The 13 Top Leadership Speakers of 2024 for Revitalizing Teams

Introduction: The Importance of Leadership Speakers in Inspiring Others

Leadership speakers play a crucial role in motivating and inspiring individuals and organizations. They have the power to ignite passion, drive, and determination in their audience, pushing them to reach their full potential. Effective leadership speaking has a profound impact on personal and professional growth, as it provides individuals with the tools and mindset needed to overcome challenges and achieve success.

Leadership speakers have the ability to connect with their audience on a deep level, tapping into their emotions and inspiring them to take action. They possess the knowledge, experience, and charisma to deliver powerful messages that resonate with their listeners. By sharing their own stories of triumph and failure, they provide valuable insights and lessons that can be applied to various aspects of life.

Top Leadership Speakers: Who They Are and What They Do

There are numerous influential leadership speakers in the industry who have made a significant impact on individuals and organizations worldwide. These speakers come from diverse backgrounds and possess a wide range of expertise.

The Power of Storytelling: How Leadership Speakers Use Narrative to Inspire

Storytelling is a powerful tool that leadership speakers use to inspire and motivate their audience. Stories have the ability to captivate and engage listeners, making the message more memorable and relatable. By sharing personal anecdotes and experiences, leadership speakers can connect with their audience on a deeper level.

Crafting a compelling narrative involves understanding the needs and desires of the audience. A good story should have a clear beginning, middle, and end, with a central theme or message that resonates with the listeners. It should also include relatable characters and situations that the audience can identify with.

The Role of Authenticity in Leadership Speaking

Authenticity is a key component of effective leadership speaking. It is important for speakers to be true to themselves while delivering a powerful message. Authenticity allows speakers to connect with their audience on a genuine level, building trust and credibility.

Being authentic means being vulnerable and sharing one’s true thoughts and emotions. It involves being honest about one’s strengths and weaknesses, and admitting when mistakes have been made. Authentic leadership speakers are not afraid to show their true selves, as they understand that vulnerability can be a source of strength.

The Art of Persuasion: How Leadership Speakers Convince Others to Follow Their Vision

Persuasion is a crucial skill for leadership speakers, as it allows them to convince others to follow their vision. Persuasive speakers have the ability to influence and inspire their audience, motivating them to take action and achieve their goals.

Techniques for persuading others include using evidence and facts to support one’s arguments, appealing to emotions, and addressing counterarguments. Effective persuasion involves understanding the needs and desires of the audience and tailoring the message accordingly.

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Speaking: How to Connect with Your Audience

Emotional intelligence is a crucial aspect of leadership speaking, as it allows speakers to connect with their audience on an emotional level. Emotional intelligence involves understanding and managing one’s own emotions, as well as recognizing and empathizing with the emotions of others.

Connecting with the audience on an emotional level involves being able to relate to their experiences and struggles. It requires speakers to be empathetic and understanding, and to convey their message in a way that resonates with the listeners.

The Role of Humor in Leadership Speaking: How to Make Your Message Memorable

Humor is an important element of leadership speaking, as it can make the message more memorable and engaging. Humor has the power to break down barriers and create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. It can also help speakers connect with their audience on a deeper level.

Using humor effectively involves understanding the audience and tailoring the jokes and anecdotes accordingly. It is important to strike a balance between being funny and maintaining professionalism. Humor should be used to enhance the message, not overshadow it.

The Impact of Technology on Leadership Speaking: How to Use Digital Tools to Reach a Wider Audience

Technology has had a significant impact on leadership speaking, allowing speakers to reach a wider audience and engage with them in new and innovative ways. Digital tools such as social media, live streaming, and virtual reality have opened up new possibilities for speakers to connect with their audience.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow speakers to share their message with a global audience. They can engage with their followers, share updates and insights, and build a community of like-minded individuals.

Live streaming platforms like YouTube and Facebook Live enable speakers to broadcast their speeches and events in real-time, reaching a global audience. This allows individuals who are unable to attend in person to still benefit from the speaker’s message.

Virtual reality technology allows speakers to create immersive experiences for their audience. They can transport their listeners to different locations and scenarios, making the message more impactful and memorable.

The field of leadership speaking is constantly evolving, with new trends and technologies shaping the industry. One of the current trends is the rise of virtual events and online conferences. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many events to go virtual, speakers have had to adapt to this new format.

Another trend is the increasing demand for diversity and inclusion in leadership speaking. Audiences are seeking speakers from diverse backgrounds who can provide different perspectives and insights. This trend is likely to continue as organizations prioritize diversity and inclusion in their leadership development programs.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in leadership speaking is also on the rise. AI-powered tools can analyze data and provide insights on audience engagement and preferences. This allows speakers to tailor their message and delivery to better resonate with their listeners.

In the future, we can expect to see more interactive and immersive experiences in leadership speaking. Virtual reality technology will continue to advance, allowing speakers to create realistic and engaging experiences for their audience. Augmented reality (AR) technology may also play a role, allowing speakers to overlay digital content onto the physical world.

The Full List of 2023’s Top Leadership Speakers

Ken Hitchcock

  • Former NHL Coach and Keynote Speaker
  • Maximizing Talent in Team and Individual Settings
  • Life-Changing Advice for Hockey and Non-Hockey Fans Alike

Ken Hitchcock, a renowned former NHL coach, brings his wealth of experience from his time with the Philadelphia Flyers, Stanley Cup victory with the Dallas Stars, and his position as the fourth-winningest coach in NHL history to his engaging keynote speeches.

From a young age, Hitchcock discovered that his ability to motivate and inspire his teammates set him apart on the ice. This realization led him to embark on a coaching career. He started with local teams in Edmonton and eventually guided the Kamloops Blazers of the WHL to multiple division titles, league titles, and prestigious coaching accolades.

After successful stints as an assistant coach for the Philadelphia Flyers and the Dallas Stars, Hitchcock took on the head coaching position for the Stars in 1996. In his first season as head coach, he led the team to an impressive record of 51-19-12 and secured a Stanley Cup victory during the 1998-99 season.

Throughout his career, Hitchcock has held head coaching positions with five other NHL teams. These included the Philadelphia Flyers, Columbus Blue Jackets, St. Louis Blues, and currently, the Edmonton Oilers. With 849 career wins under his belt, he ranks fourth among all coaches in NHL history.

Drawing from his extensive experience in identifying and maximizing talent, Hitchcock now shares his insights and findings as a keynote speaker. His speeches offer life-changing advice to both hockey enthusiasts and individuals seeking to unlock their full potential, whether in a team setting or within themselves.

Errol Doebler

  • Former Navy SEAL and FBI Special Agent
  • Ultimate Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Cyber Security Expert
  • Author of The Process, Art, and Science of Leadership

With over 20 combined years as a Navy SEAL and FBI Special Agent, Errol Doebler believes that combat, in all its various forms, is the ultimate expression of consequence. His experiences make him the ultimate executive coach, keynote speaker, and cyber security expert.

Doebler’s leadership process creates a common leadership language that ensures consistency and clarity, but allows for the necessary flexibility to meet any challenge or circumstance. The theory behind this process is expounded upon in his book, The Process, Art, and Science of Leadership.

A 1991 graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, Errol served as Assistant Operations Officer onboard the USS Monongahela, Assistant Platoon Commander at SEAL Team FOUR, and a Platoon Commander at SEAL Team ONE during his time as a Naval Officer.

After his military service, Errol joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) where he investigated International Terrorist Organizations out of the FBI’s flagship office in New York City and also served as a member of the FBI’s New York SWAT Team.

In 2016, Errol left the FBI to start his leadership consulting firm, Leader 193. He has since worked with executives and teams from Fortune 100 companies, professional sports organizations, small technical startups, and individual executives across a vast array of industries around the world.

Leslie Maxie

  • Accomplished Sportscaster, Record-Holding Olympic Athlete, and International Keynote Speaker
  • Adapting the Olympic Mindset for Business Success
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership

It takes an extraordinary individual to become an accomplished sportscaster, a record-holding Olympic athlete, and a highly in-demand international keynote speaker. But somehow, Leslie Maxie is able to do all of this and more. 

This is exactly why companies love to hire Leslie to speak at their events and conferences. Maxie has shown audiences all over the globe how they can adapt her Olympic mindset, allowing them to keep up with the highest levels of business competition. It’s the very same mindset that allowed her to thrive in the hypercompetitive world of sports journalism at ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC.

In addition to being an Olympian and accomplished sports journalist, Leslie is also a self-made entrepreneur. I’ve always had a measure of entrepreneurialism in my blood, but I was motivated by necessity, said Maxie in an interview published by Merrill Lynch. She is the founder of Maxie Media Group, a company that provides PR consulting to influential clients. A natural-born leader, Leslie has served as an inspirational female role model and is part of the reason why she is so often brought out to speak at events. 

Leslie Maxie has cultivated success in front of the camera, behind the camera, as well as in sports and entertainment boardrooms around the world.

Leslie Maxie is available to be booked for corporate and private events. She is also well-known for her keynote and motivational speaking. Contact the Mollie Plotkin Group today to inquire about Leslie Maxie’s fees.

Ben Garland

  • Former NFL player and Air Force Major
  • Philanthropist and Leadership Speaker

Ben Garland is a former NFL player with 11 seasons under his belt, including 5 seasons with the Denver Broncos. He has had the honor of participating in two Super Bowl appearances during his career.

As an Air Force Major enlisted in the Air National Guard, Garland exemplifies a joint commitment to his country and the NFL. He is known for his philanthropic efforts, having attended over 1000 charity events over the last decade. Garland is a passionate speaker on leadership and high-performance strategies, addressing veteran-based charities, mental health charities, and children-based charities.

If you are looking to book Ben Garland for a corporate or private event, or interested in his keynote and motivational speaking, reach out to the Mollie Plotkin Group today to inquire about his fees.

Pauline Brown

  • Former Chairman of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton North America
  • Regional Leadership for Over 70 Luxury Brands
  • Keynote Speaker on Branding, Customer Loyalty, and Financial Planning

Pauline Brown, with a career spanning over 30 years, has provided regional leadership for over 70 luxury brands in the fashion, watches, jewelry, and cosmetics industries. Notable brands include Estée Lauder, Bain, and The Carlyle Group.

As the former Chairman of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton North America, Brown now shares her expertise through keynote speeches to Fortune 500 companies. So, her focus areas include branding strategies, building a loyal customer base, and long-term financial planning.  

Pauline Brown is highly sought after for corporate and private events. Her motivational speaking style has inspired many. To inquire about booking Pauline Brown for your event, please contact the Mollie Plotkin Group today to discuss fees and availability.

Barbara Corcoran

  • Real Estate Mogul and Shark Tank Star
  • Guiding Companies Through Financial Challenges
  • From a $1,000 Loan to a $5 Billion Empire

Barbara Corcoran, the renowned real estate mogul and star of ABC’s Shark Tank, is a true testament to the power of perseverance. Starting her empire with just a small loan of $1,000, Corcoran faced numerous challenges and economic downturns along the way. However, she never gave up and eventually sold her company for an astounding $66 million.

Corcoran understands the importance of staying in the game even when faced with adversity. Through her captivating keynote speeches, she can guide you and your company through difficult financial circumstances, helping you reach new levels of success.

Today, The Corcoran Group, the real estate company she founded, is valued at $5 billion and stands as one of the largest in New York City. Furthermore, Corcoran’s international recognition grew exponentially through her role on Shark Tank, allowing her to leverage her platform and become a highly sought-after media personality.

Dick Vermeil

  • Legendary NFL Coach and 2022 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee
  • Transforming Philadelphia Eagles, St. Louis Rams, and Kansas City Chiefs into Super Bowl contenders
  • Coaching iconic players and overseeing historic victories

Legendary NFL Coach and 2022 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, Dick Vermeil, is notorious for transforming the Philadelphia Eagles, the St. Louis Rams, and the Kansas City Chiefs into Super Bowl contenders across his 15-year career.

Dick Vermeil began his career coaching high school and college football teams in his home state of California throughout the 1960s. Then, the Los Angeles Rams hired Vermeil as one of the NFL’s first special teams coaches. However, in 1974 he returned to college football as the head coach of the UCLA Bruins, leading them to their first conference championship in 10 years and a Rose Bowl win. Vermeil would be honored as a Rose Bowl Hall of Fame member in 2014.

Throughout his time with the Eagles, Dick Vermeil coached many of its most legendary players through their greatest victories. He oversaw the 1978 season with the breakout performances of NFL stars Ron Jaworski and Wilbert Montgomery. The same year, he was head coach during the Miracle at the Meadowlands, widely regarded as one of the greatest games in Eagles history.

Disney’s 2006 movie Invincible features Vermeil’s Eagles during the rise of Vince Papale as the oldest rookie non-kicker in the history of the NFL. At the time, Vermeil invited Papale to a workout after seeing footage of him playing semi-pro ball in Philadelphia.

Mike Babcock

  • Only coach in history to have won an Olympic Gold Medal, a Stanley Cup, a World Championship Title, and a World Junior Championship
  • Former head coach of the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Current head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets

Mike Babcock, the highly accomplished head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets, has an unparalleled record in the world of hockey. As the only coach in history to have won an Olympic Gold Medal, a Stanley Cup, a World Championship Title, and a World Junior Championship, Babcock’s expertise and leadership are unmatched.

Babcock started his coaching career at Red Deer College in Alberta. He then spent several years as a head coach in the WHL for the Moose Jaw Warriors and the Spokane Chiefs, earning recognition as West Division Coach of the Year twice with the Chiefs. His coaching prowess led him to guide the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks of the AHL to consecutive playoff appearances.

Following his time with the Leafs, Babcock briefly worked as a volunteer head coach at the University of Saskatchewan alongside his son. Then he returned to the NHL as the head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2023. Currently ranked 11th in all-time wins for an NHL coach, Babcock’s leadership and extensive knowledge continue to inspire players and fans alike. He is one of the most respected and influential coaches in hockey history.

Grace Killelea

  • Former Senior Vice President of Talent with Comcast
  • World-class Executive Coach
  • Champion for Women in the Workforce

After retiring as Senior Vice President of Talent with Comcast, Grace Killelea dedicated her life to empowering and connecting women in the workforce. Made knowledgeable through her lived experiences, Killelea is a world-class executive coach that has proven her methods to be successful among many audiences.

Grace Killelea is a champion for women and was a major figure behind Comcast’s diversity and inclusion efforts, leading the training and development of over 3,000 directors every year of her tenure. In fact, Killelea specializes in women’s leadership building and human resource management consulting. Her ideas are ultimately materialized in The Confidence Effect, a collection of practical advice for professional women.

She has given keynote addresses at ESPN’s Women’s Leadership Conference, The Pennsylvania WILD Conference, and the WithIT Conference. So, with proven success in the professional speaking industry, any organization would benefit from her disruptive keynote speeches.

Rich Diviney

  • Former Navy SEAL Commander and Elite Performer Trainer
  • Revolutionizing Leadership and Human Performance
  • Bestselling Author of The Attributes

Rich Diviney, a former Navy SEAL commander, has transformed the world of special operator training with his innovative techniques and strategies. As the creator of the groundbreaking Mind Gym, Diviney has trained elite performers to enhance their mental capabilities for optimal performance in high-stress environments.

After retiring from the Navy, Diviney has become a renowned leadership speaker, consultant, and facilitator. Currently, he works for the Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute and Simon Sinek Inc., where he shares his expertise on leadership strategy and peak-performance techniques.

In addition to his speaking engagements, Diviney is also a bestselling author. His book, The Attributes: 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance, provides actionable insights on human performance that have garnered widespread acclaim. 

With his wealth of experience and expertise, Rich Diviney is available to be booked for corporate and private events. Contact the Mollie Plotkin Group today to hire Rich Diviney and inquire about his fees.

Carey Lohrenz

  • First female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy
  • Motivating and engaging keynote speaker
  • Business consultant and leadership speaker

As the first female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy, Carey Lohrenz is accustomed to working in fast-moving, dynamic environments where inconsistent execution can have catastrophic consequences.

Lohrenz brings her unique experiences operating on an aircraft carrier to the business world, where she helps organizations navigate changing markets and evolving customer needs. So, her motivating and engaging keynote presentations inspire audiences with high-performance lessons from the flight deck.

In addition to her speaking engagements, Lohrenz is a highly sought-after business consultant and leadership speaker. Her ability to connect with audiences and draw from her experience leading high-performing, diverse teams sets her apart in the industry.

Carey Lohrenz is also the author of two Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestsellers: Fearless Leadership: High-Performance Lessons from the Flight Deck and Span of Control: What to do When You Are Under Pressure, Overwhelmed and Ready to Get What You Really Want.

Kevin Reilly

  • Former NFL Linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles
  • Inspirational Keynote Speaker and Author
  • Oldest Known Surviving Desmoid Tumor Patient in the World

Kevin Reilly is an inspirational keynote speaker, author, and former NFL linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles. He is also the oldest known surviving desmoid tumor patient in the world, having undergone life-saving surgery that resulted in the loss of his left arm, left shoulder, and top four left ribs. Despite this setback, Kevin refused to let the disease define his life.

With over 30 years of experience as a corporate executive, a career in the NFL, and being an amputee, Kevin Reilly has a unique ability to inspire audiences in both their personal and professional lives. He shares his remarkable story of how faith, family, and fortitude kept him in the game.

Kevin Reilly is available for booking corporate and private events. He is well-known for his keynote and motivational speaking. Contact the Mollie Plotkin Group today to inquire about Kevin Reilly’s fees.

Michael Rogers

  • Award-winning journalist and highly sought-after keynote speaker
  • Expert on artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies
  • Vice President of The Washington Post Company’s new media division for ten years
  • Inductee of the Magazine Industry Digital Hall of Fame and recipient of the World Technology Network Award for Lifetime Achievement in Media and Journalism

Michael Rogers is an award-winning journalist and highly sought-after keynote speaker on artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies. He has spoken to leading organizations ranging from Boeing and GE to Microsoft, Pfizer, and American Express, as well as NASA and the Department of Defense.

For ten years, he was the vice president of The Washington Post Company’s new media division. Additionally, his work in interactive media includes projects with LucasFilm and Apple in early ground-breaking developments. Furthermore, Rogers is an inductee of the Magazine Industry Digital Hall of Fame and recipient of the World Technology Network Award for Lifetime Achievement in Media and Journalism.

His most recent book, Email from the Future: Notes from 2084, is available now in paperback, Kindle, and audiobook. Contact the Mollie Plotkin Group today to inquire about Michael Rogers’s fees.

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