Best Selling Author Keynote Speakers

In the world of corporate events and conferences, the right keynote speaker can make a significant difference. They have the power to inspire, motivate, and captivate an audience, leaving an indelible impression that resonates long after the event has concluded. Among the myriad of speaker options available, there is a unique group that stands out – author keynote speakers. These individuals, who have mastered the art of storytelling through their written works, bring a unique perspective and depth to their speeches that is truly unparalleled.

At the Mollie Plotkin Group, we understand the profound impact a top author keynote speaker can have on your event. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to offering an exceptional selection of keynote speakers who are not just renowned for their eloquent speeches but are also best-selling authors.

Our roster includes a diverse array of authors who have penned influential books across various genres – from business and leadership to innovation and personal development. Each one brings their own unique insights, experiences, and storytelling prowess to the stage, ensuring your audience is not only engaged but also enriched with valuable knowledge and perspectives.

Choosing an author keynote speaker for your event means choosing thought-provoking content delivered in a compelling manner. It means choosing a speaker who doesn’t just talk but tells a story – a story that inspires, motivates, and leaves your audience with valuable takeaways.

With the Mollie Plotkin Group, you’re not just hiring a speaker; you’re investing in an unforgettable experience for your audience. Our commitment to quality and excellence ensures that we provide only the best author keynote speakers who can truly elevate your event.

So whether you’re planning a corporate conference, an educational seminar, or an inspirational workshop, consider the power of words from those who wield them best – best-selling authors. Let us at Mollie Plotkin Group help you make your event not just memorable but truly impactful with our top-tier selection of author keynote speakers.

The Top Keynote Speakers in Authors
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    Polly LaBarre Headshot

    Polly LaBarre

    Author & Speaker on Reinvention, Resilience, & Employee Development
    Bestselling author and co-founder of the Management Lab, Polly LaBarre is a sought-after keynote speaker who specializes in building organizational resilience and unlocking human potential.
    Katty Kay Headshot

    Katty Kay

    BBC Special Correspondent, Bestselling Author, & Award-Winning Journalist
    BBC Studios U.S. special correspondent and bestselling author Katty Kay is an internationally renowned journalist and expert on American politics, news media, and empowering women in male-dominated fields.
    Paul Sean Hill Headshot

    Paul Sean Hill

    NASA Director of Mission Operations, Author, Leadership Evangelist, Speaker
    Paul Sean Hill is a leadership evangelist, author, keynote speaker, and executive consultant focused on applying NASA Mission Control leadership principles to create high-performing teams in any industry.
    Nicole Lipkin Headshot

    Nicole Lipkin

    Organizational Psychologist, Executive Coach, Author, & Keynote Speaker
    Nicole Lipkin is an internationally recognized keynote speaker who uses her background in clinical psychology and business to redefine organizational culture and improve leadership around the world.
    Ron Isana Headshot

    Ron Insana

    Trailblazing Financial Journalist, Bestselling Author, & Keynote Speaker
    Ron Insana is a trailblazing financial journalist, bestselling author, and current CNBC Senior Analyst and Commentator whose keynotes guide audiences' approach to today’s tumultuous financial market.
    Suneel Gupta Headshot

    Suneel Gupta

    Suneel Gupta is an entrepreneur, work-life balance expert, bestselling author, visiting scholar at Harvard Medical School & speaker who delivers keynotes on burnout prevention and finding your purpose.
    Daryl Davis Headshot

    Daryl Davis

    Renowned Musician, Author, Race Relations Unifier, & Keynote Speaker
    Daryl Davis is a renowned musician that has also gotten 200 members of the Ku Klux Klan to give up their robes. Over the past 40 years, Daryl has used civil conversation to break down the barriers of racism. Now, he delivers keynote speeches on what the world can learn from his experience.
    Bob Woodward Headshot

    Bob Woodward

    2-Time Pulitzer Prize Winner, 22-Time Bestselling Author
    Legendary 2-Time Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist, associate editor of The Washington Post, and author of 22 bestsellers.
    Mike Abrashoff Headshot

    Mike Abrashoff

    Former USS Benfold Commander, Leadership & Culture Expert
    Mike Abrashoff led the transformation of the USS Benfold into the #1 performing naval ship. Today, he shares the lessons that generated that change.
    Mariana Atencio Headshot

    Mariana Atencio

    Peabody Award-Winning Journalist, Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, Host
    Peabody Award-winning Journalist, Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, Inspiring Storyteller, Keynote Speaker, Host, & Moderator, Mariana Atencio speaks on The Power of Authenticity.
    Vernice Armour Headshot

    Vernice Armour

    1st Black Female Combat Pilot, Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker
    Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour is America’s first Black female combat pilot, an entrepreneur, an author, and a keynote speaker known for motivating audiences to Get Gutsy.
    Ken Schmidt Headshot

    Ken Schmidt

    Authentic Leadership & Customer Loyalty Expert, Keynote Speaker
    Authentic leadership and customer loyalty expert Ken Schmidt had a massive role in Harley-Davidson's turnaround and now delivers keynote speeches on the principles that made that transformation possible.
    Bill Walton Headshot

    Bill Walton

    Basketball Hall of Famer, New York Times bestseller, beloved keynote speaker
    Bill Walton is an NBA Hall of Famer, New York Times bestseller, and beloved keynote speaker known for his motivational insight and unbelievable ability to remember and connect with individual audience members.
    Jim Carroll Speaker Photo

    Jim Carroll

    Futurist, 30-Year Keynote Speaker
    Jim Carroll is a futurist known for his concise, customized insights on the trends & innovation affecting your industry.
    Kathleen Ashmore eating pasta

    Kathleen Ashmore

    Chef, Cookbook Author, & Content Creator
    Kathleen Ashmore is a renowned chef, Emmy award-winning food television producer, cookbook author, and food content creator with millions of social media followers.

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