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He Was Cut from the NFL, Twice. Find Out How He Became a U.S. Olympian.

“PUSH: Breaking through the Barriers” is the gripping memoir of U.S. Olympian Johnny Quinn, an electrifying and action-packed narrative.

“PUSH: Breaking through the Barriers” is the gripping memoir of U.S. Olympian Johnny Quinn, an electrifying and action-packed narrative. 

Life has a special way of teaching lessons. The second we’re on top it likes to knock us down and pin us to the ground. Most people stay there, but a few know how to break the hold and counter-attack. However, the ones who discover what life truly has to offer are those with the courage to stand up time and time again; no matter how many times they fall.

Meet one of those rare individuals: Johnny Quinn. The Green Bay Packers and Buffalo Bills cut Quinn and canceled contracts worth a total of 2.6 million dollars. In both cases, Quinn had been hindered by an injury, and neither team was willing to keep him on. Anyone would have taken those setbacks to heart, especially someone as aspirational as Johnny Quinn. 

“PUSH: Breaking through the Barriers”

Right out the gate, Quinn had the monumental goal of becoming a professional football player. Growing up in McKinney, Texas, Quinn understood the massive undertaking of fulfilling his dreams. From Jr. High to the NFL, he did everything right, working day and night. The only thing stronger than Johnny Quinn’s will for success was life’s tendency to push back with equal force.   

“PUSH: Breaking through the Barriers” is a memoir of Johnny Quinn’s journey from washed-up NFL player to United States Olympian. It is a collection of gripping play-by-plays and provocative parables that exemplify action as the default mode of operation. Prefaced with quotes from authors of classic American literature and sports personalities alike, each chapter can be read as a preparation for — or reflection upon– daily events.

Throughout every leg of his journey, Quinn reminds us that we are often our own worst enemy. In an effort to stay motivated and inspired, we tend to build preconceptions–or myths– about finding success. “But you know how myths go – they get blown out of proportion, and sometimes the ‘myth gasoline’ gets thrown on the ‘myth fire’ – and things begin to heat up quickly,” Quinn writes. 

Evidently, even when writing in extended metaphors, Johnny Quinn puts his words bluntly. He does not sugar-coat or beat around the bush when it comes to his thoughts on a situation, giving an honest account of his frustrations with his career. Not only does Quinn give an authentic perspective on his story, but he does not shy away from asking questions that the reader may find uncomfortable.

“American bobsledder Johnny Quinn is the Olympics’ version of the Incredible Hulk.” – CNN

Every time Johnny falls flat on his face, his answer is to always “PUSH”. After getting cut from two NFL teams, passed up by an arena football team, and locked in his room at the Winter Olympics, Johnny Quinn always pushes forward. Given the choice in his youth, he wouldn’t have chosen his career path, but Quinn is thankful that he never deviated from being a professional athlete.

Eventually, he found his calling on the other side of the world, in Sochi, Russia. Through a series of coincidences, he was afforded the opportunity to try out for the United States Olympic bobsled team. Because he never backed down from his dreams, even after losing two NFL contracts worth a combined 2.6 million dollars, he kept himself in shape enough to make the team tryout at a moment’s notice. 

Available now, “PUSH: Breaking through the Barriers” is the perfect read for anyone in the prime of their career—those who feel like they should be in the prime of their career, but that something seems to be stalling out. Not only is it appropriate for young-adults, but it is entertaining enough to consistently engage them as well. 

The fast-paced and tense athletic moments play out in cinematic glory. Really, reading this book is like getting to enjoy an underdog sports movie three times over. Johnny Quinn’s curt writing style brings the reader right down onto the field and invites them to be as courageous as he is. 

Now He’s Trusted by World-class Organizations as a Keynote Speaker

After a successful career as a U.S. Olympian, Johnny Quinn became an internationally renowned professional speaker. Some of his clients include New York Live, BMW, and the American Diabetes Association. His motivational speeches create lighting in the room and leave a lasting impact on every organization that he has visited. Even his virtual speeches are praised for their astounding energy

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