Riley Cote

NHL Alum, Philadelphia Flyer, Wellness Speaker, Co-founder of “Athletes for Care” and Advocate for the Hemp/Cannabis Industry

Expertise In:

  • Sports

  • Philadelphia Flyers

  • Wellness

  • Advocate for the Hemp/Cannabis Industry

  • Combatting Stress & Anxiety: On the Ice or in Daily Life

Having retired from professional hockey in 2010, NHL Alum Riley Cote’s title has shifted from enforcer to healer. However, don’t let his title change fool you; he is still a character larger than life itself. The unique energy that Riley Cote possesses makes him a gifted motivational speaker. Whether you’re looking to learn more about non-toxic pain relief or trying to gain a richer understanding of self-healing, Riley is the motivational speaker that will not only captivate you but transform the way you view the world around you.

After his retirement, Cote founded the Hemp Heals Foundation in 2011. The foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes cannabis and hemp as a viable renewable resource. Riley’s goal is to teach everyone that cannabis and hemp have the power to increase their overall quality of life. He not only sits on the Pennsylvania Hemp Industries Council board but also co-founded Athletes For Care. This organization empowers athletes to find safe and non-toxic measures to relieve and manage the pain that comes with playing years of competitive sports. On top of all this, Riley has also found the time to co-found a CBD recovery product line called BodyChek Wellness. Riley is the guy that not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. 

Riley’s keynotes and philosophy focus on three core topics:

  • Fight vs. Flight: Whether on the Ice or Just Getting Through Your Day – Riley discusses Fight vs. Flight and how it applies to both hockey and life in general. 
  • Hemp and Cannabis: History in the Making – Riley discusses the therapeutic benefits hemp and cannabis have to offer as well as the potential they have to bring peace, zen, and overall wellness to the entire world. 
  • Life in the NHL: One Enforcers Story From Fighter to Fitness – Riley gives all the details about what it takes to become a top athlete and what life in the NHL is really like. 

There is no one in this world, quite like Riley Cote. From gaining a reputation as one of the toughest players in the NHL to educating the world about meditation and mindfulness, Riley is genuinely one of a kind. While his path has been unique, Riley is able to connect with and inspire individuals from all walks of life. The fight or flight reactions Riley felt as an NHL player are also felt by everyone, regardless of the field they work in. Through his speeches, Riley is able to empower individuals to deal with this natural response by teaching about practical ways to reduce anxiety and stress levels. Riley’s life mission has transformed from being a star athlete to spreading wellness, meditation, and mindfulness throughout the world.

If you’re ready to transform your life by learning new ways to deal with stress, anxiety, and pain, it’s time to contact Riley Cote today!

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