Robert paylor speaking on stage

How Samsung Benefited From Disabilities Speaker Robert Paylor

Robert captivated and inspired his audience with the Samsung Corporation at their weekly forum series. This series sparks discussion and creates community. According to a study conducted by Meetings Mean Business, in-person meetings foster a greater sense of community within a company. 
Robert paylor speaking on stage

Samsung is an international household name. Samsung Electronics America holds weekly forum series that feature keynote speakers and inspiring figures. Recently, Samsung invited disabilities speaker Robert Paylor to their event, which included a Q&A section. Samsung employees responded with overwhelming praise. 

“I made the mistake of not having any tissue nearby during your talk. Thank you so much for your incredibly inspiring talk, and I will definitely be incorporating your principles into my everyday life.”

This is just one of the many testimonials we’ve received from the Samsung employees who have seen Robert Paylor speak. Robert’s story involves his devastating rugby injury, an injury which led to him becoming paralyzed from the neck down. 

Building Community and Growth in an Organization

As a disabilities speaker, his story is about overcoming his quadriplegia, but the main idea is really about the trials of overcoming adversity. Truthfully, this is something that we could all learn from.

Robert captivated and inspired his audience with the Samsung Corporation at their weekly forum series. This series sparks discussion and creates community. According to a study conducted by Meetings Mean Business, in-person meetings foster a greater sense of community within a company. 

It’s these in-person discussions and communal activities that can also be incredibly beneficial. As a keynote speaker, Robert is emotionally moving and can reinforce these employee bonds.

Keynote Speakers are Essential to Prosperous Live Events

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Why are in-person meetings, like the Samsung Weekly Forum, important?

So, it is clear that in-person meetings play a crucial role in cultivating connections and employee relationships. In fact, they have a positive monetary impact on businesses as well.

An Oxford Economics report indicates that, “every dollar spent on face-to-face meetings and business events generates an additional $1.60 for the U.S. economy.” The study goes on to say that in 2016, approximately 1.9 million meetings were held in the United States.

This would mean that in 2016 there was an 845 billion dollar impact created just from in-person meetings. As this study suggests, your business benefits greatly from in-person discussions both from a business perspective and in regards to company culture. 

So not only do business’ benefit from in-person discussions, but employees do as well. This is a win-win scenario, giving you all the more reason to host an event at your organization. 

But how do you ensure that your event will be successful? Samsung did this at their event by hiring disabilities speaker Robert Paylor.

His story captures audiences of all ages and industries. Paylor has amassed a large following on the trending social media website TikTok with several viral videos. 

Robert Paylor’s Story Inspired Samsung Employees

Three photos, on the left, rugby, center, a headshot of Robert Paylor, right, man in hospital bed.

As a young rugby player, Robert Paylor had a long athletic career ahead of him. Tragically though, at the age of 20, an illegal move was done on him and the subsequent injury left Robert paralyzed. 

In an effort to not give him false hope, Robert was initially told by medical professionals that he may never walk again. Yet, according to Robert, “what they failed to realize, and what I think can be even more dangerous than giving someone false hope, is giving someone false hopelessness.”

This sense of ‘false hopelessness’ that Robert is talking about would have made many others give up right then and there. This did not stop Robert though, and after being released from the hospital he immediately began to seek specialized medical treatment. 

Robert started his recovery process, gaining strength everyday, eventually proving those doctors wrong. At his graduation ceremony from Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and walking across that stage to get his diploma.

Robert lived out his dream that day, and that alone is enough to inspire anyone. 

How to Make Your Event Memorable with a Keynote Speaker

You may be thinking, a large corporation like Samsung benefited from a forum series, but how could my business? Keep in mind, %77 of small business owners say that face-to-face meetings are a worthwhile investment. According to a survey conducted by Meetings Mean Business, especially small businesses owners in the technology sector appreciate in-person meetings. 

Robert Paylor walking at his graduation.
Robert Paylor standing at his graduation ceremony.

Just think of how popular your event will be with someone like Robert sharing his wisdom. Not only will it generate business for you, but it will also strengthen and inspire you and your attendees to tackle whatever challenges may lie ahead. 

Contact the Mollie Plotkin Group to hire Robert Paylor for your next meeting. We offer a wide range of keynote speakers, including other disabilities speakers and motivational speakers. Don’t limit yourself to your inner circle or the webpages of massive speakers bureaus. We reach out through our international network to match you with the perfect keynote speaker for your event.


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