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Legendary Foley Artist John Roesch is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers in the world, sharing the stories and excitement from “behind the scenes in Hollywood” for client and employee engagement programs today. His audiences learn how to find the “fun” in every day, recognize what their passions are, and learn about what has gone into making the sound in (virtually) every movie or video game they’ve ever experienced.

John Roesch has been a foley artist for over 45 years and is now the Lead Foley Artist at Skywalker Ranch, with credits that include ET, Empire Strikes Back, Toy Story, and countless other movies, commercials, and video games.

To name a few of the productions John Roesch has worked on:

  • Marvel’s Avengers films
  • The Lion King
  • Back to the Future series
  • The Matrix series
  • Interstellar
  • Michael Jackson’s Thriller video
  • Halo 5: Guardians
  • and hundreds more.


Roesch always had his eyes set on Hollywood. However, he wanted to be an actor or director, rather than a Foley artist. In the mid-1970s, John Roesch earned a degree in filmmaking from New York University.

It was only by happenstance that John got involved in Foley, obliging the work for a friend’s film. “Boy, what a stupid job,” Roesch thought to himself as he started his life-long career.

Incidentally, his apartment manager was award-winning Foley artist Joan Rowe. She offered him work as her partner at Gomillion Sound, and the rest is history.



Key Audience Takeaways

  • The Smallest Details Make the Greatest Difference
  • Discover Insider Trivia About Your Favorite Movies
  • Be Inspired to See Beyond the Surface in Every Situation

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