Magician David Kwong doing a Magic Performance at a Corporate Event
Discover the most fun corporate event ideas of 2024, take your next corporate event or party to the next level!

The Top 7 Ultimate Fun Corporate Event Ideas for 2024

Welcome to our list of the top fun corporate event ideas that are quickly becoming office-favorites of leading, innovative organizations.

Corporate events are not just an opportunity to escape the daily grind, but also a chance to strengthen team bonds, boost morale, and inject a dose of much-needed fun into the workplace.

This blog post provides an array of fun corporate event ideas that will not only entertain your team but also promote a positive and collaborative work culture.

So whether you’re a seasoned event planner or a novice tasked with organizing your first corporate gathering, read on for some innovative ideas that will make your next event a resounding success.

What makes a corporate event fun?

Creating an atmosphere of enjoyment and engagement at corporate events can transform them from obligatory, mundane affairs into memorable experiences that employees look forward to. It can boost morale, enhance productivity, and even contribute to talent retention. But what exactly makes a corporate event fun? Is it the venue? The food? The activities? Or perhaps something more intangible?

According to a study published in Scientific Reports on company Christmas parties, employee happiness was positively by several key factors:

  • An external location
  • Fun activities
  • Informality
  • Symbolism

We have curated our list of fun and exciting corporate event ideas to meet these criteria, ensuring your next event is a total success.

Do’s and Don’ts of Fun Corporate Events

Before we get into our list of fun corporate event ideas, we are going to cover the essentials of planning and execution. 


  1. Plan activities that are inclusive and enjoyable for all employees. 
  2. Encourage team building and collaboration through group activities. 
  3. Provide opportunities for employees to relax and have fun, such as games or entertainment. 
  4. Offer a variety of food and drink options to cater to different preferences and dietary restrictions. 
  5. Recognize and celebrate employee achievements or milestones during the event. 
  6. Create a positive and welcoming atmosphere where employees feel comfortable and can socialize with each other. 
  7. Provide clear communication about the event details, including date, time, location, and any necessary information or instructions.


  1. Don’t plan activities that may exclude or alienate certain employees based on their interests or abilities. 
  2. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption or activities that may encourage excessive drinking. (Also noted in the Scientific Reports study, linked above.) 
  3. Don’t make participation in activities mandatory, as some employees may not feel comfortable or may have other commitments. 
  4. Avoid controversial or sensitive topics during speeches or presentations. 
  5. Don’t neglect to consider any special needs or accommodations that employees may require. 
  6. Avoid scheduling the event during busy work periods or times when many employees may have prior commitments.
  7. Don’t forget to follow up after the event with a thank you message or feedback survey to gauge employee satisfaction and gather suggestions for future events.

The Top Fun Corporate Event Ideas Your Company Needs in 2024

7. Escape Room Challenge

Divide employees into teams and have them solve puzzles and riddles to escape a themed room within a time limit.

These challenges encourage creative thinking and problem-solving under pressure, skills that are valuable in any workplace. Participants must think outside the box to find solutions, fostering an innovative mindset.

Completing challenges and achieving goals together can boost morale and increase job satisfaction. It’s a way to celebrate successes outside of work achievements, contributing to a positive company culture.

6. Cooking Competitions and Demonstrations

Cooking Demonstration

Have teams compete in a cooking challenge where they must create a dish using specific ingredients and present it to a panel of judges.

Spice up the competition by hiring a celebrity chef to make an appearance! They can not only add an extra spark of excitement to your event, but they can also act as the professional food judge

5. Puzzle Hunt

David Kwong, a world-class illusionist, mentalist, and New York Times crossword constructor leads teams through an exhilarating world of puzzles. His experience as a celebrity mentalist and Hollywood magic consultant is synthesized into an enthralling corporate event. 

Participants are divided into teams, mixed across departments to create otherwise unlikely connections within their own organizations. 

Kwong tailors the puzzle challenges to each corporate event, creating genuine and bespoke experiences. Phones are allowed, but the puzzles require more collaboration than trivial knowledge. 

David Kwong’s Puzzle Hunts are offered as both virtual and interactive experiences. 

4. Charity Event

Volunteer Work Event

Organize a volunteer day where employees can give back to the community by participating in activities like building homes or cleaning up local parks.

One of the best ways to boost attendance to your charity event is to feature a famous athlete, such as Tom Brady or Boomer Esiason. Learn more about how to navigate paid NFL appearances

3. Comedy Night

Hire professional comedians or have employees participate in a comedy show where they can showcase their comedic talents.

Popular corporate comedians include:

  • Anjelah Johnson-Reyes
  • Ben Sedman
  • Derek Hughes
  • Kath Barbadoro
  • Maggie Maye

2. Wine Tasting Event

Corporate Wine Tasting Event

Arrange for a wine expert to lead employees through a tasting session, educating them about different wines and pairing them with delicious snacks.

1. A Spectacular Magic Show

Magician David Kwong doing a Magic Performance at a Corporate Event

In today’s evolving business environment, corporate magicians are highly sought after by companies of various sizes and sectors, aiming to bring a fun and magical element to their events and conferences.

Moreover, corporate magic focuses on engaging the audience and encourages active participation. Creating shared memorable moments among employees and partners enhances communication and teamwork within an organization. This makes corporate magic a compelling choice for companies aiming to strengthen their internal relationships.

Read our guides on corporate magicians to book the perfect act for your next event:

Benefits of Fun Corporate Events

There are several benefits of having a fun corporate event:

1. Boosts employee morale

2. Improves team building

3. Enhances employee engagement

4. Fosters creativity and innovation: 

Having fun at work is essential for employee well-being. Fun corporate events provide an opportunity for employees to relax, de-stress, and have a good time, which can contribute to their overall well-being.

Booking for a Fun Corporate Event

In conclusion, planning a corporate event that is both engaging and enjoyable can be a challenging task. However, with the right ideas and resources, it can be transformed into an exciting project that yields memorable results. From team-building activities such as escape rooms and cooking classes to more relaxed options like wine tasting or a comedy night, there are countless ways to inject fun into your corporate event. 

Moreover, incorporating unique entertainment options such as live bands, magicians, or motivational speakers can add an extra layer of excitement and intrigue to your event. These options not only provide entertainment but also create talking points and shared experiences that can strengthen team bonds.However, the success of these fun corporate event ideas largely depends on their execution. This is where the expertise of a professional event planning group becomes invaluable. The Mollie Plotkin Group specializes in creating unforgettable corporate events tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today.

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