Pitmasters Ed & Ryan Mitchell
Unlock the secrets of BBQ with a passionate Pitmaster today. Honor the past and explore the culture of Barbecue with an expert guide.

Behind the Scenes with a Pitmaster: A Day in the Life of a BBQ Pro

The Art of Barbecue

Barbecue is more than just a method of cooking meat; it is a cultural phenomenon that has deep roots in history. The origins of barbecue can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where people would cook meat over an open fire. Over time, this simple cooking technique evolved into a beloved culinary tradition that is celebrated around the world. Today, barbecue experts are known by the respected title of Pitmaster.

The cultural significance of barbecue cannot be overstated. In many countries, barbecue is not just a way to cook food, but a way to bring people together. It is a social event, a time for friends and family to gather and enjoy good food and good company. Barbecue has become synonymous with celebration and community, and it holds a special place in the hearts of many.

Behind every great barbecue is a passionate pitmaster. These individuals dedicate their time and energy to perfecting the art of barbecue. The title of “Pitmaster” is only given to experts of the craft. They spend hours tending to the meat, monitoring temperatures, and cooking everything to perfection. The passion that pitmasters have for their craft is what sets their barbecue apart from the rest. The best of the best are inducted into the Barbecue Hall of Fame, like Meathead Goldwyn.

The Early Bird Catches the Brisket: A Look at the Pitmaster’s Morning Routine

Preparation is key when it comes to barbecue. A successful pitmaster knows that the morning routine sets the tone for the entire day. It starts with gathering all the necessary ingredients and equipment, making sure everything is in order before firing up the grill.

The pitmaster’s morning routine often begins before dawn. They wake up early to get a head start on the day, knowing that time is of the essence when it comes to barbecue. They check the weather forecast, as rain or wind greatly affects outdoor cooking. Once they have assessed the conditions, they begin prepping the meat by scoring or trimming when necessary and applying rubs or marinades.

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The Secret to Mouthwatering Meat: The Science of Smoking

There’s nothing like the smoky flavor of good barbecue, and there is a science behind it. When wood is burned it releases compounds called phenols, which give the meat its distinct smoky flavor. Different types of wood produce different flavors, so pitmasters carefully select the wood they use based on the desired taste profile.

Common types of wood used in barbecue include hickory, mesquite, oak, and fruit woods like apple or cherry. Each wood imparts its unique flavor to the meat, so pitmasters experiment with different combinations to create their signature taste.

Temperature control is another important aspect of smoking. The pitmaster must maintain a consistent temperature throughout the cooking process to ensure that the meat cooks evenly and retains its moisture. This requires careful monitoring and adjustment of the fire, as well as using techniques to regulate heat distribution.

From Sides to Sauces: The Importance of Perfecting Every Element of the Meal

While the meat is the star of the show, sides, and sauces play a crucial supporting role in a barbecue meal. They provide balance and complement the flavors of the meat, elevating the overall dining experience.

Sauces are another important element of barbecue. Every region has its unique take on the best sauce to pair with barbecue. They can be sweet, tangy, spicy, or a combination of flavors, and they add an extra layer of complexity to the meat. Pitmasters often develop their signature sauces, experimenting with different ingredients and techniques to create a sauce that perfectly complements their barbecue. Legendary pitmasters Ed & Ryan Mitchell always favor a vinegar-based sauce due to their Eastern North Carolina roots.

Sides can range from classic options like coleslaw and baked beans to more creative dishes like smoked mac and cheese and jalapeno cornbread. Pitmasters take pride in perfecting these side dishes, ensuring that they are flavorful and well-executed.

Balance is key when it comes to a barbecue meal. The meat, sides, and sauces should all work together harmoniously to create a well-rounded dining experience. Pitmasters strive to achieve this balance, paying attention to every detail and making adjustments as needed to ensure that every element of the meal is perfect.

The Heat is On: Managing Temperatures and Fire Control

Temperature control is one of the most critical aspects of barbecue. Different cuts of meat or styles of cooking require different cooking temperatures, and the pitmaster must maintain the right temperature throughout the cooking process.

There are several techniques that pitmasters use to manage temperatures. One common method is the two-zone fire, where the coals are arranged on one side of the grill, creating a hot zone and a cooler zone. This allows for both direct and indirect cooking, giving the pitmaster more control over how the dish is cooked.

Another technique is the snake method, where the coals are arranged in a circular pattern around the edge of the grill. As the coals burn, they create a slow and steady heat that circulates the meat, ensuring even cooking.

The Business of Barbecue: Balancing Passion and Profit

Running a barbecue business is no easy task. While passion for barbecue is essential, it must be balanced with the realities of running a profitable business.

One of the biggest challenges in the barbecue business is managing costs. Quality ingredients can be expensive, and the pitmaster must find a way to balance the desire to use the best ingredients with the need to keep costs down. This requires careful planning and budgeting, often creative solutions are needed to reduce waste and maximize efficiency.

Customer service is another important aspect of running a barbecue business. The pitmaster must not only deliver delicious food but also provide a positive dining experience for customers. This includes everything from friendly and attentive service to maintaining a clean and inviting atmosphere.

Finding the right balance between passion and profit is crucial in the barbecue business. While it’s important to make money, it should never come at the expense of sacrificing quality or compromising the integrity of the food. The most successful barbecue businesses are those that find this balance and create a product that customers love.

From Backyard to Competition: The World of BBQ Competitions & Pitmasters

For many pitmasters, barbecue is not just a hobby or a business; it’s a competitive sport. Barbecue competitions are held around the world, where pitmasters showcase their skills and compete for prizes and recognition.

There are several different types of barbecue competitions. Often, these competitions will bring out a panel of experts to judge the contest and declare a winner. Each competition has its own set of rules and categories, but they all share a common goal: to find the best barbecue in the world.

Competing in barbecue competitions requires a different level of skill and dedication. Pitmasters must not only be able to cook delicious food but also present it appealingly and creatively. They must pay attention to every detail, from the appearance of the meat to the taste and tenderness.

Sportsmanship and camaraderie are also important in barbecue competitions. While everyone wants to win, there is a sense of community among pitmasters. They share tips and tricks, offer support and encouragement, and celebrate each other’s successes. Barbecue competitions are not just about winning; they are about coming together with like-minded individuals who share a passion for barbecue.

Pitmaster Spotlight: Ed Mitchell’s Barbeque

Pitmasters Ed & Ryan Mitchell

Pitmaster father & son crew Ed and Ryan Mitchell are the embodiment of today’s BBQ culture, a crossroads between old and new.

Ed Mitchell is the ultimate pitmaster of North Carolina. His techniques have been passed down through generations– over the course of more than 125 years. Today, he passes the tradition on to the next generation of pitmasters and laypeople, sparking a new mainstream flame for original BBQ.

Ed, along with his son Ryan Mitchell, has compiled one of the greatest BBQ cookbooks of the 2020s. Praised by NPR, Food & Wine, and Oprah Daily, Ed Mitchell’s Barbeque explores the tradition of whole-hog barbeque that made him famous.

You can find Ed and Ryan Mitchell at food festivals across the world, evangelizing the craft of whole-hog BBQ.

Ed Mitchell's Barbecue Cover

A Pitmaster’s Passion for Barbecue

In conclusion, barbecue is more than just a method of cooking meat; it is a cultural tradition that brings people together. The art of barbecue requires passion, dedication, and a love for the grill. From the early morning routine to the science of smoking, every aspect of barbecue is carefully considered and executed.

So whether you’re a backyard enthusiast or a seasoned pitmaster, continue to pursue your passion for barbecue. Experiment with flavors, perfect your techniques, and share your love of barbecue with others. Because at the end of the day, barbecue is not just about the food; it’s about the memories created and the connections made around the grill.

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