Former Navy SEAL Errol Doebler wearing a headset speaking into a microphone on his desk doing a keynote speaker podcast.

Keynote Speakers Podcasts: Top 10 List

Keynote Speakers Podcasts will introduce you to the world of keynote speaking. Jumpstart your career with this list of top podcasts.
Former Navy SEAL Errol Doebler wearing a headset speaking into a microphone on his desk doing a keynote speaker podcast.

Podcasts can be very helpful for digesting lots of information. Just listen to one a day— in the morning, on your drive to work, or after dinner.

Despite being old by today’s standards, podcasts are a thriving industry. If there’s a topic, there’s a podcast for that. The keynote speaking industry is no exception. In fact, there are many keynote speakers podcasts out there to check out.

So today, I’ve reviewed ten different keynote speakers podcasts for you to listen to. Some of them include advice on how to be a good speaker, while others offer general guidance.

The Speaker Show

The Speaker Show is a keynote speakers podcast that focuses not only on the industry, but a variety of topics. In the episode, “Future Proof Your Business,” podcast host Maria Franzoni interviews Tom Cheesewright, an applied futurist and consultant who has appeared on many radio and TV programs. 

Maria Franzoni does a great job of hosting, posing interesting questions about the future of business and workflows. Tom said that businesses are poorly equipped to deal with the many problems of the future. The businesses that act quickly will have a huge advantage. 

Companies need to figure out what the problems of the future are and adapt their business as early as possible. For example, as climate change worsens, sporadic heat waves will come more often. This will be a massive problem. Much of our infrastructure can not handle these heat waves.

Tom noted that organizations tend to make decisions too slowly. So unfortunately, even if they see a problem, they will most likely wait too long to do something about it.

In other words, businesses need to sense what is coming and then respond accordingly and in a timely manner. One piece of advice that Tom gave, is that companies can adopt a process and methodology for this. This process would help to get to the real issues of the future so that they can start solving the problems of tomorrow. 

Businesses are not in shape for big waves of change over time, so you need to have the ability to focus on the issues that can arise from this.

Overall, the podcast seems great and I would continue to listen to more of it. I especially like the fact that the topics are not just limited to keynote speakers, but a variety of topics as well. 

The Speaker Lab

The Speaker Lab podcast gives great tips on public speaking. Host Grant Baldwin interviews different speakers who each have their own philosophies on public speaking. 

In the episode, “Why Speaking is Fun,” Grant interviewed stand-up comedian and speaker Mike Goodwin. Mike has had success in both his career as a speaker, as well as his stand-up comedy career. In this episode, the discussion centers around how you can use humor in your speeches. 

As you might expect, stand-up comedy and keynote speeches are not that different. Both require similar skill sets— you need to be comfortable and confident in front of an audience. 

Mike shared the skills that performing stand-up taught him and how he applies them to keynote speaking. He specifically likes to carry over some humor into his regular keynote speeches.

Having a bit of comic relief in your speech is a great way to break the ice with an audience while also capturing their attention. However, Mike brings the caveat that you need to know your audience. In other words, Mike wouldn’t use the same jokes in his keynote speeches that he uses in his stand-up act. Some jokes are better for the nightclub, not the corporate keynote event.

The Speaker Lab is a fantastic podcast on all things related to keynote speakers and public speaking. Host Grant Baldwin does a fantastic job with the questions he asked, making it an incredibly informative show.

NO SWEAT Public Speaking!

No Sweat Public Speaking, with host Fred Miller, is a short-form podcast that gives advice on public speaking. As someone who is not particularly great at public speaking, I found that this show greatly improved my confidence. 

One goal that Fred tackled on his show is the choice of a speaking topic. Fred recommended tailoring your speeches to fit the industry or audience you’re speaking to.

Furthermore, Fred recommended creating a speaking resume of speaking topics. This in turn will help people better understand the types of presentations you give. 

If it’s up to you to choose the topic, really focus on what you’re passionate about. This is the best way to  capture an audience’s attention, because people respond to passion.

Also you should have a “signature” presentation in your back pocket so you’re always prepared. Being constantly ready to deliver a speech or presentation will let people know that you are the go-to keynote speaker.

No Sweat Public Speaking is a great podcast that is short and to the point. Fred Miller gave some very good advice, and it is an essential listen for those aspiring to get into the industry. 

Motivational Speaker Simerjeet Singh’s Podcast

One thing that I know everyone has been struggling with over the past couple years, is video interviews. Learning to adapt to this new way of conducting interviews can really set you apart from other potential candidates.

This podcast mostly involves the host, Simerjeet Singh imparting his motivational speaker advice. In the episode I listened to, Simerjeet was talking about how to give a good video interview. 

One tip he gives, is to make sure your technology is working properly before your virtual interview. Prepare for the worst, and do some test interviews with a friend to ensure everything is working properly. 

Another thing Simerjeet talks about is camera placement, which is something that is often overlooked. Ideally, the camera should be at about eye level and you should use natural lighting if you can. Also, it would be wise to test out different microphone placements and choose a room with a good acoustic environment.

Remember that your employer is not hiring you solely based on this sort of thing. However, if you are looking to stand out above the rest, being prepared and checking for these things will certainly help you with that.

Simerjeet gives some very practical advice in this episode, and shows that adaptability will get you far in life. 

SpeakersU Podcast with James Taylor

SpeakersU Podcast with James Taylor is specifically centered around giving advice on speaking. They cover so many different areas of the speaking industry, and it’s great because they have a different guest everytime which keeps it feeling fresh. 

In general, so many people struggle when it comes to the idea of standing out in the workplace. So as you could imagine, doing this as a public speaker is even more difficult. In this episode of SpeakersU, guest Elliot Kay gives his advice on how to stand out among the rest.

Elliot has plenty of advice to give on how to stand out amongst the rest, especially within the keynote speaking industry. 

Elliot says standing out will first and foremost start with how you market yourself. You must demonstrate the skills and traits that set you apart as a keynote speaker. If you fail to do this it will be much harder to get your messaging right and frankly, you will seem quite bland as a speaker. 

If you’re having trouble marketing yourself, the main issue could be that you’re not doing enough to make yourself stand out. According to Elliot, if this happens it could be a good time to reinvent yourself. You may have to go back to square one and figure out how to “re-package” your skill set, character traits, and subject matter to market yourself more effectively. 

This is another keynote speakers podcast, where they really focus on giving advice to people who are trying to be professional speakers. SpeakerU has an episode on nearly every area of speaking, and that is what makes this specific podcast so interesting and educational. 

The Wealthy Speaker Podcast

The Wealthy Speaker Podcast is hosted by Jane Atkinson, a veteran of the keynote speaking industry. If there is anyone that knows the ins and outs of the keynote speaking industry, it’s Jane. 

Jane has a new guest on every episode, covering  a range of topics that are not limited to speaking. In the episode, “Hot Button Topics,” DEI speaker Tina Varughese gave her opinion on diversity in the workplace and the concept of unconscious bias.

Tina said that unconscious bias is something nearly everyone has. However, nobody is born with a bias, it just develops over time. Things like unconscious biases are what makes us human, and this doesn’t mean we are bad people, but it means that we can be better people.

Obviously you want to hire the best person for the job, but this doesn’t mean hiring people of color as a symbolic gesture. When it comes to diversity & inclusion, employers need to expand their talent pool. This will further ensure that you will find the best person for the job, as long as you cast a bigger net. 

Can political correctness go too far? According to Tina, it certainly can. 

Audiences really want to see someone who is authentic, but obviously they don’t want to see someone who is downright offensive. It’s important to be mindful of what you say, but you should still try to be as genuine as possible. 

The Wealthy Speaker podcast is very entertaining and reveals the inner workings of the speaking industry to those who are new to it, or just curious. Whether you’re looking for a keynote speaker’s podcast or just an interesting conversation to tune into, the Wealthy Speaker is an all-around great listen.

Standing Ovation

Standing Ovation is a very well produced podcast with an excellent host, Jay Baer. The episodes are about 40 minutes long, but they go by fast. In our featured episode, we got a look into Mark Shaefer’s plan for writing and speaking on his topic.

Many keynote speakers center their message around life experiences that they have collected into a publication. This can be a book, blog, or business (oftentimes all three). Shaefer wrote his book on the changing marketing strategies of the modern world, and wrote his speech afterwards. Listen to this podcast and ask yourself if his process would work for you. 

Not only does the production of Shaefer’s brand provide valuable insight for any keynote speaker, but so does his keynote speaking message. Keynote speakers are already masters of selling their story, and other industries need to catch up. I would highly recommend this podcast. 

Engaging Speakers

The Engaging Speakers podcast is all about getting booked. If you’re a keynote speaker, there’s an episode for your industry. The host Matt Brauning asks in-depth questions that ensure that you get what you’re listening for. 

In the episode we would like to cover, Brauning interviewed Stephanie Angelo on how to get booked at HR conferences. This episode will give you key insight into how HR conferences are planned. A little background knowledge on your industry can go a long way in getting booked. 

Moreover, Angelo covered smaller, more personal tips on building credibility and relationships with clients. These skills are useful for any keynote speaker in any industry. 

If you have the time for a podcast that makes room for conversation as well as in-depth discussion, then the Engaging Speakers podcast is for you. 

The Speaker Springboard Podcast

The Speaker Springboard Podcast is a short podcast, each episode tends to only be 10-15 minutes. The host Alfred Poor jumps right into the podcast with questions for his guest. From there, Tracy Goodwin explained her expertise and message. This really makes the name “Springboard” well earned.

Goodwin’s message is centered around not only public speaking, but interpersonal speaking. However, some would say that the best mindset to have when public speaking is to think of it no different than interpersonal speaking. Goodwin emphasized that, in both cases, being genuine is very important. 

Your voice gives away so much information in its tone and pacing alone. It tells other people how knowledgeable and genuine you are. 

Goodwin mentions two pitfalls that will make your voice go unheard. The first is “masking.” If we try too hard to sound “professional” or informed, we will come off as ingenuine. 

Goodwin also said to stay in the moment when speaking. If your mind is distracted with negative thoughts, or thinking about the past, then your speech will not sound confident.

The Speaker Springboard Podcast will remain a daily listen of mine. I like short-form podcasts because I can listen to them on my commute.

If you’re looking for a keynote speakers podcast that will tell you more about the industry, I’d definitely recommend this one.


Speaking2Speakers will get you a look into the speeches and strategies used by great keynote speakers. A lot of keynote speakers podcasts give either/or. However, this podcast tells the whole story. 

Volume 7 with Roderick Jefferson detailed Jefferson’s executive coaching and keynote speaking career. Mattson and Jefferson frankly discussed important questions that many keynote speakers are afraid to ask in the beginning.  

Sometimes, you may be asked to speak in front of a group of salespeople when you’re a communications expert. How do you navigate that situation? Or, you may be hired by a company for some consulting. Should you coach them, teach them? Sometimes, the client does not know exactly what they want until you ask. 

Jefferson, being a sales professional, covered his sales process from three different angles. He talked about how he speaks on sales, how he sells himself, and how he coaches others in sales. 

Mattson is an enthusiastic host. He and Jefferson make great conversation together. I am very excited to listen to more episodes. While Jefferson talked about his own sales process, Mattson brought it back to keynote speaking. Mattson also contributed by sharing his experiences with the situations that Jefferson describes. Great sound quality, and great stories, I would recommend this podcast.

Listen to These Great Keynote Speakers Podcasts

At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with listening to any of these podcasts. Whether you want to learn more about being a speaker, or you just want an interesting podcast to listen to, you’ll undoubtedly find it in this list.

If you would like to book a speaker for your virtual or in-person event, contact Mollie Plotkin Group and take a look at our variety of speakers. No matter the occasion, no matter the industry, we have the perfect speaker for you. 


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