Top Change Management Keynote Speakers

In the ever-evolving business landscape, change is the only constant. Organizations must adapt to new technologies, market trends, and business models to stay competitive. However, managing change can be a daunting task. It requires strategic planning, effective communication, and most importantly, strong leadership. This is where the role of Change Management Keynote Speakers becomes crucial.

We, at the Mollie Plotkin Group, understand the significance of change management in today’s dynamic business environment. We believe that the right guidance can make the process of change smoother and more efficient for your organization. That’s why we offer an exceptional selection of top Change Management Keynote Speakers who are experts in guiding businesses through periods of significant transformation.

Our speakers are not just thought leaders in their field; they are seasoned professionals who have successfully navigated change in various industries. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and practical insights that can help your organization manage change effectively and emerge stronger on the other side.

Whether you’re looking to inspire your team, drive a new initiative, or navigate through a period of uncertainty, our Change Management Keynote Speakers can provide the direction and motivation your organization needs. They will not only share valuable strategies but also inspire your team to embrace change with an open mind and a positive attitude.

In this blog post, we will delve deeper into why hiring top Change Management Keynote Speakers is beneficial for your organization. We will also highlight how we, at the Mollie Plotkin Group, can assist you in finding the perfect speaker for your specific needs and objectives.

Stay tuned as we explore the world of Change Management Keynote Speakers and how they can be a game-changer for your organization’s transition journey.

The Top Keynote Speakers in Change Management
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    Dave Spadaro Headshot

    Dave Spadaro

    Philadelphia Eagles Insider, Speaker on Adaptability, Culture, and Sports
    A central figure in the Philadelphia Eagles franchise for almost 30 years, Dave Spadaro is also an emcee, moderator, and keynote speaker on adaptability, organizational culture, and sports insights.
    Polly LaBarre Headshot

    Polly LaBarre

    Author & Speaker on Reinvention, Resilience, & Employee Development
    Bestselling author and co-founder of the Management Lab, Polly LaBarre is a sought-after keynote speaker who specializes in building organizational resilience and unlocking human potential.
    Paul Sean Hill Headshot

    Paul Sean Hill

    NASA Director of Mission Operations, Author, Leadership Evangelist, Speaker
    Paul Sean Hill is a leadership evangelist, author, keynote speaker, and executive consultant focused on applying NASA Mission Control leadership principles to create high-performing teams in any industry.
    Nicole Lipkin Headshot

    Nicole Lipkin

    Organizational Psychologist, Executive Coach, Author, & Keynote Speaker
    Nicole Lipkin is an internationally recognized keynote speaker who uses her background in clinical psychology and business to redefine organizational culture and improve leadership around the world.
    Chris Barton Headshot

    Chris Barton

    Founder & Creator of Shazam, Entrepreneur, Inventor, and Keynote Speaker
    Chris Barton is the Founder & Creator of Shazam, a key contributor to Google and Dropbox, and a highly praised keynote speaker, all despite his dyslexia.
    Keynote Speaker Jean Oelwang

    Jean Oelwang

    President of Virgin Unite, Connections Expert
    Founding CEO and President of Virgin Unite, Jean Oelwang, illuminates how we can increase depth and meaning in our most important relationships.
    Keynote Speaker Dr. Keren Tsuk

    Keren Tsuk

    CEO, Leadership Expert, Wellness Retreat Leader
    CEO, leadership expert, organizational consultant, wellness retreat leader, lecturer, and keynote speaker Dr. Keren Tsuk has over 20 years of experience in advising organizations through change and growth.
    Keynote Speaker and Author Tara Schuster

    Tara Schuster

    Best-Selling Author, Former TV Executive, Workshop Leader
    Accomplished entertainment executive, best-selling author, and keynote speaker Tara Schuster is a trailblazing voice in health & wellness.
    Yossi Sheffi Headshot

    Yossi Sheffi

    Best-Selling Author, MIT Professor, Keynote Speaker
    Best-selling author, entrepreneur, and MIT Professor Dr. Yossi Sheffi is a keynote speaker with expertise in systems optimization, risk analysis, and supply chain management.
    Carey Lorenz is an accomplished naval aviator and keynote speaker.

    Carey Lohrenz

    First Naval Female F-14 Tomcat Pilot
    Carey Lohrenz is a former lieutenant in the U.S. Navy who was one of the first fully qualified female naval aviators to fly the F-14 Tomcat in the U.S. military. Her keynote speech propels audiences to never give up, stay focused, and succeed at anything they put their minds to.
    Keynote speaker Simon T. Bailey

    Simon T. Bailey

    Success Coach, Consultant, Award-Winning Keynote Speaker
    Gain powerful insight from Simon T. Bailey, award winning keynote speaker, Success Coach with decades of experience in the entrepreneurship, business and hospitality industry.
    Keynote Speaker Marcus Allen in a suit and tie, smiling.

    Marcus Allen

    CEO, Former Pro Basketball Player, Motivational Speaker
    Marcus Allen, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence and former professional basketball player, is trusted by Fortune 500 companies as a sales motivational and DE&I speaker.
    Grace Killelea In a black Jacket

    Grace Killelea

    Top Executive Coach & DEI Consultant
    Grace Killelea specializes in public speaking skills, women’s empowerment, and is the former Senior Vice President of Talent for Comcast.

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