Grace Killelea

Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, TedEx Presenter,Author, Entrepreneur, and highly sought after Keynote Speaker

Expertise In:

  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Corporate Audieneces
  • Non-Profits
  • Women’s Groups
  • Colleges & Universities
You’ve heard her speak. Maybe you’ve read her book, The Confidence Effect. But that’s not nearly enough to understand the power that emanates from Grace Killelea.

Her resume is illustrious. It includes leadership positions at Comcast Cable Corporation, Lifetime Television, Prime Communications, and SBC Communications. At each of her career stops, Grace made an impact in leading her teams and the larger human resource management processes that have made these employers successful.

After retiring as Senior Vice President of Talent from Comcast in 2012, she began sharing her experience and expertise with others as a regular keynote speaker. Now, she’s among the premier leadership speakers in the circuit, and one of the few that can truly draw on a wealth of knowledge based on her own career and experience.

Grace’s expertise focuses on 4 core areas:

  • Executive Coaching, especially in areas like crisis management, corporate change, and team growth.
  • Public Speaking on topics like leadership, development, and branding.
  • Consulting, particularly in human resource management and within the Birkman Method® assessment framework. Professional development, team building, and organizational wins are her specialty.
  • Women’s Leadership, building on her own experience to help her audiences break through barriers.

Everything Grace speaks about comes from personal experience and her deep desire to share that experience with others. Before moving on from Comcast, her signature accomplishment at the Fortune 50 company was a talent management process that resulted in the training and development of more than 3,000 directors every year. As if that wasn’t enough work, she was also a major figure behind the company’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts.

This is the keynote speaker every organization should looking for. Her experience is captivating, and she knows how to share it. She’ll make you think. But in the process, she’ll also make you laugh, and she’ll make sure time flies by. It’s not often that a keynote speaker is this funny and insightful at the same time. 

Need an expert on communication and personal branding? Ask Grace. How about a heart-to-heart on leadership? She’s your woman. And if you want to empower your female employees, there’s no one better. 

Her experience and success have also made her busy, and she’s constantly traveling the country to help companies across industries. So the time to book her is now, and we can help you get there. Start to transform your business and culture with a talk or coaching session from Grace.

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