Foley Artist John Roesh sitting behind his desk surrounded by instruments

This Keynote Speaker Is In All Your Favorite Movies

You can name the stars and directors of your favorite films, like Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back or Avengers: Endgame. But one man whose IMDB page spans 3 decades of blockbuster movies is widely unknown outside the industry. 

John Roesch is the Foley artist behind at least one, if not several, of your favorite movies.

Foley Artist John Roesh sitting behind his desk surrounded by instruments


What is Foley? Try Watching a Movie Without Any.

Whenever actors are walking through snow, clinging to ladders, having the howling wind blow in their face—there is a Foley artist re-creating those sounds in a studio.

Universal pictures mistakenly submitted a preview of their film Everest to the BBC without any Foley. After watching this, you’ll wonder why Foley artists aren’t accredited along side the actors, if at all. 

Action-packed scenes are ruined without Foley, and in this case, it makes the actors’ performances hilariously unbelievable.

Not only does John bring audiences into the scene with his immersive sound design, but he also grounds the actors in the reality of the film.

That’s why Lucas Films and Pixar trust John Roesch to be the go-to Foley artist for countless motion pictures, television shows, and video games. 


The Biggest Face in Hollywood You’ve Never Seen, But Heard.

Even though John Roesch is a Foley artist with over 30 years in the industry, general audiences hardly know him by name.

He has brought hundreds of movies to life but remains uncredited for his work on classic American films. His name was left out of Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Tron, The Goonies, and dozens of others.

Finally, he received recognition for his work on Indiana Jones when its 40th anniversary rolled around this year.  

Currently, John Roesch is the Head Foley Artist of Lucas Film’s Skywalker Ranch. You’ve heard him in some of today’s hits such as Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, Frozen, and Soul. He doesn’t just do movies either, creating Foley for the Loki television series and the Halo 5: Guardians video game. 

Want More? Book John Roesch, Your New Favorite Foley Artist

John Roesch is a keynote speaker that delights his audiences with his witty sense of humor, specific insight into the movies he’s worked on, and countless stories of misadventures in the film industry. 

Even if your event is a long way from California, John enthusiastically beams into any virtual conference and lights up the room all the same. The Mollie Plotkin Group is John Roesch’s exclusive agency, and we coordinate his appearances to be as effortlessly enjoyable as his work. Book a Hollywood star, without a Hollywood budget, through MPG today.


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