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As the workplace revolution accelerates, your company seeks to grow and become successful. But stagnancy among the employees may affect your success. This may be due to lack of motivation, inability to navigate the workplace conditions, or more. If you want to get positive results and grow your business, consider investing in your staff through inspirational motivational speakers.

And this is where The Mollie Plotkin Group comes in. We provide the ideal keynote speakers to address your company’s needs so you can boost employee morale and productivity. Our virtual programming, webinars, and online events allow us to bring engaging and informative speeches to your audience anywhere, anytime.

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Top-Rated Business Speakers for Hire at The Mollie Plotkin Group

Corporate Culture Speakers

A strong and adaptive corporate culture ensures your employees have a sense of belonging with your company, enabling them to stay loyal and foster innovation. To help you enforce a results-driven corporate culture, our inspiring motivational speaker bureau has talented corporate culture speakers to help.

Matt Newman

With immense financial planning experience and a relentless determination that has helped him take ownership of his life as a cancer survivor, Matt will help your company establish new prospects with real and transparent interpersonal connections. Through his philosophy of risk management and motivation, he can assist your sales teams and financial advisors to develop a deeper connection with clients to boost growth.

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Ak Ikwuakor

From speeches ranging from holistic healing to business-oriented planning, Coach AK seeks to make your employees self-aware and motivated as they navigate the corporate culture. He helps them understand how to build rapport with clients and influence their buying decisions.

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Workplace Safety and Crisis Management Speakers

As a business, it can only take one accident to ruin your reputation. Workplace safety and crisis management play an important role in minimizing risks and putting strategies for your organization to deal with any negative events. Here are some of our motivational speakers that can help you:

Jin Kim

Having served as the Active Shooter Coordinator on the Crisis Management Unit, Kim is a leading authority in crisis response. His training in workplace violence prevention for the FBI’s corporate programming will help guide your company to create reliable workplace safety guidelines in this new era of risk management. He usually provides practical presentations and expert witness testimonies at seminars and industry conferences.

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Prashanth Challa

With exceptional expertise in cybersecurity, Challa is focused on helping your company detect potential security flaws through his speeches. This will assist in making your company cyber-secure from hacking and other cybercrimes. While with the National Security Agency, Prashanth Challah has led a team that performed computer network operations and delivered innovative tools to enable foreign intelligence collection.

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Decision Making and Negotiation Speakers

Want to help your employees seize their full potential through better decision-making and negotiation skills? Look no further than our bureau’s talented and inspiring motivational speakers.

Annie Duke

A reputable business speaker since 2002, Annie Duke leverages her experience as a professional poker player to help your business to solve any decision-making challenges you may face. Since she’s the only woman to have won the NBC National Poker Heads-Up Championship and the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions, you can trust her insights in decision-making.

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Stuart Diamond

Whether you’re looking to resolve a contract dispute or make better deals, our negotiation speaker can help you walk the delicate tightrope between catastrophe and compromise. As a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, attorney, author, entrepreneur, and negotiation professor, you can trust him to help your business get the best out of deals.

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Why Hire Our Top Business Speakers

Inspires Your Workforce

When it comes to creative decision-making and problem solving, a little inspiration can go a long way. But feeling stuck and uninspired can affect your employees’ ability to tackle problems head-on an arduous task. Hiring our motivational speakers can help you get out of the monotonous day-to-day of office life. From their compelling storytelling, you can learn innovative ways of tackling challenges.

Enhances Your Employee’s Skills

Our business speakers can teach your workforce a broad range of useful skills. Whether it’s improving their corporate culture or developing their negotiation skills, they deliver powerful information that boosts your team’s skill and help them grow.

Aligns Your Company’s Goals

Employee dissatisfaction can at times stem from company policy and administration. These are issues that arise from poor inconsistency in communication within your organization. Our speakers can help you identify goals and establish a clear trajectory to grow your business.

Boosts Employee Performance

Your company is only as good as its employees. If you want to grow your business, you must invest in their development through mentorship. Hiring our top business speakers is a great way to deliver practicable insights that can improve their professional and personal lives. This can also improve their performance.

Improves Employee Engagement

Disengaged employees can lead to inefficient operations within your company. If you’re experiencing low employee morale and motivation, turning to our motivational speaker services to teach at your event can make a huge difference. Through humorous and engaging speeches, they can energize your employees and encourage them to be more industrious.

Who Are We?

Mollie Plotkin Group Brand is more than a business speakers’ bureau. We’re committed to providing our clients with quality and personalized speaker experiences. We have a database of world-renowned thought leaders whom we trust to deliver incredible talks on different topics. Our process involves getting to know the speakers, listening to their stories, and finding ways to connect them to you.

Stay Up to Date with the Business Speaker Trends

Looking for business speakers to motivate your workforce and boost productivity?

Look no further than the Mollie Plotkin Group Brand. Whether you’re seeking corporate culture speakers, decision-making and negotiation speakers, or workplace safety and crisis management speakers, we’re the best option for finding the ideal guest speaker.

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Top 15 Business Speakers
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    AK Ikwuakor in a grey collared shirt, smiling.

    AK Ikwuakor (Coach AK)

    Google Master Faculty Trainer, Executive Coach
    Virtual Keynote Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Sports Speaker, Athlete, coach, entrepreneur, business strategist, motivator and more. There are so many words you could use to describe Coach AK but, the best, is Unbranded.
    David Gerard Headshot

    David Gerard

    The Ultimate Corporate Entertainer & Mentalist
    Corporate entertainer David Gerard is a mentalist with over fifteen years of experience putting on mind-blowing performances ranging from short session openers to full after-dinner shows.
    Digital Deception Speaker Photo

    Digital Deception

    Live Show That Mixes Magic with Technology
    Dan Harris Headshot

    Dan Harris

    Former Nightline & GMA Co-anchor
    Former co-anchor on both Nightline and Good Morning America, Dan Harris has had one of the most prolific journalistic careers.
    Keynote Speaker Alex Banayan in a blue shirt with his arms folded, smiling.

    Alex Banayan

    Youngest Bestselling Business Author
    Alex Banayan, Youngest Best Selling Business Author in American History and Internationally Sought After Keynote Speaker.
    Vernice Armour Headshot

    Vernice Armour

    1st Black Female Combat Pilot, Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker
    Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour is America’s first Black female combat pilot, an entrepreneur, an author, and a keynote speaker known for motivating audiences to Get Gutsy.
    Polly LaBarre Headshot

    Polly LaBarre

    Author & Speaker on Reinvention, Resilience, & Employee Development
    Bestselling author and co-founder of the Management Lab, Polly LaBarre is a sought-after keynote speaker who specializes in building organizational resilience and unlocking human potential.
    Suneel Gupta Headshot

    Suneel Gupta

    Suneel Gupta is an entrepreneur, work-life balance expert, bestselling author, visiting scholar at Harvard Medical School & speaker who delivers keynotes on burnout prevention and finding your purpose.
    Daryl Davis Headshot

    Daryl Davis

    Renowned Musician, Author, Race Relations Unifier, & Keynote Speaker
    Daryl Davis is a renowned musician that has also gotten 200 members of the Ku Klux Klan to give up their robes. Over the past 40 years, Daryl has used civil conversation to break down the barriers of racism. Now, he delivers keynote speeches on what the world can learn from his experience.
    Geoff Colvin Headshot

    Geoff Colvin

    Bestselling Author, Fortune Senior Editor-at-Large, Keynote Speaker, & Mode
    Geoff Colvin is a bestselling author, Fortune Senior Editor-at-Large, keynote speaker, moderator, and emcee known for his 40-year career covering the economic, political, technological, and competitive forces disrupting business.
    Lisa Bodell Headshot

    Lisa Bodell

    Leading Keynote Speaker on Simplification
    Founder of FutureThink and author of Why Simple Wins and Kill the Company Lisa Bodell is the leading keynote speaker on simplification and innovation.
    Dhani Jones Speaker Photo

    Dhani Jones

    Former NFL, TV Host, Philanthropist
    Dhani Jones is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, NFL linebacker, author, and TV host who played with the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Bengals.
    Magician and keynote speaker David Kwong in a blue suit, black tie, sitting down.

    David Kwong

    TED Speaker, Celebrity Magician
    David Kwong is a magician, illusionist, and keynote speaker.
    Ray Didinger smiling in a chair

    Ray Didinger

    NFL Hall of Famer, Emmy Award-Winning Producer, Sportscaster
    Emmy-award winning producer, NFL Hall-of-Famer, legendary sports journalist and current sportscaster Ray Didinger is best known for his 50-year career covering the Philadelphia Eagles.
    Keynote Speaker Marcus Allen in a suit and tie, smiling.

    Marcus Allen

    CEO, Former Pro Basketball Player, Motivational Speaker
    Marcus Allen, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence and former professional basketball player, is trusted by Fortune 500 companies as a sales motivational and DE&I speaker.

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