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For years, our team has paired thousands of virtual, live, and hybrid events across the world with top keynote speakers. Thanks to our extensive network, we have expert speakers for all types of motivational talks including: resilience, work-life balance, entrepreneurship, corporate culture, crisis management, workplace safety, decision making, negotiations, health and wellness, disability, and more.

Motivational Speakers for Hire: Energize Your Event

Hiring motivational speakers for your event comes with a lot of benefits for your team, business, and organization.

Enhance Engagement

Whether you are chasing new objectives or driving change, a great motivational speaker can infuse your audience with an extra spark to re-engage in their work for improved productivity.

Spark Fresh Ideas

Motivational speakers will instill fresh concepts and approaches in the minds of your audience. Our inspiring talks will help your team experience bursts of creativity and innovation. Turn your perceived obstacles into opportunities by hiring our keynote speakers.

Introduce a New Voice

A message can lose its impact if it always comes from the same people. Since motivational speakers are not part of your organization, they can inject unique perspectives and information that your team hasn’t heard before. This is a refreshed way to get your vision across.

Boost Energy and Inspiration

Sometimes increased benefits and a great salary aren’t always enough to restore mental vitality. And this is where a great motivational speaker comes in. They will re-energize your event and inspire the audience with their compelling stories and experiences.

Improve Event Attendance

Worried about the turnout of your next event? Hiring a top motivational speaker might be the best solution. Simply choose a trendy topic in your industry, and browse our keynote speakers to find one who your audience will recognize. By adding that speaker to your agenda, your event attendance is likely to improve drastically.

Inspire Real Action

One thing that all top motivational speakers have in common is the ability to inspire their listeners to take action. No matter what you want to achieve with your event, a motivational speaker will give your audience the extra push they need to get the job done.

Hire Motivational Speakers at The Mollie Plotkin Group

Professional Athlete Speakers

Hiring our skilled athlete and coach speakers for your event will provide a rich ground for your audience to hear unique perspectives. This will help them overcome personal obstacles and rise to challenges.

Some of our professional sports speakers include:

Johnny Quinn

Quinn is an Olympian athlete and professional speaker who gives talks about motivation, teamwork, and inspiration. All these are concepts Quinn has learned during his time as a professional Olympian and football player. His wide range of abilities will enable him to provide custom-tailored presentations to your audience and his ideas work well in a range of contexts and topics.

Margaret Hoelzer

Apart from winning numerous achievements as an athlete, Margaret has also devoted her time to do advocacy work. This includes sharing her experiences as an athlete with local communities, youth swim clinics, teams, and organizations. Thanks to collaborations with many organizations, her advocacy has had a significant impact on the lives of children and the Olympic movement. 

Motivational Speeches from NHL Coaches

Speeches from our NHL Coaches will assist your audience to realize their full potential and develop long-term objectives and strategies. This will help build confidence and provide your team with the skills they need to succeed in their endeavors.

Our highly sought-after NHL motivational speakers include:

Jon Cooper

Jon Cooper is considered one of the top NHL coaches. He coached his team to six playoff appearances, winning back-to-back Stanley cups for each one of them. Cooper has also forged strong ties with many people throughout his career as an NHL coach, lawyer, and humanitarian. He is an expert in team building as displayed by his business-oriented motivational talks.

Barry Trotz

Barry Trotz’s coaching career made him an excellent speaker for topics relating to motivation, coaching, and team development. Any team aiming to build a sense of enthusiasm and togetherness will benefit from his talks.

Corporate Culture Speakers

Hire one of our motivational business speakers and teach your audience how to build and maintain a work culture that will give your company a competitive edge. Our speakers will motivate your workforce to start building influential and productive processes.

Our corporate culture speakers include:

Matthew S. Newman

Matt Newman is a financial planner and cancer survivor. He inspires financial advisers, sales teams, and risk managers, and so much more. He emphasizes sales and referrals by building stronger relationships with clients.

Ak Ikwuakor

Coach AK is a Google Master Instructor and a sports Diplomat. He is one of our top virtual motivational speakers on the market today. His topics of discussion can span from business development to holistic healing. His world revolves around self-awareness, motivation, public speaking, sales, sports, and business.

Most Sought-After Motivational Speakers in The Country

At The Mollie Plotkin Group, we create a personal relationship with our speakers to guarantee your event’s success. We have a team of dedicated professionals who will help you find the ideal keynote speaker at a friendly price. View Our Speakers

Stay Up to Date with the Motivational Speaker Trends

Global meetings and industry events are becoming a necessity in every part of the world. Meeting sizes, durations, and expenses are projected to rise in the next years as a result.

At The Mollie Plotkin Group, we are always on top of trends. We provide inspiring motivational speakers for a wide range of events including virtual meetings, live events, and so much more. Contact us today for a custom list of renowned keynote speakers for your event.

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Top 15 Motivational Speakers
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    Sarah Robb O Hagan Headshot

    Sarah Robb O’Hagan

    CEO, Best-Selling Author, Leadership Speaker
    Corporate executive, author, and philanthropist, Sarah Robb O'Hagan is one of Forbes "Most Powerful Women in Sports."
    Tom Burgoyne Headshot

    Tom Burgoyne

    The Man Behind the Phillie Phanatic
    Tom Burgoyne is the man behind the Phillie Phanatic, widely considered to be the best mascot in baseball. For over 30 years and counting, Burgoyne has traveled around the world entertaining millions of fans, growing the success, importance, and love of the Phillie Phanatic. Now, he passes his principles to organizations that want their teams, clients, and leadership to Pheel the Love.
    Olympian and Inspirational Speaker Scott Hamilton

    Scott Hamilton

    Olympic Gold Medalist, Best-Selling Author, Cancer Survivor
    Olympic Gold Medalist, best-selling author, cancer survivor, and keynote speaker Scott Hamilton is the most recognized male figure skating star in the world.
    Keynote Topics:
    Nicole Lipkin Headshot

    Nicole Lipkin

    Organizational Psychologist, Executive Coach, Author, & Keynote Speaker
    Nicole Lipkin is an internationally recognized keynote speaker who uses her background in clinical psychology and business to redefine organizational culture and improve leadership around the world.
    Leslie Maxie in her track suit.

    Leslie Maxie

    US Olympian, CEO, Media Consultant, Sportscaster
    Leslie Maxie is a 1988 U.S. Olympian, trailblazing former Fox Sports and ESPN host and anchor, and an International Keynote Speaker. You can book Leslie today.
    Blue Angles Pilot John Foley in a blue collar shirt with his arms held open.

    John “Gucci” Foley

    Former Lead Solo Pilot of the Blue Angels, Leadership Speaker
    Former Lead Solo Pilot of the US Navy Blue Angels, prestigious motivational speaker John Foley has orated his philosophy to Microsoft and BMW.
    Jerry Rice Headshot

    Jerry Rice

    Best-Selling Author, Sportscaster, 3x Super Bowl Champion
    Pro Football Hall of Famer, ESPN & NBC analyst, NYT best-selling author and three-time Super Bowl champion Jerry Rice is widely regarded as the best wide receiver to ever play in the NFL, holding the most NFL records of any player.
    Henna Pryor Headshot

    Henna Pryor

    2x TEDx Speaker, Executive Coach, & Workplace Performance Expert
    Henna Pryor is an award-winning TEDx and global keynote speaker, virtual presenter, author, professional executive coach, and dynamic workplace performance expert.
    Daryl Davis Headshot

    Daryl Davis

    Renowned Musician, Author, Race Relations Unifier, & Keynote Speaker
    Daryl Davis is a renowned musician that has also gotten 200 members of the Ku Klux Klan to give up their robes. Over the past 40 years, Daryl has used civil conversation to break down the barriers of racism. Now, he delivers keynote speeches on what the world can learn from his experience.
    Suneel Gupta Headshot

    Suneel Gupta

    Entrepreneur, Work-Life Balance Expert, Bestselling Author, & Speaker
    Suneel Gupta is an entrepreneur, work-life balance expert, bestselling author, visiting scholar at Harvard Medical School & speaker who delivers keynotes on burnout prevention and finding your purpose.
    AK Ikwuakor in a grey collared shirt, smiling.

    AK Ikwuakor (Coach AK)

    Google Master Faculty Trainer, Executive Coach
    AK Ikwuakor is a Google Master Faculty Trainer and internationally recognized philanthropist whose keynotes focus on motivation and strengthening one's self-awareness.
    IN-Q Headshot


    Emmy-Nominated Poet, Multi-Platinum Songwriter, Renowned Keynote Speaker
    IN-Q, short for In Question, is an Emmy-nominated poet, multi-platinum songwriter, best-selling author of Inquire Within, and world-renowned keynote speaker.
    Dan Harris Headshot

    Dan Harris

    Former Nightline & GMA Co-anchor
    Former co-anchor on both Nightline and Good Morning America, Dan Harris has had one of the most prolific journalistic careers.
    Keynote Speaker Alex Banayan in a blue shirt with his arms folded, smiling.

    Alex Banayan

    Youngest Bestselling Business Author
    Alex Banayan, Youngest Best Selling Business Author in American History and Internationally Sought After Keynote Speaker.
    Vernice Armour Headshot

    Vernice Armour

    1st Black Female Combat Pilot, Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker
    Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour is America’s first Black female combat pilot, an entrepreneur, an author, and a keynote speaker known for motivating audiences to Get Gutsy.

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