See what Virtual Magic Shows look like.
Virtual magic shows are the solution to the two biggest challenges of hosting virtual events: engagement and interaction.

Virtual Magic Shows: Corporate Events Guide

Create exceptional experiences for your next virtual event, team meeting, or retreat. 

What Is A Virtual Magic Show?

The Best Way to Liven Up Your Next Event

A virtual magic show is a LIVE, interactive experience that brings together remote teams from across the globe. Everyone can share in the surprising, unpredictable, and magical experience from their own homes.

Our Virtual Event Expertise

The Mollie Plotkin Group’s virtual event clients include Google, Pfizer, TD Bank, Creatio, and many more leading organizations that are looking to bring a spark of excitement to their virtual meetings. 

Let’s find out why they are the solution to the two biggest challenges of hosting virtual events: audience engagement and interaction.

Why Virtual Magic Shows

Virtual magic is an innovation in virtual entertainment that combines traditional illusions with technology. 

Through Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex, magicians can engage with viewers in real time, creating a more immersive experience.

Geographical barriers are eliminated, allowing magicians to perform for audiences around the world. 

Virtual magic shows can be tailored to small teams or entire organizations, creating a personalized and bespoke experience. 

Accessibility, interactivity, and customization are our main priorities when booking virtual magic shows for corporate events.

Virtual Magic Programs

Entertainment for Virtual Events

Life is Magic

Break up the action of your next virtual event with a magic show that is purely entertainment.

Revitalize the day with a dually motivational and mysterious performance from former NFL player and magician Jon Dorenbos.

As seen on America’s Got Talent and a regular on Ellen, Dorenbos specializes in energetic virtual magic shows, driven by the narrative of his experience in the NFL and overcoming adversity. 

Remote Team-Building Activities

Solving Together: A Puzzle Hunt

Magician David Kwong Running his Virtual Puzzle Hunt

Perfect for remote or hybrid teams, allow them to mix and mingle in an engaging, interactive, and (somewhat) competitive workshop. 

Celebrity Illusionist and New York Times crossword puzzle creator David Kwong leads Solving Together: A Puzzle Hunt, a one-of-a-kind team-building event.

Brand Activation

Celebrity Magician John Stessel

Virtual Magician John Stessel surrounded by an audience of Zoom Viewers

Create unforgettable experiences at your next virtual conference, ensuring that your brand becomes a staple of the event. 

John Stessel, when he’s not performing at private parties for celebrities, is an expert in brand activation and corporate concept creation. He has developed marketing campaigns for iHeartMedia, The United States Playing Card Company, and many more leading organizations.

How the Virtual Magic Show Happens

Coordinate With Our Expert Team

Defining Theme, Presentation & Storytelling

Like traditional magic, virtual magic relies on presentation and storytelling to engage the audience. Work with MPG to select the virtual magic show that matches the culture of your organization. 

Tailoring the Virtual Magic Show to your Organization

After contacting the Mollie Plotkin Group and locking in one of our top virtual magicians, we’ll work with you, your team, and the magician to tailor the performance to your event. 

Marketing & Promotion

Capitalize on the excitement of virtual magic shows by promoting and marketing your event with our tailored marketing materials. This will ensure an exceptional turnout and show everyone how exciting your meetings can be.

During the Virtual Magic Show


Use your organization’s preferred video conferencing program to simply sign on and be amazed. 

Interactive Participation

Magicians call to anyone in the audience, so even if you’re across the country, you’re still at risk of having your thoughts read, your mind twisted, and reality turned upside down. 

Traditional Magic

Despite being virtual, magicians still incorporate traditional sleight-of-hand techniques into their performances.

Keep the Excitement Going After the Show

Send a Gift to Your Attendees

After you and your team have been thoroughly amazed, treat them with puzzles, books, or follow-up thank-you letters from the illusionist.

Post Recaps of the Event

Create a positive brand image and reputation by sharing the wonderful thoughts and comments from your team in the weeks following the event. 

Start Planning Your Next Big Hit Virtual Event

Once your team experiences the excitement of LIVE virtual events, they will be asking about what’s next in store for them. The Mollie Plotkin Group represents virtual keynote speakers and entertainers from every industry, and our agents will find the perfect choice for your next event. 

Virtual Magic Show FAQ’s

Why would we work with the Mollie Plotkin Group?

BizBash named MPG an Industry Innovator of 2023 for creating exceptional experiences with sports stars, celebrities, and keynote speakers. Let us bring the same service that we have provided for Google, Pfizer, TD Bank to your next event.

Would it be better to be in-person?

Attendance at virtual events is still much higher than in-person events, especially in regard to corporate events. Additionally, not only do virtual events require less resources, but they are the perfect way to build relationships within your remote or now hybrid teams.

Can my organization record the virtual magic show?

If communicated to the magician through MPG prior to the event, segments and clips of the virtual magic show may be used for promotional purposes. 

What platforms do virtual magic shows use?

Virtual magic shows can take place on any video conferencing platform that your organization uses. Some magicians use proprietary conferencing software, which can be coordinated to ensure a seamless experience for your team. 

Schedule a Virtual Magic Show today!

The Mollie Plotkin Group represents the top entertainers, keynote speakers, and thought leaders who specialize in virtual events. Contact us today, and make your next event your best event.

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