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Ron Insana is a trailblazing financial journalist, bestselling author, and current CNBC Senior Analyst and Commentator whose keynotes guide audiences’ approach to today’s tumultuous financial market.

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A pioneer in financial television news reporting, business leaders and financial professionals look to Ron Insana for his analysis of the most pressing economic and financial markets issues of the day. Ron Insana is available to be booked for corporate and private events. He is also well-known for his keynote and motivational speaking. Contact the Mollie Plotkin Group today to inquire about Ron Insana’s fees.

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Pushed Onto Air

Ron’s career in financial reporting was a total accident. He graduated from college with a degree in film production. But in 1984 when a producer friend at the Financial News Network hired him on as a freelance producer, his journey started.

FNN was the first television network devoted exclusively to financial news. One day in 1985, the network’s only two anchors both got sick on the same day. Suddenly, Ron found himself on the air for a full eight-hour shift. That one moment launched Ron’s financial broadcasting career. 

Esteemed Success with NBC

When the Financial News Network merged with CNBC in 1991, Ron became a regular anchor there and a frequent presence on other NBC News Shows. Ron was named one of the “Top 100 Business News Journalists of the 20th Century” and was nominated for a news and documentary Emmy for his role in NBC’s coverage of 9/11. Today, Ron still works as a senior analyst and commentator at CNBC. He also hosts The Market Score Board Report, a daily nationally syndicated radio program. 

Business Ventures

Additionally, Ron is the chief market strategist at Dynasty Financial Partners, a firm catering to the needs of the investment advisor community, and the founder and CEO of The Insana Entertainment Group, a film and TV production company. Lastly, Ron authored four books on investing and reading the financial markets:

Hire Ron Insana for Keynote Speaking

Ron is a highly regarded speaker on domestic and global economics, financial markets, and economic policy issues. In his keynotes, Ron offers valuable insights on the intersection of Wall Street, Main Street, and Washington. He translates market signals and political maneuvers into actionable information his audience can use to navigate change, protect what they have, and spot fresh opportunities. Besides keynoting, he is also an outstanding moderator and interviewer.

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Find out how to hire Ron Insana to appear at your next event. Contact the Mollie Plotkin Group to inquire about Ron Insana’s availability and cost. When booking Ron Insana for an event, we need to know the type of venue and location the event will take place. Ron Insana is a popular choice for corporate events, private events, and virtual events. So, you can click the Check Availability button or contact us and an MPG Ron Insana booking agent will get back to you within 48 hours.

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How much to book Ron Insana depends on the type of event. So, the cost to hire Ron Insana for corporate or private events is available by contacting a Mollie Plotkin Group Agent. Notably, Ron Insana is available for conferences, festivals, private parties, and events. Just contact the Mollie Plotkin Group and tell the booking agent the proposed date, time, and location.

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Key Audience Takeaways

The Economy Ahead: Opportunities Abound

Where is this economy headed and how will it impact you and your business?

Big picture: Ron Insana says it’s time to buckle up because the future may look a lot more like the past than anything we’ve experienced since the 1980s.

A student of economic and market history, Ron authored four books on these subjects. In his talks, Ron lays out scenarios for the economic, business, and investing future – looking at the macro forces currently at play and identifying what happened during periods in history when similar forces converged. While history doesn’t repeat itself, it rhymes.

This long view helps Ron, a pioneer in broadcast financial news since 1984, provide clarity when assessing complex economic environments – connecting the dots and creating a coherent and actionable set of insights for audiences looking to plan for the future. Ron tailors this presentation to suit each audience.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to find optimism in an economy that feels so perilous.
  • An updated look on de-globalization.
  • What you need to know about policy, politics, and geopolitics in the year ahead.
  • How the economy will be radically transformed by AI. 
  • The best way to invest in a post-zero interest rate world.
  • The future of cryptocurrencies.
  • How climate change will alter the economy.
  • Cultural destabilization’s economic impact.

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