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Discover experienced Executive Leadership Coaches to help you optimize team performance and navigate micro and macro-leadership challenges.

Find an Executive Leadership Coach: The Ultimate Guide (2024)

Welcome to the guide on our most recommended executive leadership coaches. If you’re seeking an executive coach, or if you’re just unfamiliar with the practice, you have come to the right place. The time you spend operating in a leadership role is incredibly valuable. So, it’s no wonder that top CEOs work with executive coaches to optimize their performance. Many thought leaders, CEOs, and innovative consultants offer executive coaching services.  

What is an executive leadership coach?

Executive leadership coaches are experienced c-suite professionals that specialize in coaching the senior staff of organizations. 

Executive leadership coaches help organizations grow by 1) changing the leadership culture, ultimately shifting the culture of the organization. 2) aiding the navigation of micro and macro-leadership challenges as they arise. 3) developing strategic plans for fostering innovation, creativity, and growth within an organization. 

What’s more, executive coaches can help tackle the issues of inclusive leadership, team development, and transitioning leadership. 

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How should I select an executive leadership coach? 

When selecting an executive leadership coach, you should consider ask the following quesitons:

  • Do they have any specific expertise or specialization in my industry or field?
  • Can they share any testimonials or references from past clients?
  • What is their coaching philosophy or approach?
  • How do they handle confidentiality and privacy concerns?
  • What is their fee structure?

By making these considerations, you will ensure that you can build a strong and fruitful relationship with your executive coach. 

The Top Executive Leadership Coaches for 2024

If you’re facing complicated leadership challenges and increasing burnout, then executive coaching may be precisely what you need. The following list of CEOs, thought leaders, and top keynote speakers all specialize in executive leadership coaching.  So, let’s get started and begin our list of the top executive coaches that you should hire in 2024. 

Peter Bregman

Peter Bregman is a top-ranked executive coach and leadership consultant. He is also a best-selling author and CEO of Bregman Partners. Bregman offers practical ideas that deliver immediate and quantifiable impacts on the organizations he consults. He specializes in optimizing the time that leaders spend, drawing from his bestselling book “18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done.” Whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 100 or the head of a fast-growing startup, you are guaranteed to benefit from the executive leadership coaching of Peter Bregman. Become one of the many organizations he has spoken to and consulted, such as CBS, Electronic Arts, Citi Bank, and many more. 

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Jean Oelwang

Jean Oelwang, the founding CEO and President of Virgin Unite, is a visionary leader who uses the frameworks of large-scale collaboration to transform leadership practices. While CEO of Virgin Mobile Australia, he spent 17 years leading mobile phone companies across the globe. As an executive leadership coach, she puts a strong emphasis on empathizing with others as a core tenant of her coaching approach. By fostering empathy, Jean helps individuals strengthen and develop better business relationships, ultimately leading to increased depth and meaning in both personal and professional connections. With her unique insights and expertise, Jean Oelwang illuminates the path toward more fulfilling and impactful relationships.

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AK Ikwuakor

AK Ikwuakor is a Google Master Faculty Trainer, CEO, and seasoned executive leadership coach. He is also known as Coach AK because of his expertise in not only business but athletic training as well. Coach AK specializes in confidence-building, ensuring that executives thrive in high-pressure situations, no matter what challenges they face.  

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Grace Killelea

Jim Collins is one of Forbes’ 100 greatest living business minds. He specializes in developing essential leadership skills through research-backed processes, such as his Level 5 Evolution framework. Among business leaders, he is already a recognizable name for his best-selling book, Beyond Entrepreneurship, which has remained a must-read for entrepreneurs for generations.  

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Jim Collins

Jim Collins is one of Forbes’ 100 greatest living business minds. He specializes in developing essential leadership skills through research-backed processes, such as his Level 5 Evolution framework. Among business leaders, he is already a recognizable name for his best-selling book, Beyond Entrepreneurship, which has remained a must-read for entrepreneurs for generations.  

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Sandy Abrams

Sandy Abrams is a self-made CEO and executive leadership coach who specializes in holistic wellness. Executives of Google, SAP, and leadership of the US Air Force have practiced her methods. Organizations, from top to bottom, are feeling the effects of less humanity and more technology. In light of this new era, Abrams provides consulting through transformative breathing practices and strategic mindset planning.

Be sure that Abrams did not pull these practices out of thin air, she developed her program after years of intense business leadership experience. In 1993, without any formal business education, Abrams launched a line of beauty and moisturizing products. After years of hard work and dedication, Moisture Jamzz became one of the top-selling accessories in the beauty and spa industry. However, she realized that the fast-paced CEO lifestyle made it difficult to maintain a calm composure, and people-oriented company culture. Today, she is a top executive leadership coach, transforming companies through her meditative breathing practices. 

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Dr. Keren Tsuk

Dr. Keren Tsuk is a CEO, leadership expert, and organizational consultant. Dr. Tsuk has over 20 years of experience in advising organizations through change and growth. Her Ph.D. investigated how leaders can develop financially successful organizations while also motivating their employees. She found that mindfulness was the crucial element of leadership that many were missing. Mindfulness is essential when tackling the challenge of transitioning team leadership, which happens to many organizations as they begin to grow. When handling the transition of leadership, horizontally or vertically, it is important to engage your teams from a place of meaning, purpose, and connection. These are key components of Dr. Keren Tsuk’s leadership philosophy as an executive coach. 

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Rich Diviney

Rich Diviney is a retired Navy SEAL commander, executive leadership coach, and best-selling author. He specializes in optimizing human performance through rigorous programs, similar to those he developed for the U.S. Navy. During his 20 years of service, Diviney created the first-ever “Mind Gym” that trained operators to enhance their brains for better performance. Today, Rich Diviney is a highly sought-after executive coach and leadership consultant who provides actionable insights and strategies for managing successful companies.

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Hiring Executive Leadership Coaches

Executive leadership coaches are not just trainers; they are partners in growth. However, finding the right executive coach can be a daunting task. It requires careful consideration of various factors such as the coach’s experience, approach, credentials, and compatibility with the executive’s personality and leadership style.

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