Vince Papale and Mollie Plotkin at the Eluna Network's Annual Fundraiser in 2019

Vince Papale

NFL Alum, Motivational Speaker, Inspiration for the movie “Invincible” and author of “Invincible: My Journey from Fan to Team Captain” and “You Can Be Invincible in Tough Times: Analyze, Adapt and Achieve.”

Expertise In:

  • Resilience
  • Motivation
  • Living Your Dream
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Real Life Versus Reel Life

You’ve heard of Vince Papale, because that’s what happens when your life story becomes a Hollywood movie. What you don’t know is just how powerful that story, and the lessons drawn from it, really are.

The movie’s name was Invincible. Listen to Papale’s story, and you understand where that name comes from. He was 30 years old when, as a high school teacher and part-time bartender, he entered a public tryout by for his beloved hometown Philadelphia Eagles. The rest, quite literally, his history.

During his late-70s run with the Eagles, he played a core part in turning around the franchise and giving the fans something to cheer for. He was voted Philadelphia Eagles Man of the Year in 1978 and named the team’s most outstanding special teams player at its 75th-anniversary celebration in 2007.

End the story there, and it’s worthy of its Hollywood fame. Papale just happened to add ‘cancer survivor’ to his list of accomplishments.

In 2001, he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. After he beat the disease, he became an advocate for getting regular screenings and check-ups and helping others stay healthy. 

Today, he’s a business executive. He remains friends with Wahlberg, who portrayed him so accurately in the 2006 movie. And he’s made a name for himself speaking on a variety of topics:

  • Health and wellness, wowing audiences with his mix of compassion and humor.
  • Education, emphasizing the importance of continued learning and mentorship.
  • Leadership, spreading the word about the Papale Playbook of leadership that draws from his own life story.
  • Motivation, focusing on the ability to seize opportunities, overcoming the odds, and fulfilling your potential.
  • Team building, including compassionate lessons to inspire your team and helping them make their goals and dreams come true.

Through it all, he bursts with energy. You can almost imagine him stepping back on the field and proving to himself and an entire city that anyone can make it. Few have the excitement and joy for life that comes through so clearly in their speeches. With Vince, as with everything he’s done, it seems almost effortless–until you realize the effort behind it.

When you book Vince Papale for your event, you get the movie star. But you also get a compassionate, dynamic, and surprisingly funny personality that resonates with all who listen. Book him today to transform your event.

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