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11 Inspirational Keynote Speakers With Powerful, Actionable Messages

The Power of Inspirational Keynote Speakers

Inspirational keynote speakers have the power to change lives. These speakers motivate, inspire, and empower individuals to achieve their goals and dreams. Whether it’s through their personal stories, motivational speeches, or practical advice, these speakers connect with their audience and leave a lasting impact. The best inspirational speakers leave their audiences with actionable advice on staying inspired that they can use day to day.

Motivation in the workplace is crucial for both growth and productivity. Because of this, it is important to seek inspiration from those who have achieved success and overcome adversity. Indeed, studies have shown a significant link between motivation and performance at work. Inspirational speakers can provide the guidance and motivation teams need to stay focused and achieve their dreams.

The Top 11 Inspirational Keynote Speakers

Vernice Armour

Vernice Armour, also known as FlyGirl, is a trailblazer and motivational powerhouse. After making history as the first African American female combat pilot, Armour transitioned her high-octane energy from the battlefield to the business field. She is not only an entrepreneur and consultant but also the author of Zero to Breakthrough, a book that encapsulates her 7-Step Battle-Tested Method for accomplishing seemingly impossible goals.

She is the founder of VAI Consulting & Training, LLC, through which she propels individuals and organizations towards groundbreaking success by instilling in them a ‘Zero to Breakthrough‘ mindset—a mindset that not only accelerated her career but also ensured her safety during air combat. Book Vernice Armour.

Vernice Armour Headshot

Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton is an Olympic Gold Medalist, best-selling author, cancer survivor, and highly sought-after inspirational speaker. Known worldwide as a figure skating legend, Hamilton has inspired millions with his resilience and courage. Hamilton’s journey to fame began with his triumphant Olympic Gold medal win in 1984, which catapulted him into the spotlight. However, Hamilton’s life took a dramatic turn when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Demonstrating unparalleled strength and determination, he not only overcame this challenge but also used his experience to help others. Fortune 500 companies frequently seek him out to inspire their teams with his story of overcoming adversity and achieving greatness against all odds. Book Scott Hamilton.

Jessica Yellin

Jessica Yellin is an inspirational speaker, trailblazing journalist, and the founder of News Not Noise, a news platform dedicated to cutting through the sensationalism rampant in today’s media landscape. As a former Chief White House Correspondent for CNN and an Emmy award-winning journalist, Yellin has become a prominent voice in discussions about Women in Leadership, Disruption in News Media, and the impact of Digital Media on society.

Through her innovative platform News Not Noise, Jessica Yellin is redefining how news is consumed by offering an alternative to the noise of traditional media. Her work empowers audiences to engage with news that matters, fostering a more informed and discerning public. Book Jessica Yellin.

Keynote Speaker Jessica Yellin

Jon Dorenbos

Jon Dorenbos is an inspirational speaker and magician. Dorenbos experienced unimaginable tragedy in his childhood when his father murdered his mother. Living with his aunt, Dorenbos discovered his passion for magic. He practiced daily to perfect his skills. He inspires audiences as someone who overcame unimaginable hardship.

In his entertaining and touching keynote speeches, Dorenbos encourages audiences to find magic in their daily lives. His engaging presence makes him a sought-after inspirational speaker. He speaks to influential brands such as Marriott International, Kroger, and Hard Rock International, and is a frequent guest on Ellen. Book Jon Dorenbos.

Magician Jon Dorenbos shuffling a deck of cards in his hands.


IN-Q, also known as In Question, is an Emmy-nominated poet, a multi-platinum songwriter, and the best-selling author of Inquire Within. His profound impact on the creative arts is widely recognized.

As a celebrated spoken word artist, IN-Q was the first to perform with Cirque du Soleil and has graced stages from A&E to ESPN, and HBO’s Def Poetry Jam. He has captivated audiences including notable figures like Quincy Jones, Hillary Clinton, and former US President Barack Obama. His performances alongside artists like Mike Posner and Magic Giant have further solidified his status in the arts.

Top organizations like Nike, Instagram, and Google have enlisted IN-Q to lead keynote performances and storytelling workshops. These sessions are designed to foster vulnerability and authenticity within corporate teams.

IN-Q’s ultimate goal is to entertain and inspire, urging his audience to delve into the human experience and question their surroundings and themselves.

Leslie Maxie

Another inspirational speaker with athletic prowess is Leslie Maxie. Maxie is a U.S. Olympian who developed the Olympic Mindset while training for the 400-meter hurdles. Her inspirational story of beating the odds and breaking records resonates with audiences.

Maxie is also an advocate for diverse groups in the workplace. She encourages people who may not always feel that they fit in, such as women and older employees, to step up to the challenge. She encourages empathetic communication and mental toughness to reach success. She is a testament to how hard work and dedication can propel individuals and teams to the top. Book Leslie Maxie.

Leslie Maxie in her track suit.

AK Ikwuakor

AK Ikwuakor, also known as Coach AK, is an inspirational keynote speaker, executive coach, and Master Faculty Trainer at Google. He believes in the power of self-awareness and motivation to enhance individual performance.

Coach AK’s extensive resume is a testament to the power of motivation and work ethic. In addition to serving at Google, Ikwuakor is a sought-after speaker. He speaks for a variety of audiences, including both nonprofit events and Fortune 100 businesses. He is an approachable yet larger-than-life presence as an inspirational keynote speaker. Book AK Ikwuakor.

AK Ikwuakor in a grey collared shirt, smiling.

Danni Brooke

Danni Brooke is an inspirational keynote and the single most deployed female operative in the history of the British police force. She seamlessly transitioned from her decade-long career in the force to consulting on cybersecurity. In her speeches, Brooke provides insights on the latest cybersecurity developments and resilience.

Brooke is an accomplished storyteller, authoring her book The Girl For The Job. The book describes her experience as a female undercover operative and the lessons she learned as a woman in the force. She encourages her audiences to take on challenges, especially in the case of women in male-dominated industries. Book Danni Brooke.

Cybersecurity Keynote Speaker Danni Brooks

Robert Paylor

Robert Paylor is a motivational keynote speaker who inspires his audience through his stories of adversity. Paylor became paralyzed after breaking his neck and was told he would never be able to walk again. However, through hard work and patience, Paylor relearned to use his legs and walked across the stage when he graduated from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. While Paylor’s struggles are unique, believes that anyone can achieve success if they are willing to work hard and persevere through adversity.

Paylor’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance. Paylor is motivated not by the goal of a full recovery, but by using his story to inspire people to overcome their own challenges. He believes that success is not determined by talent or intelligence but by the willingness to put in the hard work and never give up. Book Robert Paylor.

Keynote Speaker Robert Paylor standing up with a fist raised in the air.

Jean Oelwang

Jean Oelwang is a visionary leader, inspirational speaker, and the founding CEO & President of Virgin Unite. She has dedicated her career to fostering partnerships and collaborations that will transform the world. With a profound belief in the power of relationships to drive change, Oelwang has become a beacon of inspiration for those looking to make a meaningful impact.

In her compelling book, Partnering: Forge the Deep Connections That Make Great Things Happen, Oelwang explores the essence of impactful collaborations and how deep, meaningful connections can lead to extraordinary achievements. Her insights are not only drawn from her extensive experience at Virgin Unite but also from her personal journey and partnerships, including her life with her husband, Chris Waddell, who is also a renowned keynote speaker. Book Jean Oelwang.

Keynote Speaker Jean Oelwang

Tara Schuster

Tara Schuster is an inspirational keynote speaker and best-selling author. Having navigated the high-pressure world of television as a former VP of talent and development at Comedy Central, Schuster shifted her focus to writing and public speaking, emphasizing mental health and self-care. Her books, Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies (2020) and Glow in the F*cking Dark (2023), have been celebrated by Cosmopolitan, Real Simple, Publishers Weekly, and more for their insightful take on personal wellness.

Before her pivot to writing and speaking, Schuster played a pivotal role in the success of Emmy Award-winning shows like Key & Peele. Her transition from television executive to a voice of empowerment in health & wellness has been featured in The New Yorker, Forbes, and InStyle.

Today, Tara Schuster offers transformative keynote speeches that blend her entertainment industry savvy with her expertise in self-care. She is renowned for her engaging talks that inspire audiences to embrace self-love and mental wellness. Schuster also takes pride in her Jewish heritage, offering specialized presentations for Jewish organizations and nonprofits. Her dynamic approach makes her a sought-after speaker for leading brands looking to inspire their teams. Book Tara Schuster for an unforgettable keynote experience.


Conclusion: The Power of Inspirational Keynote Speakers

In conclusion, inspirational keynote speakers have the power to change lives. Whether it’s through their personal stories, motivational speeches, or practical advice, they can provide the guidance and motivation we need to achieve our goals and dreams. By seeking inspiration from these 10 speakers, we can unlock our full potential.

The real power of inspirational keynote speakers is their ability to get teams excited to perform at their best. With so many options available, selecting the right inspirational keynote speaker for your event can be daunting. The Mollie Plotkin group can help you through the process. For more information on how to book the perfect inspirational keynote speaker, contact the Mollie Plotkin Group.

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