Keynote Speaker Jessica Yellin

Jessica Yellin

Former Chief White House Correspondent for CNN, founder of News Not Noise, and Emmy award-winning journalist Jessica Yellin is a highly sought-after keynote speaker on the topics of Women in Leadership, Disruption in News Media, and Digital Media.

Meet Jessica Yellin

Jessica Yellin is an award-winning political journalist and former Chief White House Correspondent for CNN.

Yellin is best known for founding News Not Noise, a news publication that is rapidly growing because of its dedication to combatting the sensationalism of news by modern media outlets.

“We think the news should give you information, not a panic attack.”

Throughout her career, Jessica Yellin has earned Peabody, Gracie, and Emmy awards for her work with CNN, ABC, and MSNBC.

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Jessica Yellin first entered national broadcast news on MSNBC’s Good Morning America, where she covered the Bush White House. Previously, she wrote, edited, filmed, and reported on local news in Orlando, Florida. Following her coverage of the 2000 presidential election, she made a name for herself as a top-tier journalist and entered the mainstream. 

As CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent, Yellin interviewed President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and First Lady Michelle Obama. During her time with CNN, she was named among the top 10 most powerful women in Washington D.C. 

News Not Noise

After working in TV news for 17 years, Yellin was at the pinnacle of her career at CNN. However, her goal was to get more people engaged in politics, not get more viewers for her outlet. She realized that by covering partisan politics and public outrage, she was not fulfilling her goals as a journalist. Therefore, she decided to start her own media outlet, News Not Noise.

News Not Noise quickly gained traction among modern audiences who are tired of the negativity and partisanship on cable news. 

Today, organizations hire Jessica Yellin for her keynote speeches on Women in Leadership, Technological Disruption, and Workplace Wellness.

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Key Audience Takeaways

How the News got Noisy

The Growth of Political Bias and Sensationalism in Modern News

The 2024 election will be loud, expensive and probably ugly. What can you expect to be the dominant themes and policy issues? Why is there so much outrage, everywhere? How can you turn down the noise? Yellin is a past Chief White House Correspondent for CNN, longtime political reporter, social media maven and media innovator. In this keynote, Emmy-award winning journalist Jessica Yellin explains:

  • Why politics and campaign coverage got to be this noisy
  • How outrage is driving disengagement
  • Strategies to break through the noise and keep your sanity in this political cycle.


Women in Leadership: Overcoming “No”

The Formula by Emmy-Award Winning Journalist Jessica Yellin 

At every stage of my career I was told no. No, I can’t become a TV reporter at 28 — I was over the hill. No, I can’t be a White House Correspondent. I look too slight in front of buildings/have the wrong hair/sound too female. No, I can’t start a media business. No, I can’t sell a novel on the news, women don’t care about news. On and on. 

How do you overcome a no? 

  • Community Building
  • Humility over Righteousness (a willingness to shift)
  • Discernment (listening to your inner knowing.

That formula has enabled Jessica Yellin to do what she’s been told time and again can’t be done. Organizations hire Jessica Yellin to give this keynote speech at corporate retreats, conference workshops, and employee appreciation events. 


Tech Innovation: Disruption of the News Media Industry

Trust, curation, and like-valued communities

When Jessica Yellin worked with ABC News, she left for CNN, people told her, “No one goes from network to cable.”  Ten years later, at the pinnacle of her CNN career, she left again to start an independent news brand. From there, she built a Webby-winning independent media brand.  Now, the landscape is changing again:

  • Fear of AI, bots, and deep fakes
  • Algorithmic manipulation & paid influencer
  • Audiences are stuck on social media, where nowhere else to go

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