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Vince … I knew the webinar was going to be great, but WOW! You knocked my socks off.

Vince was so inspiring, his message is what we all needed right about now.  A lot of our members have been either furloughed or laid off since mid-March, it just shows no matter the diversity we can all pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and get back to the business of doing business.

Thanks again for bringing this powerful message to the Builders League. Marlene Spencer

Director of Marketing & Operations, Builders League of South Jersey

Our organization hired Errol and Leader 193 in 2016 to help our Executive Board formulate and implement a detailed plan to execute our mission. Since that time he has also worked to help us understand how to quantify and measure a successful organization. He has taught us how we can best keep each other accountable for the good of the organization. Marc Davis


John Foley is the single best person I have ever heard in person. He delivers a dynamic and compelling keynote and masterfully converts the principles of the Blues that translate to your business. Tom Penn

Co-Founder, Global Sports Summit

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