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After researching some of the most in-demand keynote speakers right now, we’ve hand selected the most effective sales motivational speakers.

Top Sales Motivational Speakers of 2022

This article is outdated. We have created an updated list for 2023:

Top 15 Sales Keynote Speakers of 2023

Everyone loses their initiative from time to time, especially in the highly competitive world of sales. To deal with stress, people fall back on complacency in their position or role within a company. A good sales motivational speaker can really help your company in this area, and in many other ways.

Salespeople work right where the money is, so their immediate performance greatly impacts their morale. Especially during times of economic instability, salespeople may lose faith in their abilities. Sometimes sales teams have been experiencing a drought or are struggling to remain motivated. 

This is why sales motivational speakers are so helpful: because they will deliver wisdom through a charismatic, relatable perspective. Burnt-out employees need to hear from somebody in a similar field.

Sales teams need to hear a story of success from someone that they can look up to, and it is incredibly refreshing to hear. It has a tremendous impact, changing your employees’ perspective on their role and seeing the bigger picture. 

After researching some of the most in-demand keynote speakers right now, we’ve hand selected the most effective sales motivational speakers.

How Else Can a Sales Motivational Speaker Be Helpful?

These exceptional keynote speakers are helpful in several different areas. For one thing, they can help companies and sales teams develop concrete strategies to ensure success. These speakers are seasoned experts in the field of sales and marketing and therefore can provide strategies for creating better connections with clients, replicating success, and even strengthening the teamwork between employees.

A good sales motivational speaker will help your company build a stronger sense of identity as well. These speakers can help you and your team develop a better understanding of each other and their role in the company. This resulted in a stronger and more defined community of workers.

Lastly, sales motivational speakers are the perfect attraction to corporate retreats, conferences, and events. They make events exciting and memorable, and they build connections that last long after they leave the stage. For companies that need a great turnout at their next event, they look to sales motivational speakers. 

Alex Banayan

Alex Banayan is a no-brainer choice for organizations looking to re-energize their sales team. Banayan is the youngest bestselling business author in American history. His book, The Third Door, details Banayan’s seven-year journey to track down the most successful people in the world, and figure out the secrets to their growth and success.

With his Third Door framework, Alex’s presentation will teach your team how to become more like Bill Gates, Maya Angelou, and Steve Wozniak, people whom Alex has personally learned from. Through his framework, Alex shows audiences how to earn the attention of their customers or sales prospects. 

Banayan is the leading expert in high-performance and personal development. Additionally, he has been named to Forbes 30 under 30 list and Business Insider’s “Most Powerful People Under 30.” He is a sales motivational speaker that helps employees around the globe perform at their highest levels and achieve full potential.

AK Ikwuakor

AK is a Google Master Faculty Trainer, executive coach, and professional keynote speaker. Motivation and self-awareness are key aspects of his teaching philosophy. 

Ikwuakor’s flagship speech is Unbranded. In other words, AK allows teams to see beyond their job titles and descriptions, a cathartic and liberating experience. 

He was hand-selected by Google for his motivational expertise to be a part of their new internal Faculty Trainer program. He advises employees of the most innovative business of the century on how to sell, communicate, and lead effectively. 

To take a step back, AK got his start as a top-collegiate athlete and created a name for himself as an internationally known philanthropist and sports diplomat. Now, he is a serial entrepreneur, CEO, and Google Master Faculty Trainer. 

Gregory Offner

2021 Meeting Planners International Speaker of the Year, Gregory Offner is an internationally sought-after keynote speaker and multi-talented entertainer. He creates a culture of high-performing, highly fulfilled leaders. 

He has led sales and marketing efforts for several of the country’s top Fortune 100 companies, making him a perfect speaker to motivate any sales team. Offner also holds professional designations in Lean/SixSigma, Risk Management, Organizational Leadership, and Positive Psychology.

In addition to his keynote speaking abilities, Offner is a professional dueling pianist who dazzles his audiences with his incredible performances. His keynote, “The Performance Agreement,” is about approaching work as if you were a performer. 

Gregory Offner is a phenomenal sales motivational speaker. A veteran of the sales & marketing industry, Gregory knows the reality of how a sales team may be feeling. After one of Offner’s keynotes, your sales team will leave feeling positive and energized!

Alli Webb

Alli Webb is the founder of Drybar, the salon chain named one of the top “100 Brilliant Ideas of 2010” by Entrepreneur Magazine, with over 100 locations nationwide. They owe their success to disrupting the market by specializing in the “blowout” hairstyle. 

In 2008 Alli began her own business, Straight at Home, a salon service where people could get hair blowouts right at home. During this time, the business became very successful and she noticed that there was a massive market for this specific service in her area. 

After this realization, she founded Drybar, a salon chain that has been consistently growing since it was founded in 2008. As of October 2018, the company has had over 100 locations and 3000 employees.

Alli Webb is an inspiring woman to those in the sales and marketing industry. Having been named “One of the Most Creative People in Business,” Alli is great for sales teams that need that creative edge or inspiration.

Kevin Reilly

Kevin Reilly is currently one of the most in-demand sales motivational speakers available today. Reilly is a former NFL player, sports broadcaster, 30-year corporate executive, and the oldest known surviving desmoid tumor patient. 

In 2022, he gave keynote speeches to TD Bank, Unibet, and Long & Foster Real Estate, just to name a few. 

In his autobiography, Tackling Life, Kevin describes his struggle with the disease, addiction, and his early days in the NFL.

Tragically, around the time he had just started playing for the Patriots, Kevin received the devastating news that he had cancer spreading throughout his body. However, he was told that he might survive if they were to amputate his left arm, left shoulder, and four of the ribs on his left side.

As a result of this surgery, Kevin would no longer be able to play in the NFL. This was extremely heartbreaking for Kevin, but his resiliency and determination allowed him to bounce back.

In fact, after his career with the NFL, Kevin went on to have an extremely successful 30-year career with the Xerox corporation. Kevin’s combined wisdom from his NFL career, recovery from cancer, and his career in corporate America makes him a perfect speaker for any sales team!

Sarah Blakely

Sarah Blakely is the founder and creator of Spanx, one of the most successful women’s clothing companies today. Blakely has become one of the most recognizable entrepreneurs of the modern era and was even named one of the “Most Powerful Women in the World,” by Forbes magazine. 

Since the success of her company and brand, Blakely has become a philanthropist as well. Most recently, Blakely pledged $5 million in 2020 to support female-led businesses during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Sarah Blakely is a phenomenal choice as a keynote speaker since she is both recognizable and a great female figure to look up to. Her humbling story of beginning as a door-to-door salesperson is relatable and proves that success comes from dedication to resiliency. 

As a sales motivational speaker, Blakely’s story will show sales teams that anything is possible, as she is living proof of that.

Robert Paylor

A quintessential sales motivational speaker, Robert Paylor will leave you stunned after you hear his story of bravery and resilience. Robert was a rugby player for the Ucal Bears, and in 2017, during the collegiate national championship game, Robert broke his neck.

That same day Robert was told he would never walk again, and that he’d be lucky to even lift a slice of pizza to his mouth. Robert would not accept this though…

After months and months of intense daily physical therapy, Robert was able to stand again. Featured in Sports Illustrated Magazine, Robert Paylor could walk across the stage at his college’s graduation and receive his degree from the school of business at UC Berkeley.

Nowadays, Robert’s main goal is not necessarily recovery, but to inspire others. The same techniques that Robert used to overcome his quadriplegia can be applied anywhere, especially within sales teams.

Leslie Maxie

A 1988 track & field Olympian, Leslie Maxie knows that “excellence is not an accident!” Leslie is sure to get any sales team feeling motivated again, as she knows that it takes creativity, commitment, and plenty of dedication to succeed in whatever field that may be.

Not only is Leslie an Olympian, but she also had a prolific career as a sports broadcaster. Leslie has been a sports broadcaster for ESPN, CBS, NBC, and Fox Sports Net among others. 

Maxie has been in charge of media initiatives and brand activations, including being the lead member of the marketing team for NASCAR. Additionally, she has provided media training and crisis communications training for the NY Jets, Miss New Jersey, MLB executives, and NFL players.

As an Olympic athlete, Leslie Maxie competed among the best athletes in the world. This Olympic mindset propelled her throughout her whole career to this very day, and it’s why she is one of the most recognizable broadcasters and keynote speakers.

In her keynote speech, “Excellence is Not an Accident,” Leslie’s main goal is to help your sales team develop this Olympic mindset. A mindset that will allow your sales team to compete among the best! 

Simon T. Bailey

Simon T. Bailey’s passion in life is to empower people to see their true potential within their job or profession. 

He is one of the most booked keynote speakers available, but Simon Bailey is truly more than just a keynote speaker. He is also a success coach, an author, and a philanthropist who has more than 30 years of experience in the entrepreneurship, business, and hospitality industry.

In this time as a sales motivational speaker and success coach, he has worked with over 2000 companies in 50 different countries. The effects of his wisdom, advice, and charisma are palpable and he’s helped companies around the globe develop happier and more motivated employees.

Simon is known for his ability to help people see past their job titles. His keynotes focus on helping people achieve self-actualization within their profession, something that helped him realize his passion for helping people!

John “Gucci” Foley

The Blue Angels are arguably the most impressive team of professional pilots that currently exists. Having to trust your fellow pilot to fly next to you, just several inches apart is a level of teamwork that not many get to experience in their lifetimes. 

John “Gucci” Foley is a former lead solo pilot for the Blue Angels, and his goal is to bring the Blue Angel’s culture of excellence directly to your organization. John Foley is the expert on effective teamwork, specifically when it comes to trusting your partners.

Since 2015 John Foley has been one of the most in-demand speakers, and his unique story is truly awe-inspiring, prompting employees to take more initiative in their life. Impressively, John has spoken at companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Merrill Lynch, Google, Microsoft, and Intel. But, he can bring his expertise straight to your company today!

These Sales Motivational Speakers are Just a Click Away!

In this highly competitive world of sales, your team may inevitably experience the usual burnout. So why not hire one of these sales motivational speakers to make a difference? They can certainly help out in more ways than one. 

There are so many different reasons to have a speaker come out. Whether it’s because your team has been feeling jaded, or because teamwork has been lacking, you can only benefit from hiring one of these keynote speakers.

These speakers have a ton of experience in the sales and marketing industry, and at the Mollie Plotkin Group we can match your company up with the perfect one. We currently represent all of the speakers listed above and more.

No matter the industry or type of event you’re throwing, we surely have the perfect speaker for you! 

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