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Grace Killelea is one of the country’s most recognized keynote speakers and TEDx Talk Presenters. Grace’s topics range from “The Year of No Fear” to “Leading at Every Level” to “Personalized Branding”.  Grace Killelea specializes in corporate keynotes, keynotes for women’s organizations, and women’s empowerment events. She is the former Senior Vice President of Talent for Comcast. She is currently a top executive coach and keynote speaker. She has authored hit titles such as The Confidence Effect and Walking With Grace.


After retiring as Senior Vice President of Talent with Comcast, Grace Killelea dedicated her life to empowering and connecting women in the workforce. Made knowledgeable through her lived experiences, Killelea is a world-class executive coach that has proven her methods to be successful among many audiences. 

Grace Killelea is a champion for women and was a major figure behind Comcast’s diversity and inclusion efforts, leading the training and development of over 3,000 directors every year of her tenure. In fact, Killelea specializes women’s leadership building and human resource management consulting. Her ideas are ultimately materialized in The Confidence Effect, a collection of practical advice for professional women. 

She has given keynote addresses at ESPN’s Women’s Leadership Conference, The Pennsylvania WILD Conference, and the WithIT Conference. With proven success in the professional speaking industry, any organization would benefit from her disruptive keynote speeches. 

Key Audience Takeaways

  • Executive Coaching, especially in areas like crisis management, corporate change, and team growth.
  • Consulting, particularly in human resource management and within the Birkman Method® assessment framework. Professional development, team building, and organizational wins are her specialty.
  • Women’s Leadership, building on her own experience to help her audiences break through barriers.

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