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The Mollie Plotkin Group has an unparalleled selection of top leadership keynote speakers. Our lineup of speakers includes the top entrepreneurs, business leaders, athletes, and coaches currently available. These speakers will captivate your audience. The leadership keynote speakers that we offer here can speak to audiences of any experience level. Whether that be entry-level workers, or C-level executives, our speakers know how to communicate with all types of audiences.

Top 15 Leadership Keynote Speakers
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    Cassie Kozyrkov Headshot

    Cassie Kozyrkov

    CEO at Data Scientific, Google’s First Chief Decision Scientist, AI Expert
    Cassie Kozyrkov is a data scientist, Google’s first Chief Decision Scientist, and one of the world’s top keynote speakers on AI, machine learning, and decision-making.
    Shweta Maniar Headshot

    Shweta Maniar

    Global Director for Life Sciences at Google Cloud
    Shweta Maniar is a proven executive and leader who brings extensive experience spanning digital health, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biotechnology.
    Kevin Clayton Headshot

    Kevin Clayton

    Senior VP, Head of Social Impact and Equity – Cleveland Cavaliers
    Kevin Clayton is the Senior Vice President and Head of Social Impact and Equity for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers.
    Julie Wainwright Headshot

    Julie Wainwright

    Entrepreneur, E-Commerce Pioneer, Brand Management Expert & Keynote Speaker
    A technology industry veteran, e-commerce pioneer, and brand management expert whose career spans more than 25 years, Julie Wainwright is a serial tech entrepreneur and founder of online marketplace The RealReal and personalized nutrition company Ahara.
    Ayesha Khanna Headshot

    Ayesha Khanna

    Futurist, AI Expert, Forbes Groundbreaking Female Entrepreneur, & Speaker
    Dr. Ayesha Khanna is an expert on artificial intelligence, smart cities, and other emerging technologies as well as a highly requested keynote speaker and strategic advisor.
    Andy Boynton Headshot

    Andy Boynton

    Dean of Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, Keynote Speaker
    Dean of Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, Author, and Co-Creator of DeepDive™ Andy Boynton is one of the foremost experts on executive leadership, organizational change, and business performance.
    Ashish Jha Headshot

    Ashish Jha

    White House Appointed Staff, Brown University Dean, & Keynote Speaker
    One of the most respected and dynamic global leaders on issues affecting people's health, Dr. Ashish Jha was the White House’s COVID-19 Response Coordinator, current Dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health, and a respected keynote speaker.
    Charlene Li Headshot

    Charlene Li

    Disruption, Leadership & AI Expert, 6x Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker
    Bestselling author, CEO, and Harvard Alumnus Charlene Li is a leading authority in disruption, artificial intelligence, and the future of work.
    Henna Pryor Headshot

    Henna Pryor

    2x TEDx Speaker, Executive Coach, & Workplace Performance Expert
    Henna Pryor is an award-winning TEDx and global keynote speaker, virtual presenter, author, professional executive coach, and dynamic workplace performance expert.
    Molly Fletcher Headshot

    Molly Fletcher

    “The Female Jerry Maguire,” Trailblazing Women’s Leader, & Keynote Speaker
    “The Female Jerry Maguire” Molly Fletcher is a trailblazing female sports agent who now instills the lessons she learned from a career surrounded by sport’s most successful individuals to organizations around the world.
    Will Guidara Headshot

    Will Guidara

    Restaurateur of World’s #1 Restaurant, Author of Unreasonable Hospitality
    Will Guidara is the former General Manager and co-owner of Eleven Madison Park - named the best restaurant in the world - and bestselling author of Unreasonable Hospitality. In his keynotes, he imparts the lessons in service and leadership he has learned throughout his career to show anyone can use excellent hospitality to improve their business outcomes.
    Laura Gasser Otting Headshot

    Laura Gassner Otting

    Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, & Keynote Speaker
    Author, Catalyst, and Executive Coach Laura Gassner Otting inspires people to push past the doubt and indecision that keep great ideas in limbo by helping audiences think bigger and accept greater challenges that reach beyond their current, limited scope of belief.
    Jesse Itzler Headshot

    Jesse Itzler

    Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, Atlanta Hawks Co-Owner, Keynote Speaker
    Jesse’s mission is to continually raise the bar and build his Life Resume. He is an Emmy-award-winning artist, former Run-DMC manager, bestselling author, ultramarathon runner, entrepreneur, Atlanta Hawks co-owner, and keynote speaker.
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    Shankar Vedantam Speaker Photo

    Shankar Vedantam

    Creator of The Hidden Brain, Expert on Social Science & Human Behavior
    Creator and host of Hidden Brain, Shankar Vedantam, is an expert on social science and human behavior. Today, he speaks internationally on how the “hidden brain” shapes our world.
    Gary Vaynerchuk Headshot

    Gary Vaynerchuk

    Serial Entrepreneur, Chairman of VaynerX, & CEO of VaynerMedia
    Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur, Chairman of VaynerX, CEO of VaynerMedia, and widely considered one of the leading global minds on what’s next in culture, business, and the internet.

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