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Lisa Kohn is a motivational speaker, executive coach, author, and inspirational storyteller, as she shares her lived experience as a cult member survivor. Her story is an exemplary story of resilience and overcoming adversity, which she has chronicled in her book To The Moon and Back: A Childhood Under the Influence. As a keynote speaker on cults, she explains how enticing the cult world can be and how difficult it can be to leave.


Split between parents and households, Kohn could not have had a more disparate upbringing. Her weekends were spent with her mother, living with The Moonies Cult (officially known as The Unification Church). During the week, she received no respite from the chaos, living with her father in New York City’s East Village, who was suffering from drug addiction and a life with no boundaries. Lisa’s childhood was balanced between the chaos of drugs and the life of a cult member.  Now, Kohn uses her platform as a keynote speaker to impart the lessons she learned as a survivor of these worlds to her audience through exceptional storytelling. 

Today, in addition to running a leadership consulting and executive coaching firm, Lisa inspires by sharing the lessons learned from her unorthodox childhood. Her story has been featured internationally and Kohn is renowned for her perseverance in a struggle that is relatable across all cultures. Lisa Kohn is the ideal speaker for any event that highlights resilient individuals or triumph over harrowing experiences.

Audiences who listen to Lisa don’t just learn about her story. Instead, she turns it around, teaching them about themselves, and how they can apply common business lessons in everyday situations. Few people who listen to her have gone through the same things she has. Yet somehow, she makes her story (and the lessons learned from it) relatable and applicable to everyone.

This is a speaker you don’t want to miss. From her business experience to her personal passion, Lisa offers a rare blend of power and soul that enhances every room to which she speaks. Book her today for a truly transformative experience.

Key Audience Takeaways

  • The power of thoughtful leadership
  • Re-engaging employees during times of change
  • Getting out of your personal and business comfort zone
  • Creating life and career balance for more success and effectiveness
  • Creating and executing leadership visions
  • And much more.

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