Kevin Reilly

Kevin Reilly Predicts the Eagle’s First Moves in the NFL Draft

Kevin Reilly sat down with the Mollie Plotkin Group to discuss his predictions for the NFL Draft, and was proven right!

Kevin Reilly

Kevin Reilly, former Philadelphia Eagle and current motivational speaker, gave his expert opinion on the Eagle’s 2021 draft decisions. Proving that he still knows his stuff, his predictions came to fruition. 

The Eagles Show Solidarity During the NFL Draft

After attending the Eagles’ presser, Kevin walked away with a critical analysis for the body language and emotional queues 

Well you know what, it was really different because there were three guys up on stage, and I’ll tell you the positives and I’ll tell you some of my concerns. The positive is they made a very very big deal of all three guys being on the same page for the draft. They were going to reach a consensus before a decision was made.

When Kevin moved into his NFL Draft predicitons, he called the right play.

Now people are asking me who’d I’d like to see in this new draft that they’re coming up with. We’ve dropped form number 6 to number 12, and the guy I’d like to see, if he’s still there, is Devonte Smith, the wide receiver out of Alabama. I am in love with this guy.

Kevin Reilly Calls the Right Play

Kevin quickly dispels the doubt that was put on Devonte Smith, saying that his low weight would be sufficiently countered by his incredible running speed. Kevin also talks about the importance of a player’s drive to win, something that is immeasurable.

He’s mature, he’s a student of the game, and he’s humble. And on top of that, I think he’s one of those leaders that are very, you know, not very verbal, but they lead by what they do on the field. This guy wants the ball in his hands in a big situation. He wants it when the pressure’s on. and m playing with Alabama, playing with LSU, all of those guys that play those games, they’re playing in front of 100 thousand people at times. they’ve already been through pressure situations. And to have a guy like Devonte Smith who wants the foot ball in his hands, is a winner, I think is everything

Sure enough, in a controversial decision, the Eagles traded their draft spot with the Cowboys, securing a prime position to draft Devonte Smith. 

“Kevin Reilly Discusses the Philadelphia Eagles Press Conference, New Head Coach and Upcoming Draft”



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