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Matt Newman

Matthew S. Newman is a brain cancer survivor and keynote speaker who motivates individuals to commit to making greater connections in their personal and professional lives.

Meet Matt Newman

Everyone has been touched by cancer and Matthew S. Newman’s personal journey began at 39 years old. A financial services professional for almost 20 years, and a father of three small children at the time, Matt’s diagnosis of brain cancer brought him to the fight of his life. His experience is now the inspiration which motivates him each and every day to teach others how to build deeper, more meaningful connections with their friends, family, clients and prospects.



Catastrophic events, such as a diagnosis of grade-three astrocytoma, can not be directly accounted for. However, their impact can be mitigated with ample planning and a positive attitude. Newman’s financial planning experience and relentless determination helped him take ownership of his life as a cancer survivor. He leads sales teams, financial advisors, and organizations through his philosophy of risk management and motivation; emphasizing sales and referrals by making deeper connections with clients. 

Author of Starting at the Finish Line: My Cancer Partner, Perspective and Preparation, Matthew S. Newman has refined his ideas through his latest creative outlet; writing. After his diagnosis, he gained imperative existential insight, knowing that he had to live in the moment and appreciate every second before he goes. That realization inspired him to begin writing, as well as make a stronger connection with his family. 

Through his keynote speeches, he reinforces that organizations create new prospects with realness and purity in interpersonal connections. At his appearances, he signs his books with, “we are a family of warriors.” Even when unable to orate in-person, Newman creates an equal passion with his audience in his virtual keynote speeches.

Matt Newman: Starting at the Finish Line​​​​​​​

Starting at the Finish Line is the autobiography of Matthew S. Newman, a financial services wholesaler and father to three small children, who was diagnosed with grade three astrocytoma (brain cancer) at 39 years old. Matthew’s memoir chronicles the journey that he and his entire family took together which got him to a place of clarity, understanding and appreciation. The book’s underlying message of why it’s important to get your financial planning in order is both inspirational and actionable.

Key Audience Takeaways

Speaking Topics Include:

  • Change Breeds Opportunity
  • Increasing Revenue Through Personal Connection
  • Finding the “Fight” to Fight Cancer
  • Cultivating and Creating Meaningful and Lasting Relationships with Your Clients
  • Planning and Preparing for the Unexpected

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