Anthony Griggs

NFL Alum (Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns), Motivational Speaker and creator of the business and personal development program “Life Is A Sport, Train For It”

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As an NFL Alum and former NFL strength and conditioning coach, Anthony Griggs can certainly talk about endurance and speed. But would you expect him to also teach some of the most fundamental life lessons any business can leverage? You should. Because that’s what Anthony Griggs story is about. 

Griggs spent decades in and around football, from playing at Ohio State and Villanova University to spending six years in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns. Anthony then joined the Pittsburgh Steelers as an assistant strength and conditioning coach, spending 13 years at the organization, including Director of Player Development. 

 But there’s an argument to be made that despite his strong background in football, he’s made a much bigger impact off the gridiron. That’s because Griggs has spent more than a decade educating everyone from CEO’s to high school players to HR executives about the six fundamental skills that translate from football to personal and professional development.

 Grigg’s has the unique ability to translate these concepts into relatable stories for every audience he speaks with, regardless of age or profession. He did the same during his time with the Steelers and now he’s ready to bring those lessons to every organization that is ready to teach its members how to win, and win consistently.

 If you are ready to learn lessons of skill and endurance from someone, it should be from a speaker who has lived it and taught it. Anthony Griggs looks forward to sharing his stories with you. 

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