The Best 14 Futurist Keynote Speakers That Are Changing the Landscape of 2024

Welcome to our list of the best futurist speakers to hire in 2024.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, innovation, and societal change, the voices that guide us towards the future are more crucial than ever. These voices belong to a unique group of individuals known as futurist speakers. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of these forward-thinking visionaries. We are highlighting 14 top futurist speakers of 2024 who are shaping our understanding of what lies ahead.

Our list will include:

  • Artificial Intelligence Speakers
  • Innovation Speakers
  • Technology Speakers
  • Subject Matter Experts & Thought Leaders
  • and more…

What are Futurist Speakers?

Futurist speakers are thought leaders who specialize in forecasting trends and developments in various fields such as technology, economics, society, and more. They possess a deep understanding of current trends and use this knowledge to predict future scenarios. Their insights help businesses, organizations, and individuals prepare for what’s to come. Thus making them an invaluable asset in today’s fast-paced world.

Why Hire Futurist Speakers?

Futurist speakers are often hired for events due to their ability to provide unique insights into the future. They offer a fresh perspective on how technological advancements and societal changes can impact industries, economies, and our daily lives. Their thought-provoking presentations can inspire audiences to think differently about the future and prepare for potential challenges and opportunities.

While “futurist speaker” is the most common term used to describe these professionals, they may also be referred to by other names or spellings such as “future trends speaker,” “forecasting speaker,” or “futurologist.” Regardless of the terminology used, these individuals share a common goal: to help us navigate the future with foresight, wisdom, and confidence.

In the following sections, we will introduce you to 13 of the top futurist speakers of 2024. These individuals are not only predicting the future; they are helping to shape it. Read more to explore their unique perspectives and groundbreaking ideas.

Charlene Li

  • Disruption & Artificial Intelligence Expert
  • CEO
  • Bestselling Author

Charlene Li is a visionary, disruption expert, and influential consultant. She combines deep expertise in artificial intelligence and digital transformation to guide businesses through the future of work.

Her extensive experience spans over three decades, during which she has been a pivotal figure in understanding and leveraging major societal shifts brought about by technology. From pioneering online journalism to leading cutting-edge research on social media and AI, Li has consistently been ahead of the curve. Her insights have made her a sought-after advisor for top executives and organizations aiming to thrive in an era of continuous disruption.

Charlene Li, also known as a transformative leader, is a renowned keynote speaker. She has delivered compelling talks worldwide for leading companies and institutions. Notable clients include Google, IBM, and Harvard Business School, among others. Through her engaging and insightful presentations, she helps leaders and organizations not just adapt but excel in rapidly changing landscapes.

Jim Carrol

  • Futurist & Innovation Expert
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Trusted Advisor to CEOs

Jim Carroll is a renowned futurist and motivational speaker, celebrated for his tailored insights into trends and innovations shaping various industries. His approach combines deep research with a keen understanding of technological advancements, enabling him to forecast critical shifts in the business landscape.

With a career spanning over three decades, Jim has earned the trust of top executives and global brands. His client list includes prestigious organizations such as NASA, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, The World Bank, Mercedes Benz, and Pfizer. His expertise is frequently sought after by leaders aiming to navigate their companies towards a disruptive future.

Known for his commitment to delivering customized presentations, Jim Carroll limits himself to 20-30 speaking engagements annually. This exclusivity allows him to dedicate significant time to understanding each client’s unique challenges and opportunities. Whether discussing agriculture, finance, healthcare, or any other sector, no two of Jim’s keynotes are the same.

His research methodology is meticulous and comprehensive, involving an array of sources from academic papers to industry reports. This rigorous preparation ensures that every presentation is not only customized but also packed with actionable insights based on the latest data and trends.

Jim Carroll is the go-to speaker for organizations seeking a strategic advantage through an in-depth understanding of future trends and innovations.

Samantha Radocchia

  • Blockchain & Generative AI Expert
  • CEO
  • Forbes Contributor

Samantha Radocchia is a futurist, blockchain expert, and business consultant. She interweaves technology and anthropology to predict coming trends and innovations. 

Her background demonstrates her prescient awareness of emergent, and eventually, disruptive technologies. She invented the protocols that led to ERC-721 or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Therefore, it is no surprise that Forbes named Radocchia among their 30 Under 30 list for Enterprise Technology. 

Samantha Radocchia, also known as Sam Rad, is a premier futurist keynote speaker. She has presented across the globe for Fortune 500 companies and major organizations. Such organizations include The United Nations, Unilever, and LinkedIn, to name a few. Through her easy-to-understand presentations, organizations of all sizes learn to embrace emerging technologies 

Dr. Daniel Kraft

  • 6-time TED speaker
  • Stanford & Harvard-trained physician and scientist
  • NASA-published researcher & Air National Guard officer

Dr. Daniel Kraft is one of the most accomplished people on the planet. With over 25 years of experience in clinical practice, biomedical research, and healthcare innovation, Dr. Kraft has served as faculty chair for Medicine at Singularity University since its inception in 2008. He is also the founder of NextMed Health, a program and community that explores convergent, rapidly developing technologies and their potential in biomedicine and healthcare. Additionally, Dr. Kraft serves as Chair of the XPRIZE Pandemic & Health Alliance.

Dr. Kraft has multiple scientific publications and medical device, immunology, and stem cell-related patents through NIH-funded faculty positions with Stanford University School of Medicine and as clinical faculty for the pediatric bone marrow transplantation service at the University of California San Francisco.

In addition to his academic achievements, Dr. Kraft is a member of the Inaugural class of the Aspen Institute Health Innovators Fellowship and the Kaufman Fellows Society. He founded Digital.Health and is on the board of Dr. Kraft also advises several Fortune 50 and digital health-related startups. He is a managing partner with Continuum Health Ventures, which focuses on funding early-stage health tech companies enabling the democratization of health and improved health span for all.

Dr. Kraft recently founded IntelliMedicine, which is focused on personalized, data-driven, precision medicine. He is also the inventor of the MarrowMiner, an FDA-approved device for the minimally invasive harvest of bone marrow, and the founder of RegenMed Systems, a company developing technologies to enable adult stem cell-based regenerative therapies.

James Taylor

  • Creativity & Innovation Expert 
  • Award-Winning Keynote Speaker 
  • Authority on Artificial Intelligence

James Taylor is a globally recognized authority on creativity, innovation, and artificial intelligence. He combines his expertise in these areas to help organizations unlock their creative potential and drive innovation.

With over two decades of experience, Taylor has educated and inspired a diverse range of audiences, from entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to rockstars. His insights have guided Grammy award-winning musicians, best-selling authors, Silicon Valley startups, and innovative multinational corporations.

Taylor’s groundbreaking framework for creativity has revolutionized the approach to achieving exponential growth within various industries. His contributions to the field have earned him prestigious accolades such as The Modern ONTRApreneur Award and the S.D. Southern Award.

James Taylor holds a Master’s in Business Administration and is celebrated for his engaging keynote speeches that empower organizations to harness the power of creativity and artificial intelligence for success.

Ron Insana

  • Financial Journalism Pioneer
  • CNBC Senior Analyst & Commentator
  • Bestselling Author

Ron Insana is a trailblazer in financial journalism, a respected author, and a seasoned analyst. His expertise in financial markets makes him a trusted voice for understanding complex economic landscapes.

With a fortuitous start in financial reporting after a degree in film production, Insana became an accidental pioneer when he was thrust on air during an anchor shortage at the Financial News Network in 1985. This unexpected turn sparked his illustrious career in financial journalism.

Following the merger of FNN with CNBC in 1991, Ron solidified his reputation as a leading financial broadcaster. Recognized as one of the Top 100 Business News Journalists of the 20th Century, and nominated for an Emmy for his 9/11 coverage, Insana continues to influence through his roles at CNBC and as the host of The Market Score Board Report.

Ron Insana, with his deep insights and engaging delivery, is a sought-after keynote speaker who guides top professionals and business leaders through today’s dynamic financial environments. His presentations offer invaluable perspectives to audiences worldwide, including major corporations and economic forums.

Rohit Bhargava

  • Innovation & Marketing Expert
  • Award-Winning Keynote Speaker
  • Bestselling Author

Rohit Bhargava is a distinguished innovation and marketing expert, known for his engaging and insightful approach to modern marketing strategies. He combines his extensive background in brand strategy with a unique ability to foresee market trends, driving forward-thinking ideas in the business world.

His expertise is recognized globally, having authored eight bestselling books that focus on non-obvious marketing trends and inclusive practices within the industry. His works have earned him three Wall Street Journal bestsellers, cementing his status as a thought leader in marketing innovation.

Rohit Bhargava, also referred to as a persuasive keynote speaker, has captivated audiences in over 32 countries with his dynamic presentations. His career highlights include pioneering the concept of Social Media Optimization (SMO) and influencing digital marketing education worldwide through his widely adopted manifesto for content curators. His contributions have not only shaped modern marketing practices but also inspired countless professionals to think creatively and inclusively in their strategies.

With a career spanning over two decades, including significant roles at some of the world’s largest advertising agencies during pivotal shifts in the industry, Rohit continues to lead and inspire by promoting innovative and non-obvious thinking across all sectors of business.

Jack Shaw

  • AI & Emerging Technologies Expert
  • Innovation and Technology Strategist
  • Top-Ranked Global Keynote Speaker

Jack Shaw is a distinguished futurist and expert in emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and the Internet of Things. With a keen focus on preparing organizations for inevitable change, he combines his deep knowledge of technology with strategic insights to guide businesses through disruption and transformation.

His extensive background, highlighted by a Yale University education and a Kellogg MBA, has positioned him as a leading authority in leveraging technology for business innovation. Recognized globally among the Top 25 Speakers and Top 5 Technology Futurists, Shaw’s expertise is sought after by industry leaders worldwide.

Jack Shaw, also known as a transformative keynote speaker, has delivered over 1,000 presentations to more than 300,000 professionals across 26 countries. His audiences include major corporations and international forums where he demystifies complex technologies like Web3 and the Metaverse, making them accessible to all levels of business.

With a career spanning four decades at the forefront of technological advancement—from pioneering early AI applications to leading cutting-edge AI software companies—Shaw’s insights help organizations navigate the challenges of modern business landscapes.

Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt

  • Innovation & Creativity Specialist
  • Former Chief Innovation Evangelist at Google
  • Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach

Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt is a renowned innovation leader, celebrated for his dynamic approach to fostering creative mindsets and cultures within global corporations. His expertise lies in empowering organizations and individuals to systematize innovation and embrace future possibilities.

With a distinguished tenure as Google’s first Chief Innovation Evangelist, Dr. Pferdt spearheaded initiatives to cultivate a culture of innovation at the world’s most influential tech companies. His work involved founding Google’s The Garage, the company’s first Innovation Lab. Then, he developed a network of over 500 Innovation Evangelists. Following that, the evangelists went on to inspire tens of thousands of employees worldwide.

Dr. Pferdt has also collaborated with major organizations such as Adidas, NASA, SAP, UBER, and the FBI, building communities of innovation catalysts and coaching executives to adopt novel approaches to problem-solving. His contributions extend globally, including serving as an Innovation Consultant to the United Nations.

An Adjunct Professor at Stanford University’s for nearly a decade, Dr. Pferdt teaches courses like Hacking your Innovation Mindset. There, he guides students through the complexities of innovation with design thinking principles.

Recognized globally as a thought leader in his field, Dr. Pferdt has been featured in over 300 international media outlets. Such outlets include FastCompany, Inc. Magazine, and Financial Times. His mission remains clear: to inspire individuals and organizations around the world to invent their future – harnessing what he describes as humanity’s #1 superpower.

Chris Barton

  • AI & Innovation Expert
  • Entrepreneur
  • Inventor of Shazam

Chris Barton is a visionary entrepreneur, AI pioneer, and the inventive mind behind Shazam, the app that revolutionized music discovery worldwide. His latest venture, Guard, leverages AI to prevent drowning incidents in pools, showcasing his ongoing commitment to transformative technology.

Raised by academic parents, Chris overcame early academic challenges attributed to undiagnosed dyslexia. He credits this as his ‘superpower’ in developing innovative solutions. His journey in AI began with a bold idea: identifying music through mobile phones. However, leading experts initially deemed the concept impossible.

Today, Shazam boasts over 2 billion downloads and has become an essential part of digital life. What’s more, it was integrated into Apple’s ecosystem following its acquisition in 2018. Chris’s work extends beyond Shazam; he built the world’s largest music database and engineered a search engine supercomputer from scratch.

Chris Barton, also known as a transformative leader in technology, is a sought-after speaker for global tech events. He has inspired audiences at major conferences and companies with his insights on innovation and the future of AI. His story encourages others to pursue seemingly impossible ideas with determination and vision.

Suneel Gupta

  •  Work-Life Balance & Burnout Prevention Expert
  • Bestselling Author
  • Harvard Medical School Visiting Scholar

Suneel Gupta is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker renowned for his expertise in work-life balance and burnout prevention. His approach combines practical insights with scientific research to enhance productivity and personal fulfillment.

As the founding CEO of RISE, a wellness company acclaimed for its innovative approach to health, Suneel revolutionized how individuals manage their well-being. Under his leadership, RISE was recognized as “App of the Year” and collaborated with high-profile partners like Michelle Obama. The success of RISE culminated in its acquisition by One Medical Group in 2022.

Suneel is also a respected investor in groundbreaking companies such as Impossible Foods, Airbnb, 23&Me, and SpaceX. His early investment in CALM underscores his commitment to enhancing work-life balance on a global scale.

His bestselling book, Backable, explores the journey from struggling entrepreneur to a leader capable of steering ventures to public offerings. The book has been celebrated for revealing the essential qualities that make ideas thrive. His latest work, Everyday Dharma, offers tools for aligning personal and professional life to achieve greater satisfaction and effectiveness.

Suneel Gupta continues to share his insights worldwide. He helps individuals and organizations thrive through sustainable practices that prevent burnout and promote long-term success.

Geoff Colvin

  • Bestselling Author & Senior Editor-at-Large at Fortune
  • Keynote Speaker & Expert Commentator
  • Economic and Business Analyst

Geoff Colvin is a seasoned journalist, author, and speaker with over 40 years of experience analyzing the economic, political, and technological forces shaping business landscapes. His deep understanding of market dynamics and leadership strategies makes him a trusted voice in times of disruption and transformation.

With a career spanning four decades at Fortune, Geoff has provided critical insights that help leaders navigate complex challenges by embracing change and reinventing the future ahead of their competitors. His work emphasizes the importance of courage and proactive innovation in achieving business success.

Geoff Colvin, a native of Vermillion, South Dakota, holds an honors degree in economics from Harvard University and an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business. As Fortune’s senior editor-at-large, his influential columns and cover stories have garnered a vast readership. He also reaches millions weekly through his segments on the CBS Radio Network.

A prominent figure in media, Geoff has appeared on major TV networks and programs including Today, Good Morning America, and CBS This Morning. He was also the anchor of Wall $treet Week with Fortune on PBS.

As an acclaimed author, Geoff’s books such as Talent Is Overrated, The Upside of the Downturn, and Humans are Underrated offer groundbreaking perspectives on management strategies and the evolving role of human talent in businesses facing technological advancements. His insights challenge professionals to rethink how value is created in the workforce amidst rapid technological change.

Lisa Bodell

  • Simplification & Innovation Expert
  • Founder of FutureThink
  • Forbes Contributor

Lisa Bodell is a visionary leader, simplification advocate, and innovation expert. She combines strategic thinking with a passion for simplification to help organizations cut through complexity and foster a culture of creativity and innovation.

With a business degree from The University of Michigan and an early career at Leo Burnett, Lisa has always had a knack for merging innovative ideas with practical applications. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish FutureThink in 2003, which has grown into the world’s leading innovation research and training firm, serving top global brands.

Known as a dynamic keynote speaker, Lisa Bodell travels the world inspiring companies to embrace simplicity and innovation. She has engaged with influential entities such as the World Economic Forum, the United States National Security Agency, and major corporations like Novartis, delivering powerful messages on reducing complexity within organizations. 

Her insights are regularly featured in leading media outlets like Forbes, Fast Company, The New York Times, and CNN. Lisa is also the acclaimed author of Why Simple Wins and Kill the Company, books that challenge conventional business practices and encourage thinking that leads to a more streamlined and innovative workplace.

Each year, Lisa reaches over 100,000 people with her compelling talks on simplification and innovation at various venues including TED talks and universities like American University and Fordham University. Recognized as one of the Top 50 Speakers Worldwide, she continues to captivate audiences with her infectious energy and practical tools for organizational transformation.

Michael Rogers

  • Artificial Intelligence & Emergent Technology Expert
  • Award-Winning Journalist & Best-Selling Author
  • Keynote Speaker

Michael Rogers is a distinguished futurist, journalist, and author renowned for his expertise in artificial intelligence and emergent technologies. His career spans several decades during which he has combined media, technology, and foresight to explore and explain the impacts of digital advancements on society and business.

His extensive experience includes a decade as Vice President of The Washington Post Company’s new media division, where he spearheaded innovative projects that set the stage for future digital media offerings. Rogers has also been involved in pioneering interactive media projects with major entities like LucasFilm and Apple.

As a celebrated keynote speaker, Michael Rogers has addressed an array of top-tier organizations including Boeing, GE, Microsoft, Pfizer, American Express, NASA, and the Department of Defense. His insights guide industry leaders through the complexities of technological evolution in the modern world.

Michael’s literary contributions include his latest book, Email from the Future: Notes from 2084. It offers a provocative look at the potential futures shaped by today’s technological choices. His earlier journalistic roles include creating Newsweek’s Technology section. He also served as editor and general manager of, where his leadership during the coverage of 9/11 earned him the National Press Club’s Distinguished Online Service award.

Previously holding positions such as futurist-in-residence at The New York Times and columnist for, Rogers continues to influence discussions on technology’s role in societal development. He resides in New York City, where he also writes fiction that delves into the human consequences of technological change.

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Whether you’re planning a corporate event, conference, or seminar, our futurist speakers can provide valuable insights into emerging trends, technological advancements, societal shifts, and more. They can help your audience understand the implications of these changes and equip them with the tools to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing landscape. So, contact us today to book the best futurist speaker for your event.

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