Olympian and Inspirational Speaker Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton

Olympic Gold Medalist, best-selling author, cancer survivor, and keynote speaker Scott Hamilton is the most recognized male figure skating star in the world.

Meet Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton is an Olympic Gold Medalist, Olympic Hall of Fame and World Figure Skating Hall of Fame inductee, and Emmy nominee.  

Hamilton gained his celebrity status with his Olympic Gold medal performances in 1984. Since then, Hamilton drew a growing audience through his sports commentary, production, and multiple best-selling books. 

Following his brain cancer diagnosis and recovery, Scott Hamilton launched the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation. Additionally, he founded several awareness and survivorship programs.

Today, Fortune 500 companies hire Scott Hamilton not only for his notoriety and activism, but also his powerful motivational speeches.

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In 1981, Hamilton had his breakthrough figure skating performance in the 1981 U.S. Championships. Following his flawless performance, the crowd gave Hamilton a standing ovation, and he never lost an amateur competition again. 

Then, in the 1984 Olympics, Hamilton ended a 24-year Gold Medal drought for US men in Olympic figure skating. 

After The Olympics

After his Olympic career, Scott Hamilton became a professional figure skater and founded what would become the world-renowned Stars on Ice. Hamilton also took up figure skating commentary for CBS and then NBC. Then, Scott Hamilton solidified himself as a household name while hosting FOX’s Skating with Celebrities. 

Throughout Scott Hamilton’s professional career, he dealt with multiple, highly-publicized diagnoses of cancer.

Following his first cancer diagnosis, Scott Hamilton released his New York Times best-selling auto-biography Landing It: My Life On and Off The Ice.

However, as Hamilton would say, he “has a habit of collecting life-threatening illnesses.” Having been diagnosed with cancer four times to date, he was inspired to turn to activism, founding the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation.

Today, Scott Hamilton shares his story as a professional athlete and cancer survivor through his inspirational speaking. Organizations hire Scott Hamilton to motivate and inspire their leaders to pursue excellence in the face of any obstacle.

Scott Hamilton’s Journey

Scott Hamilton was raised by his adoptive parents in Bowling Green, Ohio. At the age of two, he contracted an illness that stopped his body from growing. The illness eventually subsided on its own, but was never properly diagnosed, and stunted his lifetime growth. Years later, that illness would reveal itself as a congenital brain tumor.

Olympic champion Pierre Brunet began to train Hamilton at the age of thirteen. However, Hamilton’s parents could not afford the cost of Brunet’s lessons. Fortunately, Hamilton’s family was given money from The Pioneer Fund, a philanthropic organization focused on rising figure skaters. 

With the training of Pierre Brunet, the generosity of The Pioneer Fund, and the coaching of Don Laws, Scott Hamilton finished third in the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, earning him a spot in the 1980 U.S. Olympic team. 

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Key Audience Takeaways

Finish First

Reject Average, Go for the Win

This speech will inspire business leaders, entrepreneurs, and even students to pursue excellence, and bring the greatest possible good to the world.

Somehow many of us have fallen into the belief that competition is bad.

Scott has been successful in many areas of life — figure skating, entrepreneurship, philanthropy — but he didn’t get there by settling for mediocrity. 

In this speech, Scott Hamilton shares his keys for high-performance leadership:

  • Embrace Competition
  • Set a Standard of Excellence
  • Work Not for Yourself, but for The Benefit of Others



How To Keep Fighting When The World Says ‘Quit’

Scott Hamilton lets audiences in on the secrets to achieving true greatness

  • Committing to a goal, no matter how many times you’re knocked down
  • Rejecting apathy and staying hungry
  • Cultivating a voracity of spirit. 

Scott has an insatiable spirit to pursue the best life has to offer, and he’s passionate about encouraging others to uncover the same attitude within themselves. 

His kind heart, keen wit, and distinctly competitive mindset will inspire audiences to harness life’s most trying seasons to spark a journey toward something great.



Never let setbacks become excuses. 

From winning an Olympic gold medal in figure skating, to having battled cancer four times in his life, Scott knows to live every day to its absolute fullest. 

Organizations hire Scott Hamilton for this unforgettable value-add experience:

  • Learn the real story behind Scott Hamilton’s Olympic journey
  • Discover your own unquenchable spirit 
  • Use your power to change the world

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