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Keren Tsuk

CEO & founder of Wisdom To Lead, leadership expert, organizational consultant, wellness retreat leader, lecturer, and keynote speaker Dr. Keren Tsuk has over 20 years of experience in advising organizations through change and growth.

Meet Keren Tsuk

Dr. Keren Tsuk is an organizational consultant and expert who earned her Ph.D. in Leadership in the 21st Century from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. With over 20 years of experience in advising organizations through change and growth, Dr. Tsuk developed a holistic approach to addressing organizational challenges and tensions through mindfulness. 

Dr. Tsuk authored Mindfully Wise Leadership: The Secret of Today’s Leaders (2021) to expound on the application of her mindfulness techniques. Additionally, Simon Alliance named Mindfully Wise Leadership one of their “Best New Leadership Books of 2021.”

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Dr. Keren Tsuk was raised in Israel, serving in the army after turning eighteen. During her service, she was a combat sniper instructor, a role that strengthened and nourished her leadership abilities and qualities.

Following her service, Dr. Tsuk understood that she was meant to lead and accompany meaningful changes in organizations. Conversely, Dr. Keren Tsuk realized she had to transform and connect with the other side within her. In order to be a service to leaders who can evolve and develop their own organizations, she also evolved and engaged in inner work.

At Tel Aviv University, she would earn her MA in Organization Consulting and Human Resource Management. Soon after, she earned her Ph.D. in Leadership in the 21st Century.

Dr. Tsuk’s Ph.D. investigated how leaders can lead financially successful organizations while also motivating their employees, and through her research, Dr. Tsuk found that mindfulness was the crucial element of leadership that many were missing.

Today, Dr. Keren Tsuk is the CEO & Founder of Wisdom To Lead, a leadership consulting firm that provides managers with the tools they need to increase personal and organizational awareness. Additionally, she lectures on leadership at both Tel-Aviv University and Reichman University. Dr. Keren Tsuk is the ideal keynote speaker for conferences as she can utilize over 20 years of professional and academic experience in coaching and lecturing.

Mindfully Wise Leadership

The Secret of Today’s LeadersThe cover of Keren Tsuk's Midfully Wise Leadership

In Mindfully Wise Leadership, Dr. Tsuk presents implementable and easy practices for the modern workplace. Furthermore, she demonstrates how leaders can be mindful, listen deeply, and embrace tension to enable organizations and people to succeed in uncertain times. Leaders can learn precise tools to:

  • Listen to their employees, customers, and market in new ways
  • Engage employees from a place of meaning, purpose, intrinsic motivation, and connection
  • Utilize a central tool called dialogue space that enables creative solutions to emerge
  • Hold tensions and create a culture that enables a flow experience


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Key Audience Takeaways

Dr. Keren Tsuk speaks on the following topics. Each talk can be adjusted for your specific audience:

  • Conscious Leadership
  • Fostering Engagement in the Workplace through Mindfully Wise Leadership
  • Leading in Uncertain Times


Conscious Leadership

Gain better results and innovation by utilizing mindfulness as a central tool for leadership. 

Mindfulness is a key tool for leaders in organizations worldwide. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple, and more are implementing mindfulness programs that have decreased burnout and stress while increasing well-being, productivity, innovation, and employee engagement. Dr. Tsuk will present how mindfulness-based leadership can help us:

  • Create better relationships
  • Improve performance
  • Enhance our personal and organizational leadership capabilities


Mindfully Wise Leadership

Fostering engagement in the workplace.

Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting emerged following 2021. Since then, employees have felt their employer doesn’t care about their work-life balance and feel exhausted. In addition, layoffs create stress, anxiety, and burnout. The challenge: Recruiting talented employees and maintaining them by creating a work environment that serves their employee’s development. In this speech, Dr. Keren Tsuk will cover:

  • How to understand Wellness as a leadership tool
  • The Three Key Qualities of new leaders
  • The Four Steps to create an engaging workplace


Mindfulness as a Tool for Self-Management

Better manage oneself, relationships, and work.

Workplaces are actively adapting to better handle stress and burnout, and increase well-being for their employees. While organizations function in complex environments that can create on-going challenges and stress, at the same time, they create unlimited possibilities and opportunities. 

In order to lead effectively, leaders need to better manage themselves, others, and the vast amount of opportunities they face. Therefore, in this speech Dr. Keren Tsuk will cover:

  • What is mindfulness
  • How leading organizations implement mindfulness-based leadership
  • How mindfulness can help us better manage ourselves.

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