviews, The Mollie Plotkin Group has a roster of professionals ready for you to work with.

Keynote and Motivational Speakers

Our keynote and motivational speakers understand the power of connection and share exceptional stories with relatable lessons. Together, we bring you stories that enrich lives, spark conversation and enable change. 


Panel discussions are an important part of your meeting, conference or event and we’re here to help.  Are you in need of a leading expert or thought leader to add to your panel discussion? Working together, we will make sure the person you choose will be engaging, educating and a valuable experience.

Be sure to check out our amazing professionals who can help you out at your event. 

Corporate Mentalists and Illusionists

Few things add more awe and wonder than magic! Up the excitement at your event with professional magician and keynote speaker Jon Dorenbos to inspire and entertain the crowd. 

The Mollie Plotkin Group Inspires Your Organization

A Large Community of Speakers

Our roster of keynote speakers is as long and varied as the companies that hire them. Choose from dozens of speakers to find the person who has the expertise on the subject or topic that you’re looking for.

Expertise in Countless Subjects

At The Mollie Plotkin Group, we don’t just focus on one area of expertise. In fact, our keynote speakers are able to present to your organization on a long list of different subjects. Whatever you’re looking for, you know that our team has an expert in that field.

Customized Speeches

Our goal is always that you have the best experience possible.  From our first phone call, we want to learn about the culture of your organization, areas that they want addressed and what you want to achieve from your event.  From there, we make sure the speaker you’ve chosen is well versed in your industry, has the background on your company and is ready to schedule a pre-event phone call to learn more.  Our speaker is invested in your success.

Speakers for Every Occasion

Our keynote speakers are experts in their field and renowned thought leaders. Our motivational speakers have overcome extreme obstacles yet their stories are relatable to the audience. Our athletes, celebrities and NHL Coaches will raise the profile of your event and bring the attraction and star power you’re looking for. And, our emcees keep the evening flowing!

What Sets the Team at The Mollie Plotkin Group Apart

There are countless organizations that will send motivational speakers your way. However, none of them quite compare to the experts at The Mollie Plotkin Group. Here’s what makes our team stand out from the crowd. 

Globally Recognized

The Mollie Plotkin Group’s keynote speakers have worked with some of the largest companies in the world. We’ve presented too, educated and inspired teams from Accenture, Samsung FedEx, Google, The New York Yankees and more. When you partner with our team you know that you’re working with a globally recognized team of keynote speakers.

An Extensive Network

We have an extensive network of the most memorable keynote speakers. Whether you need a professional athlete or a celebrity to make an appearance, are looking for someone with niche expertise, or need a unique experience, we’ll match you with the perfect speaker. With access to hundreds of different keynote speakers, you know that you’re being matched with the message your team needs.

Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person Events

Since March of 2020, meeting planners around the world have learned to become experts in planning virtual meetings. While most still prefer a live event, virtual and hybrid events are part of our future. We partner with the best AV and IT companies to guarantee our keynote speakers, moderators and emcees are providing you the best experience possible.

Professional Keynote Speakers

Each of our keynote speakers is passionate about what they do.  Their great joy and purpose is in sharing their personal stories of overcoming obstacles, facing the greatest of challenges and finding gratitude in what they had to endure. These are more than harrowing stories.  They are experiences ready to share, ready to learn from and ready to inspire. 

Let us share our stories with you.

Testimonials from Past Clients

Here are just a few testimonials from our satisfied clients on what makes our keynote speakers so special

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Are you ready to hire keynote speakers and motivational speakers who can help your team get excited about your company all over again? If so, it’s time to work with the team at The Mollie Plotkin Group. 

Choose from some of the best keynote speakers in the industry including Stuart Diamond, Kevin Reilly, Rob Paylor, John Roesch, Matthew S. Newman and more. Give us a call today and we’ll help you find the perfect motivational speaker for your event. 

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