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Do Motivational Speakers Work?

“Do motivational speakers work?” is the most common question asked on Google’s search engine, followed by, “Do [they] get paid?”

“Do motivational speakers work?” is the most common question asked on Google’s search engine, followed by, “Do [they] get paid?” — in regards to our field as a keynote speaker agency.  We can assure you that they do get paid, but the Mollie Plotkin Group can offer affordable options for any business or event

Jim DiBattista
Pictured: Jim DiBattista– Winner of The Biggest Loser, represented by MPG

We can also assure you that motivational speakers can work for your business. When the process is broken down, it is revealed as fundamental to professional success.

Motivational speakers are concerned with promoting the three passages of success: vision, determination, and creation. Together, they form a fortuitous cycle, continuously expanding the breadth of opportunities for individuals to realize their potential. In doing so, their collective culture within their organization will strengthen, building momentum towards achieving their mission.

Patterns of the fortuitous cycle are recognizable as narratives promoted by successful businesses, from promising startups to the world’s largest corporations. They have a logically progressing story that forever resolves in the present moment, while always looking forward to the future.

Look no further than advertisements on billboards, television, or social media for examples of this phenomenon. Apple Inc. envisions simplicity but is making a fortune from the proprietary nature of its products. We differentiate between Mac and PC, iPhone and Android, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Their triumph of independence was undoubtedly due to their cycle of vision, determination, and creation.

The value of these passages can not be overlooked by businesses or non-profit corporations alike. As many of the affordable motivational speakers with the Mollie Plotkin Group demonstrate, virtues can be carried across different disciplines to achieve success. To begin along the fortuitous cycle, an organization must be motivated.

What really is Motivation?

Motivation is found throughout every moment of our daily lives. For instance, alarm clocks force us from sleep, stomachs rumble for breakfast, and eyes beg us to dress sharp

A “realist” may say that the ultimate motivation for our routines is money. However, as with all of the motivators listed previously, money is merely an external material motivator. Some days, we hit the snooze button on our alarm clocks, only have a cup of coffee, and avert our eyes from mirrors before leaving the house.

Evidently, finite material motivators are insufficient in motivating us when we have no motivation within, even money. Salary, benefits, vacations time, none of these can be increased to sufficiently boost motivation over a sustained period of time.

Those who have the most of these fortunes seem to be the most motivated, but their wealth was the result of motivation, not the cause. Depending on the organization, an increase in these factors is not even feasible.

To motivate solely through external incentives is an impossibility, as material incentives are finite, but the desire for them can be infinite. Internal motivation must be fostered within the collective culture of an organization in order to produce reiterative success.

Motivational speakers offered by the Mollie Plotkin Group can instill internal motivation in a workforce by setting the foundation for the three passages of success:

  • Convey the Vision
  • Build Determination
  • Promote Creation

Vision is your imagination of the future and is conversely created by your past. Therefore, it is the first thing that should be established when looking to motivate your employees.

Determination is motivation in action. Motivation creates determination to approach the task at hand. By defining what keeps you determined, the possible sources of motivation available to you will become evident.

Creation is the spontaneous formation of new ideas and interpersonal connections that bring your business into the future. These fortunes are unpredictable yet inevitable, as such they can not be specifically accounted for or defined in your plans. They are undetermined and inherently unable to be sought after in your present determination.

To Convey Your Vision

Entrepreneurs stand at the front of the business, pioneering the journey towards success. They can expertly craft their product on the cutting edge of consumer needs, driving initial sales far beyond expectations. However, the hardest sell of an entrepreneur’s career is attracting genuinely invested personnel to join them.

Chances are, your team is fully capable of tackling any issue within their sights. When they come together to share in a common goal, you can count on them to make results happen. In order to bring the organization’s vision to light and focus your team on the bigger picture, hire keynote speakers that are excellent storytellers.

Only the best keynote speakers will allow your audience to understand the brand mission as brilliantly as your most devoted employees. Captivate the imagination of your community, horizontally and vertically, internally and externally.

How do You Communicate Your Vision?

Seasoned workers have seen it all, countless memos, mission statements on plaques, endured interminable virtual conferences, and all of this static has clouded their view of the future.

Motivational speakers provide narratives that engage employees with the concept of your vision. At the Mollie Plotkin Group we hold that, fundamentally, all of our keynote speakers are storytellers. Here are a select few out of our many speakers that can create the feeling of a collective purpose for your organization to rally around:

  • Kevin Reilly: NFL Alum and Cancer survivor Kevin Reilly is the All-American man. After working his way onto the hometown football team, the Philadelphia Eagles, disaster struck. Treatment for a minor injury out on the field revealed a cancerous tumor, but Reilly didn’t let that stop him. Even after the amputation of his arm, he still became a best selling author and corporate executive. 
  • Riley Cote: Known as “The Enforcer” when playing on the Philadelphia Flyers, Cote is a wellness speaker that discusses the concept of Fight vs. Flight, on and off the ice. He also inspires with his story of becoming a top athlete. Fierce force with a controlled conscience, Cote aptly displays both sides of the coin. 
  • Anthony Griggs: The motto, “Life’s a sport, train for it.” could not be as well embodied by anyone other than Anthony Griggs. As an NFL player for six years and the Pittsburgh Steelers Director of Player Development for 13 years, Griggs translates 6 essential life skills from the football field to professional and personal life. 

Choose a speaker that embodies the narrative you want to develop your collective vision around. Kevin Reilly is an underdog that overcame adversity to achieve above and beyond even the average NFL player.

Riley Cote demonstrates the importance of self-reflection and controlled power, an apt speaker for any co-operative organization, especially if your members have an interest in hemp-based products.

Anthony Griggs synthesizes professional and personal life through his teachings of lessons learned on and off the football field. Griggs is effective in promoting employee wellness along with instilling a strong drive for personal achievement.

Build Determination

Disengaged workers see their work as suffering. Their goals take a back seat to all the other worries in their lives. Instead of focusing on a task and decisively taking steps toward completion, they hesitate and prolong the process. This can be the result of a lack of confidence due to an organization’s neglect of employee wellness. The Mollie Plotkin Group can provide excellent employee wellness specialists:

  • Lisa Kohn: cult survivor turned executive coach for leaders of Fortune 50 organizations, Kohn passes on the tools she used to heal her own life. After leaving the cult that had indoctrinated her as a child, she resorted to self-sabotage in an effort to deal with the feeling of a lost sense of purpose. Now she teaches clients about Thoughtful Leadership – being present, intentional, and authentic. 
  • Evan Harden: Philadelphia’s #1 calisthenics coach turned tragedy into triumph after surviving a gunshot to the back at age 16. Harden personifies the fundamental aspect of determination, saying, “How do you move mountains? One pebble at a time. For if you even move it a fraction of an inch, you still moved a mountain.” He wants everyone to rethink what it really means to be strong, to take action in their own lives, and be their own superhero.
  • Grace Killelea: author of The Confidence Effect, she is an expert in executive coaching and women’s leadership. Killelea is known as an incredibly charismatic storyteller and effective communicator, drawing in audiences of all sizes.

These employee wellness specialists can benefit any organization, even ones that may already have high morale. The internal motivation that can be germinated within individuals may return more wealth than the material provisionary costs if a resonating speaker is chosen. We at the Mollie Plotkin Group have personal relationships with our speakers and can match you with the perfect affordable speaker for your event.

Promote Creativity

Through our ability to create and discover, we all have a hand in changing the future. Vision relies on what we have and hope to see. Determination brings the vision to fruition by facing the present reality. Once the initial goals are met through these passages, prosperity follows.

The successful experience imparts insightful knowledge that illuminates previously unseen opportunities. This is why success is illusory to so many. They do not realize that the greatest benefits of hard work and determination are unpredictable.

Eventually, the future will become the present, then the past, and so goes the circular flow of the fortuitous cycle. The creations of tomorrow become the humble beginnings of yesterday, otherwise, the organization will stagnate.

No matter what time we find ourselves in, a motivational speaker can give us a boost along the way. Integral moments, ones of great change, such as product launches and endorsements, or restructuring, are the most effective motivational moments.

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