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As a Keynote Speakers Agency, we proudly represent the most popular keynote speakers, motivational speakers, sports speakers, thought leaders and wellness experts in the industry. Our live events, virtual programming, webinars, and online events allow the Mollie Plotkin Group to bring engaging, exciting, and valuable speeches to your audience anytime and anyplace.

Our team connects you with keynote speakers who provide the valuable lessons that motivate, educate and excite your team. Together, let’s help you transform your company, your industry, and the world. 

The Top Keynote Speakers in Crisis Management
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    Paul Sean Hill Headshot

    Paul Sean Hill

    NASA Director of Mission Operations, Author, Leadership Evangelist, Speaker
    Paul Sean Hill is a leadership evangelist, author, keynote speaker, and executive consultant focused on applying NASA Mission Control leadership principles to create high-performing teams in any industry.
    Samantha Radocchia Headshot

    Samantha Radocchia

    Futurist, Anthropologist, Speaker on Bitcoin and Blockchain
    Samantha Radocchia is a futurist, anthropologist, entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker who explores how developing technologies will transform our society in the decades to come.
    Cybersecurity Keynote Speaker Danni Brooks

    Danni Brooke

    Most Demployed Female Undercover Operative
    Most deployed female undercover operative of the British police, professional cybersecurity consultant, author, and television personality Danni Brooke is an internationally renowned subject matter expert in intelligence and advocates for women within male-dominated fields.
    Keynote Speaker Chris Krebs

    Chris Krebs

    Former Director of Federal Cybersecurity
    Former director of the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, cyber security consultant for Microsoft, and keynote speaker Chris Krebs is a popular choice for conferences and events. 
    Olympian Edwin Moses smiling, wearing a medal and a shirt that says 1867

    Edwin Moses

    Olympic Gold Medalist, Chairman Emeritus of the USADA
    Olympic Gold Medalist, Chairman Emeritus of the USADA, and Business Consultant.
    Leslie Maxie in her track suit.

    Leslie Maxie

    US Olympian, CEO, Media Consultant, Sportscaster
    Leslie Maxie is a 1988 U.S. Olympian, trailblazing former Fox Sports and ESPN host and anchor, and an International Keynote Speaker. You can book Leslie today.
    FBI Crisis Management expert Jin Kim in a suit and tie standing in front of an American flag.

    Jin Kim

    FBI Agent, Keynote Speaker, Risk Management Expert
    Former FBI program manager Jin Kim is the leading Subject Matter Expert in active shooter and workplace violence risk management.
    Keynote Speaker Stuart Diamond in a black jacket and red tie.

    Stuart Diamond

    Best-Selling Author, Negotiations Expert
    Stuart Diamond is a best-selling author, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, and world renowned keynote speaker on negotiations.
    Former FBI and Current Keynote Speaker Prashanth Challa

    Prashanth Challa

    Cybersecurity Keynote Speaker, Emerging Cyber Threats
    Prashanth Challa is a former NSA Hacker and keynote speaker who educates audiences on understanding the next generation of cyberattacks.
    Former Navy SEAL Errol Doebler in a white shirt with a black jacket.

    Errol Doebler

    Navy SEAL, Leadership Speaker
    Former Navy SEAL and FBI Special Agent: Errol Doebler. He knows leadership can solve any problem, made evident by his exceptional keynotes.

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