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The Top 19 Mindfulness Speakers of 2024

Dr. Joshua Coleman, Mindfulness Speaker

Welcome to our list of the best mindfulness speakers.

Our list includes:

  • Top Academics
  • Former Business Executives and Entertainers
  • Renowned Leaders in Health & Wellness
  • Motivation and Sales Coaches
  • and more…

What are Mindfulness Speakers?

Mindfulness speakers are experts who specialize in teaching and promoting the practice of mindfulness, which is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment. These speakers often have a background in psychology, meditation, or related fields, and they use their expertise to help others understand and implement mindfulness techniques in their daily lives.

What is an Example of a Mindfulness Speaker?

An example of a well-known mindfulness speaker is Dan Harris. He is the former co-anchor of both Nightline and Good Morning America. Following his on-air panic attack during a live broadcast, Harris has been instrumental in bringing mindfulness into the mainstream through his publications and keynote speaking.

Why Are They Hired for Events?

Mindfulness speakers are hired for events to educate and inspire attendees on how to incorporate mindfulness practices into their lives to improve mental health, enhance focus, reduce stress, and increase overall well-being. They provide practical advice and techniques that can be applied both personally and professionally. Their presence at events can add a valuable dimension by promoting health and wellness.

What Kinds of Events are They Hired For?

Mindfulness speakers are hired for a variety of events, including:

  • Corporate retreats and workshops to improve employee well-being and productivity.
  • Health and wellness conferences.
  • Educational seminars and workshops at schools and universities.
  • Community health events.
  • Personal development seminars.
  • Virtual webinars focused on mental health and wellness.

What Other Names Are They Known By?

Mindfulness speakers may also be referred to as mindfulness coaches, mindfulness trainers, meditation speakers, and wellness speakers.

Dan Harris

  • NYT Best Selling Author
  • Former Co-Anchor on Nightline and Good Morning America
  • Meditation Advocate and Wellness Speaker

Dan Harris is a renowned journalist, author, and mindfulness advocate. From his prolific career as a co-anchor on Nightline and Good Morning America to becoming a best-selling author, Harris has continually pushed the envelope in his professional endeavors.

As a top wellness keynote speaker, Dan Harris draws upon his transformative experiences, including his live on-air panic attack that led him to embrace meditation and mindfulness. His journey from a high-stress newsroom environment to becoming an advocate for mental well-being is both inspiring and instructive.

Beyond meditation, Dan leverages insights from over 600 interviews on his top-rated podcast to discuss various aspects of the human condition. He also offers a version of his popular TED talk where he recounts receiving a disastrous 360 review, which led him to embrace the science behind soft skills, such as communication, self-compassion, and heart-centered productivity.

Dan Harris is available for corporate and private events, where he provides invaluable guidance on managing stress and achieving success without compromising well-being.

Hire Dan Harris.

Jessie Itzler

  • NYT Best Selling Personal Development Author 
  • Emmy Award-Winning Artist
  • Former Run-DMC Manager

Jesse Itzler is an influential entrepreneur, author, and influencer with an unconventional approach to life and business. From being an ultramarathon runner to the co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Itzler pushes boundaries and makes extraordinary accomplishments.

As a top mindfulness keynote speaker, Jesse Itzler draws upon his experiences not only managing Run-DMC, but also from taking sabbaticals, living with Navy SEALs and monks.

In Jesse Itzler’s speeches, he gives the specific habits, motivating rules, and actionable steps that his audiences can take to design and live their most rewarding lives.

Hire Jesse Itzler.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

  • NYT Best Selling Author
  • Renowned Neuroscientist
  • Stroke Survivor and Inspirational Speaker

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a pioneering neuroscientist, author, and motivational speaker. Her personal journey through stroke recovery offers unparalleled insights into the human brain. Combining her professional expertise with her transformative experience, Dr. Jill explores the intricate connections between brain function, mental health, and overall well-being.

As a leading keynote speaker on neuroscience and mental health, Dr. Taylor draws upon her profound journey of healing and discovery. Her bestselling memoir, My Stroke of Insight, remains a cornerstone in understanding brain recovery and resilience.In her speeches, Dr. Taylor shares actionable insights from her latest book, Whole Brain Living. She debunks the myth of left vs right brain dominance. Then she offers practical strategies for emotional regulation and personal growth. Ultimately, through her speeches, Dr. Taylor empowers audiences to harness their brain’s potential to enhance empathy, tranquility, and fulfillment in both personal and professional realms.

Hire Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor.

Sekou Andrews

  • GRAMMY-Nominated Spoken Word Artist
  • Creator of Poetic Voice
  • Two-Time National Poetry Slam Champion

Sekou Andrews is a trailblazing keynote speaker, poet, and entrepreneur. He has revolutionized the speaking industry with his unique blend of inspirational speaking and spoken word poetry. From being a schoolteacher to becoming a GRAMMY-nominated artist, Andrews defies conventions and achieves remarkable feats.

As a top keynote speaker, Sekou Andrews draws upon his diverse experiences in acting, music, and entrepreneurship to deliver electrifying presentations that resonate deeply with audiences. His innovative approach, known as Poetic Voice, seamlessly merges the artistry of poetry with the impact of motivational speaking.

In Sekou Andrews’ speeches, he shares transformative insights, inspiring stories, and actionable strategies that empower audiences to unlock their potential and lead more fulfilling lives. His ability to create profound connections through performance-based presentations makes him a sought-after speaker for conferences, corporate events, and leadership meetings.

When you choose Sekou Andrews as your keynote speaker, you’re not just getting a presentation; you’re getting an unforgettable experience that will leave your audience inspired and energized. With over 20 years of experience captivating diverse audiences, Sekou Andrews is the speaker who will elevate your event to new heights.

Hire Sekou Andrews.

Tara Schuster

  • Best-Selling Author
  • Former Television Executive
  • Top Health & Wellness Speaker

Tara Schuster is a best-selling author and former television executive turned keynote speaker, trailblazing in the health and wellness industry. She is best known for her books, Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies and Glow in the F*cking Dark, which have garnered widespread acclaim for their insights into mental health and self-care.

During her tenure as VP of talent and development at Comedy Central, Schuster was the executive in charge of critically acclaimed shows such as the Emmy Award-winning Key & Peele. Her transition from television to writing has been celebrated by numerous publications including Cosmopolitan, Real Simple, and Publishers Weekly. Additionally, her contributions have been featured in The New Yorker, Forbes, and InStyle.

Today, Tara Schuster is a premier keynote speaker who combines her expertise as a veteran television executive with her passion for self-care. She delivers transformative presentations on topics such as confidence in the face of crisis and the importance of self-help. Her latest book, Glow in the F*cking Dark, continues to inspire readers with its powerful message.

Her meteoric rise has taught her the importance of self-care and authenticity, making her a sought-after speaker for Fortune 100 organizations looking to empower their teams.

Hire Tara Schuster.

Jay Shetty

  • NYT Best Selling Author
  • #1 Health Podcast Host
  • Former Monk

Jay Shetty is a transformative speaker, author, and coach who has captivated audiences worldwide with his profound insights on mindfulness and personal growth. From being a monk to becoming a global influencer, Shetty’s journey is a testament to resilience and purpose.

As one of the most sought-after keynote speakers, Jay Shetty draws upon his unique experiences of monastic life, overcoming financial struggles, and building a successful media empire. His teachings resonate deeply with those seeking to find balance and meaning in their lives.

In Jay Shetty’s speeches, he shares practical wisdom, inspiring stories, and actionable strategies that empower audiences to lead fulfilling lives. His approach combines ancient wisdom with modern science, making his messages both timeless and relevant.

Hire Jay Shetty.

Dr. Joshua Coleman

  • Top Psychologist in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Senior Fellow with the Council on Contemporary Families
  • Music Composer for Television Shows

Dr. Joshua Coleman is a renowned psychologist, author, and speaker. His speeches feature a unique blend of expertise in family dynamics and modern communication strategies. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dr. Coleman is a Senior Fellow with the Council on Contemporary Families. What’s more, he has contributed to prestigious publications such as The New York Times, The Atlantic, and The Wall Street Journal.

As a frequent guest on major media outlets like the Today Show and NPR, Dr. Coleman brings his insights to a wide audience. His work has also been featured on Sesame Street, 20/20, Good Morning America, and various news programs across FOX, ABC, CNN, and NBC

Dr Joshua Coleman Headshot

Dr. Coleman is the author of four influential books: The Rules of Estrangement, The Marriage Makeover, The Lazy Husband, and When Parents Hurt. His works have been translated into multiple languages including Chinese, Korean, Russian, Polish, and Croatian.

In his keynote speeches, Dr. Coleman delves into effective communication strategies for modern employees amidst societal changes. He explores how organizations can better understand and engage with today’s workforce to foster a cohesive team environment. By addressing the root causes of resistance to traditional company culture and team mentality, Dr. Coleman provides actionable insights that help corporations improve discourse and collaboration in contemporary settings.

Hire Dr. Joshua Coleman.

Joe Holder

  • Founder of The Ocho System
  • Nike Master Trainer
  • Wellness Columnis for GQ

Joe Holder is a top keynote speaker, corporate event emcee, Nike Master Trainer, and founder of The Ocho System. He is a wellness columnist for GQ and has served as a health and wellness expert for Dyson.

Holder’s mission is to make wellness “culturally relevant” through his work as a social media influencer, keynote speaker, investor, and corporate consultant. What’s more, Holder has been named one of the most influential personalities in health and wellness. 

Joe Holder’s keynote speeches centralize self-improvement and mental health from the perspective of a personal fitness trainer. He has collaborated and run wellness initiatives with Salesforce, Snapchat, Discovery Channel, and more. Today, Fortune 500 companies and national conferences hire Joe Holder to host and give keynote speeches.

Hire Joe Holder.

Nicole Lipkin

  • Internationally Recognized Keynote Speaker
  • Clinical Psychologist and Business Consultant
  • Best-Selling Author and Executive Coach

Nicole Lipkin is an internationally recognized keynote speaker who uses her background in clinical psychology and business to redefine organizational culture and improve leadership around the world. With a doctoral in clinical psychology (Psy.D.), Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Master of Criminal Justice (MACJ), Nicole Lipkin has started multiple successful businesses, is an adjunct faculty member at the industry-leading Center for Creative Leadership, a board-certified executive coach, and an ICF credentialed coach.

Nicole Lipkin has elevated culture and leadership strategies at some of the largest corporations in the world, including Google, Berkshire Hathaway, Visa, Honda, Hearst, UnitedHealth Group and more. Her expertise has led to features on outlets like NPR, NBC, Entrepreneur, CBS, Fox Business, and The New York Times. Additionally, Nicole regularly contributes to Forbes and is the author of two best-selling books, What Keeps Leaders Up At Night and Y in the Workplace: Managing the Me First Generation.

Hire Dr. Nicole Lipkin.

Suneel Gupta

  • Bestselling Author
  • Harvard Medical School Visiting Scholar
  • Renowned Speaker on Work-Life Balance and Innovation

Suneel Gupta is a celebrated entrepreneur, Harvard Medical School visiting scholar, and bestselling author renowned for his expertise in work-life balance and preventing burnout. His impactful keynotes address the crucial topics of finding purpose and fostering sustainable work habits. As the founding CEO of RISE, a pioneering wellness company, Suneel revolutionized personal health management, helping thousands to enhance their emotional resilience and engagement through tailored wellness plans.
His tenure at RISE culminated in significant accolades, including an App of the Year award and a partnership with former First Lady Michelle Obama, before its acquisition by One Medical Group in 2022. Suneel’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond RISE; he has invested in groundbreaking companies like Impossible Foods, Airbnb, 23&Me, and SpaceX and was an early backer of CALM, promoting better work-life balance.

Suneel is also the author of the international bestseller Backable, which explores the essential qualities that make individuals and ideas thrive in competitive environments. His latest book, Everyday Dharma, helps individuals align their personal and professional lives to achieve greater fulfillment and effectiveness. As a visiting scholar at Harvard Medical School, Suneel delves into the interplay between inner well-being and effective leadership. He also serves as an emissary for Gross National Happiness between the United States and Bhutan, further highlighting his commitment to enhancing societal well-being.

Today, Suneel Gupta is a sought-after speaker for corporate events, known for his dynamic presentations that combine insights from his extensive business experience with practical strategies for personal growth. His work includes hosting Business Class, a docuseries by American Express featuring insights from top entrepreneurs, and collaborating with The Second City to teach innovation techniques during rapid changes.

Hire Suneel Gupta.

Matt Newman

  • Author of Starting at the Finish Line: My Cancer Partner, Perspective and Preparation
  • Financial Services Professional
  • Keynote Speaker and Sales Motivator

Matthew S. Newman is an author, financial services professional, and keynote speaker who draws inspiration from his personal journey with brain cancer. At the age of 39, Newman was diagnosed with grade-three astrocytoma, which propelled him into the fight of his life. Today, he uses his experience to teach others how to build deeper connections in their personal and professional lives.

With almost 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, Newman understands the importance of planning and maintaining a positive attitude in the face of catastrophic events. He shares his philosophy of risk management and motivation with sales teams, financial advisors, and organizations, emphasizing the power of making deeper connections with clients to drive sales and referrals.

In addition to his professional work, Newman is the author of Starting at the Finish Line: My Cancer Partner, Perspective and Preparation. This book reflects his journey as a cancer survivor and offers valuable insights on living in the moment and appreciating every second. Through his writing and speaking engagements, Newman encourages organizations to create new prospects by fostering genuine and meaningful interpersonal connections.

Whether delivering keynote speeches in person or virtually, Newman’s passion for inspiring others remains unwavering. He signs his books with the phrase we are a family of warriors, symbolizing the strength and unity that can be found in facing life’s challenges together.

Hire Matt Newman.

Molly Fletcher

  • The Female Jerry Maguire
  • Trailblazing Sports Agent
  • World’s Top 50 Keynote Speaker

Molly Fletcher is a trailblazing female sports agent who now instills the lessons she learned from a career surrounded by sport’s most successful individuals to organizations around the world. Hailed as the “female Jerry Maguire” by CNN, Molly Fletcher made a name for herself as one of the first female sports agents. During her career, Molly negotiated over $500 million in contracts and represented over 300 of sports’ biggest names.

After over 15 years in the sports world, Molly felt called to share her story and insights with the world. As a keynote speaker, author, and podcast host, her mission is to help leaders, teams, and organizations unlock their drive to fuel next-level success. As a World’s Top 50 Keynote Speaker, she delivers her inspiring message to audiences around the world.

Molly understands the importance of putting someone in front of your people and trusting that they deliver. That’s why she takes the time to customize every keynote to meet your goals. Whether she’s speaking to 50,000 people at a global leadership conference or 75 salespeople at a sales summit, Molly gets rave reviews and repeat bookings.

Molly is the founder and host of the Game Changers with Molly Fletcher podcast. There, she interviews experts and celebrities in every field. Some guests include Arthur Blank, Dabo Swinney, John Mackey, Matthew McConaughey, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Simon Sinek.

In addition, her insights have been featured in prestigious media outlets. Such media outlets include CNN, ESPN, Forbes, Fast Company, InStyle, and Sports Illustrated.

Hire Molly Fletcher.

Carly Knowles

  • Renowned Dietitian and Cookbook Author
  • Keynote Speaker on Nutrition and Wellness
  • Advocate for Food as Medicine

Carly Knowles is a Bastyr University-trained dietitian, celebrated cookbook author, and a dynamic keynote speaker. She is widely recognized for her expertise in nutrition and its impact on health, which she passionately shares through her book, The Nutritionist’s Kitchen: Transform Your Diet and Discover the Healing Power of Whole Foods. This book emphasizes the importance of seasonal whole foods for optimal health and has established Carly as a leading voice in the field of nutrition.

Her profound insights stem from both her academic background and practical experiences, including her transformative time working in a rural village in Peru. This experience solidified her commitment to the power of food as medicine, a principle she enthusiastically promotes. Carly holds a Master of Science degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University, known for its rigorous curriculum in natural medicine.
Carly’s work has not only captivated readers but has also been featured on major platforms such as CNN, FOX, and Yahoo, where she is celebrated as an accredited advocate for healthy eating. Her approachable philosophy that prioritizes being a foodie first resonates with a broad audience, making nutrition accessible and enjoyable.

Today, Carly Knowles not only runs her own practice as a clinical dietitian but also educates the public through community cooking classes. Her engaging presentations at conferences and events across the country inspire attendees to embrace food as a cornerstone of wellness. Carly continues to be a genuine and influential voice in the clinical world of nutrition, helping individuals transform their lives through informed dietary choices.

Hire Carly Knowles.

Sandy Abrams

  • Self-made CEO
  • Author
  • Breathe to Succeed Workshop Leader

Sandy Abrams is highly sought after by organizations such as Google, Universal Music LA & NYC, Facebook, and Pepsi to lead workshops and give keynote speeches. She understands the impact of technology on the business sector and aims to bring more humanity back into the workplace. 

Breathe to Succeed shares the transformative power of breath in business. Sandy Abrams provides fast, simple, and effective breathing techniques that can help individuals become more mindful and engaged in their work. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, employee, CEO, or executive, incorporating these techniques can have a profound impact on your success. 

If you’re interested in integrating Breathe to Succeed into your corporation’s workplace wellness initiative, Sandy Abrams can customize your order with your company’s branding. Additionally, your company will receive a foreword written by your executive. Contact Sandy Abrams today for more information on how to make this happen. 

Don’t limit mindful breathing to just yoga sessions. Sandy Abrams believes that incorporating mindful/strategic breath into your daily work routine can override your nervous system in less than 60 seconds. Take advantage of this powerful tool and unlock your full potential in the business world. 

Hire Sandy Abrams.

Mel Robbins

  • Most-Influential CEO
  • Author and TV Host
  • International Keynote Speaker

Mel Robbins is a renowned CEO, author, TV host, and international keynote speaker. She is the premier choice for Fortune 500 companies seeking a dynamic and inspiring speaker for their events. With her extensive experience and expertise, Mel Robbins delivers powerful and transformative speeches that leave a lasting impact on audiences.

Having started her career as a lawyer, Mel Robbins went on to become a CNN correspondent and reality TV host. Her diverse background has shaped her into a versatile and captivating speaker who can connect with audiences from all walks of life.

Mel Robbins gained widespread recognition for her TEDx talk, Stop Saying You’re Fine: Discover a More Powerful You, which became a viral sensation. This talk propelled her into the world of keynote speaking, where she continues to inspire and motivate individuals to unlock their full potential.

In addition to her speaking engagements, Mel Robbins has appeared on various television shows, including Cox Media Group’s The Mel Robbins Show, A&E’s Monster In-Laws, and Fox’s Someone’s Gotta Go. She has also written for Success Magazine and served as a commentator for CNBC.

As the co-founder and CEO of 143 Studios, a digital media company that partners with Fortune 500 brands, Mel Robbins is at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for empowering others make her a sought-after speaker and influencer in the corporate world.

Hire Mel Robbins.

Errol Doebler

  • Navy SEAL
  • FBI Special Agent
  • Wim-Hof Instructor

Errol Doebler is a distinguished Navy SEAL, FBI Special Agent, Wim Hof Instructor, and a sought-after keynote speaker specializing in leadership and wellness.

With over 20 years of combined service in the U.S. Navy and the FBI, Errol has honed a transformative methodology. His illustrious career includes roles as a Surface Warfare Officer, Navy SEAL, FBI Special Agent, and FBI SWAT Operator. In fact, he is one of the few individuals to have served in such diverse and high-stakes capacities.

In 2016, Errol left the FBI to become a leader in mindfulness from the perspective of a Navy SEAL. Since then, he has worked with executives and teams from Fortune 100 companies. What’s more, he has collaborated with professional sports organizations, small technical startups, and individual leaders across various industries worldwide. His real-world leadership insights from high-pressure environments are invaluable for anyone looking to enhance their personal and professional lives.

Errol Doebler’s keynote speeches are impactful and memorable. He draws on his extensive background to deliver actionable steps for improving leadership skills, organizational culture, and teamwork. His presentations inspire audiences to become their best selves both as leaders and individuals.

From a wellness perspective, Errol’s approach has significantly improved his recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury. He is an excellent choice for men’s wellness retreats, health initiatives, and corporate off-sites. Through his speeches and workshops, Errol helps audiences design and live their most rewarding lives.

Hire Errol Doebler.

AK Ikwuakor

  • Google Master Faculty Trainer
  • Executive Coach
  • International Sports Diplomat

AK Ikwuakor is a dynamic executive coach, keynote speaker, and philanthropist with a multifaceted approach to personal and professional development. From being a top collegiate athlete to an internationally recognized sports diplomat, Coach AK’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

As a top corporate mindfulness speaker, Coach AK draws upon his extensive experiences working with Google and other industry leaders.

His philosophy emphasizes motivation and self-awareness as essential facets for success. AK’s life has spanned over thirty countries. What’s more, he has worked with corporations, students, coaches, athletes, victims affected by terrorism, and CEOs.

Hire AK Ikwuakor.

Laila Ali

  • Most Successful Female Boxer of All Time 
  • Fitness and Wellness Expert
  • TV Host and Author

Laila Ali is an iconic figure in the world of boxing and beyond. As the most successful female boxer in history, she has seamlessly transitioned into roles as a fitness and wellness expert, TV host, author, businesswoman, and keynote speaker. Her multifaceted career showcases her ability to excel in various domains while inspiring others to achieve their best.

Beyond her athletic achievements, Laila has been a trailblazer for women’s rights in sports. She served as President of the Women’s Sports Foundation and played a significant role during the 40th anniversary of Title IX. Her advocacy continues to inspire young women to be confident, healthy, and strong through sports.

In addition to her contributions to sports, Laila Ali has made a name for herself in television. She has hosted or appeared on numerous shows including CBS’s All-In with Laila Ali, American Gladiators, Dancing with the Stars, The Celebrity Apprentice, and Food Network’s Chopped: All Stars, which she won. Notably, she became the first woman to provide expert commentary for NBC Sports during the Olympics when women’s boxing was included. Since 2017, she has been hosting the DIY series Home Made Simple on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Laila is also a bestselling author of two books: *Reach! Finding Strength, Spirit, and Personal Power* and *Food for Life*, a cookbook that reflects her passion for healthy living.

As a keynote speaker, Laila Ali brings her champion mindset to every engagement. She shares practical insights on how to replenish health, purpose, and mindset to become the best version of oneself. Her speeches are filled with actionable steps that empower audiences to lead rewarding lives.

Hire Laila Ali.

Anthony Trucks

  • Former NFL Athlete
  • American Ninja Warrior Competitor
  • International Speaker and Author

Anthony Trucks is a dynamic performance coach, author, and speaker who has transformed his life experiences into a powerful message of resilience and identity shift. From overcoming the challenges of foster care to competing on American Ninja Warrior, Trucks exemplifies the power of personal transformation.

Anthony Trucks draws upon his diverse experiences, including his time in the NFL and his journey through personal adversity. Additionally, he uses cutting-edge research in science and psychology to help individuals and organizations elevate their performance and achieve their full potential.

His mission is to teach others how to make meaningful shifts in their lives for lasting success.

Hire Anthony Trucks.

Hire the Best Mindfulness Speakers

The Mollie Plotkin Group is your trusted partner in this journey towards embracing mindfulness. We have an impressive roster of the best mindfulness speakers who are not only experts in their field but also possess the unique ability to connect with diverse audiences. Our speakers are adept at delivering engaging and insightful presentations that leave a lasting impact.

We understand that every organization has unique needs and we are committed to providing tailored solutions that align with your specific goals. Our mindfulness speakers can help create an environment that promotes mental health, reduces stress, and enhances overall performance.

When you choose the Mollie Plotkin Group, you’re not just hiring a speaker; you’re investing in a comprehensive approach to mindfulness that has the potential to revolutionize your organization’s culture. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in fostering a mindful environment.

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