Top guest speaker, David Kwong, giving a Ted Talk.

Top Guest Speakers of 2022 For Corporate Events

Perfect for either corporate or small businesses, these top guest speakers are some of the best in the industry!


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John "Gucci" Foley

The Blue Angels have been known to train and take on some of the world's top pilots. It goes without saying, becoming a world-class pilot requires world-class dedication. Fortunately, the Blue Angels' culture of excellence can be brought directly to your team. 

John “Gucci” Foley is a former lead solo pilot for the Blue Angels and even lent his expertise to the filmmakers of Top Gun. On set, John Foley was one of the main pilots to do many of the flying scenes in the film. So, next time you watch the movie be on the lookout for John "Gucci" Foley!

Foley is also an avid philanthropist, founding the Glad to Be Here Foundation in 2011. John donates 10% of his speaking fees to his foundation which has helped millions worldwide. 

John Foley is a top guest speaker because of his expert advice on leadership and team building; two areas that are crucial to success no matter what you do. 

Greg “Boss” Wooldridge

At the Mollie Plotkin Group, we are proud to represent not just one Blue Angel, but three! Greg “Boss” Wooldridge is another one of our world-class pilots who want to bring the Blue Angel's work ethic to your organization. 

Amazingly, Greg Wooldridge is the only commanding officer to lead the Blue Angels on three separate tours. Think about the level of teamwork and trust that is required to fly military jets in formation, just 18 inches apart. As a result of this, Greg Wooldridge is a one-of-a-kind leader and one of the top guest speakers available. 

As a team-building expert, Wooldridge wants to give your organization the knowledge to optimally perform!

Nate “Utah” Scott

Nate “Utah” Scott got his start as a Navy Fighter Pilot and eventually became a fully qualified F/A-18 Flight Instructor. Scott was selected by the Blue Angels to become their new Team Training Officer, and he ended up helping lead some of the most successful teams in Blue Angel's history.

Ever since Scott was a five a year old kid his dream was to become a Blue Angel, and he had the dedication to see that dream to fruition. Nate Scott wants to help you achieve your dreams, as he lives his own dream out every day.

Nate has the ability to bring the teamwork of the Blue Angels directly to your organization. Those who are looking to develop better leaders within their company will benefit from someone like Nate Scott. Trusting your fellow teammates is crucial as a Blue Angels pilot, but it is also crucial to success in any industry.

Building better relationships with your teammates will lead to more success for your company.

Alex Banayan

Alex Banayan is a guest speaker and the youngest bestselling business author in American history. As a college student, Alex Banayan became fascinated with what makes successful people who they are. Essentially, Banayan wanted to unlock the secrets to growth and success.

This is exactly what his book, The Third Door, is all about. The book details Banayan's seven-year journey to track down the world's most successful people and figure out how they launched their careers. This fascinating story is not just entertaining, but also informative.

Banayan has been featured in Fortune, CNBC, Businessweek, The Washington Post, MSNBC, Fox News, and NBC News. In addition, Banayan has delivered his Third Door framework to corporate leaders and teams around the globe.

Alex Banayans keynote presentations detail his philosophy of personal development and achieving optimal levels of performance. Essentially, Banayan will help organizations cultivate mindsets of exponential growth.

Truly, Banayan is a top guest speaker right now and is in high demand!

Simon T. Bailey

Simon T. Bailey has a passion for bringing the most out of people. Bailey is one of the country’s top 10 most booked corporate speakers, and there is a reason he is in such high demand. Moreover, Simon Bailey has even been inducted into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame.

Simon Bailey is the CEO of Simon T. Bailey International, a company that develops educational materials for organizations. In other words, Simon Bailey wants to help your company be the best that it can be. 

Simon's keynote topics include building a culture of teamwork and successful leaders and helping one achieve self-actualization within their job. His keynote, "Forget Your Title and Transform Your Job," empowers individuals to realize their full capabilities within their field or profession.

With more than 30 years of experience as a keynote speaker, success coach, author, and philanthropist, Simon Bailey will help your company find its spark!

John Roesch

John Roesch is a Hollywood legend and special guest speaker. Roesch has done Foley sound effects for over 400 films throughout his 45 years of being a career Foley artist. John has worked on ET, The Empire Strikes Back, Toy Story, and the Back to the Future series to name a few. His insider knowledge of the industry is great for a range of different audiences. After all, who doesn't like movies?

John's re-creations of sound effects are extremely entertaining, and he demonstrates that what you hear in films are merely auditory illusions performed with props. As a special guest speaker, John will capture your audience's attention as he tells the fascinating story of how he became a Foley artist legend.

Oddly enough, John did not intend to become a Foley artist at first. He instead had his eyes set on becoming a director, and it was only by coincidence that he stumbled into his first Foley gig. John was completely unaware that he had set off on a 40-plus year career; solidifying him as a Hollywood legend.

As a celebrity guest speaker, John shares insider trivia about the films he’s done and his unorthodox career path. He wants audiences to know that new opportunities sometimes present themselves in unexpected ways.

With so few Foley artists working in the industry, it is astounding how successful he's become within this niche profession. “There are more astronauts on earth than there are working Foley artists,” said John in a 2022 interview with The New Yorker.

Contact the Mollie Plotkin Group to hire John Roesch as a celebrity guest speaker.

Jason Alexander

You know him for his role as George Constanza on the classic hit television show, Seinfeld. The show was a one-of-a-kind, slice-of-life comedy that revolutionized the genre. Playing the part of George Constanza, Jason Alexander was integral to the popularity and success of Seinfeld.

Additionally, Jason Alexander is a multi-talented entertainer who has made several appearances in Broadway musicals. As a celebrity guest speaker, Jason Alexander can bring immense an excellent choice for a value-add to your event. As an extremely recognizable actor, Alexander always draws huge crowds to his corporate and private appearances.

With the Mollie Plotkin Group, talent like Jason Alexander is just a click away. Hire celebrity guest speaker Jason Alexander by inquiring about his availability today.

Jade McCarthy

Jade McCarthy is an ESPN alum, Sirius XM radio host, and has covered premier sports events for NBC Sports Boston and NBC Philadelphia. Informed by her career, Jade is an expert media consultant and keynote speaker.

Jade McCarthy delivers keynote presentations on resilience and disruption. Additionally, McCarthy is a top female keynote speaker that also gives a voice to faith-based discussions of family and motherhood.

Her career was nearly eclipsed by one of the most infamous series of layoffs in sportscasting history.

In 2012, Jade McCarthy finally got her dream job at ESPN as a sports journalist and anchor. To Jade, this was a dream come true, as this was a sought-after position. Unfortunately though, sometimes dreams can turn into nightmares.

In April of 2017, it was announced that ESPN would be making massive layoffs to their sports anchors and on-air personalities. McCarthy received the news that she would be fired right before she was set to go live on national television.

Jade says this moment was a pivotal learning experience in her life, and that she has become more resilient because of it. Staying strong in disruptive situations like this is not easy, yet Jade was still able to pull herself together and do her usual live on-air segment.

Today, she is still one of the most recognizable faces in sportscasting. Additionally, her podcast, "Transformed" has become increasingly popular, and it details real-life transformational stories from the world of sports.

Vince Papale

A hometown hero of the Philadelphia area, Vince Papale became the oldest rookie ever to have not played football in college. At the age of 30, Vince Papale made the Philadelphia Eagles as a wide receiver and was even named special teams captain. Over time, Papale gained notoriety and became a hometown hero in the Philadelphia area. 

In 2006, Vince Papale's story was turned into the hit movie Invincible starring Mark Wahlberg. This movie further increased Vince’s popularity, and his story continued to become an inspiration for not only sports fans, but anyone facing hard times.

In his speeches, Vince tells the real story of how he became 'Invincible.' The real story details the time and commitment that Vince put in, which led him to become one of the most legendary NFL underdogs.

Vince Papale’s legacy is truly exceptional, and he is guaranteed to spark inspiration in any audience. Currently, Vince is in high demand as a guest speaker, but you can hire him right now through the Mollie Plotkin Group!

Leslie Maxie

Leslie Maxie has a saying: “Excellence is not an accident,” a motto that she has continued to live by to this day.

Having competed in the 1988 Olympic games, Leslie Maxie had to sacrifice so much to make it to the highest echelon of competitive sports. It was this commitment and drive that led her to compete among the best in track & field at such a young age. 

This dedication is what led to even more success after her Olympic career as a sports anchor for various different networks. Maxie’s “Olympic mindset” is what allowed her to perform so well on TV networks such as ESPN, NBC, and Fox Sports Net, just to name a few.

Fortunately, the Olympic mindset can be learned and adopted by anyone, regardless of the industry. This is why Leslie Maxie dedicates so much of her time to keynote speeches so that she can give her advice on how to achieve greatness in any field.

Additionally, Maxie is a female guest speaker who gives keynote presentations on women's empowerment and recently even spoke at the Women in Leadership Retail Summit. This conference offers women executives at leading retailers and brands the opportunity to improve both their professional lives and business strategies.

Exclusively signed with the Mollie Plotkin Group, Leslie is available for hire today!

Rob Paylor

Saying that Robert Paylor's story is inspirational does not do it any justice…

Robert Paylor was a young Rugby star for the UCLA Bears, but Robert’s life would soon be changed by the very sport that he loved. During the 2017 Collegiate Rugby National Championship, a player on the opposing team performed an illegal move on Robert that broke his neck.

Instantly, his life was changed. Seeing the reality of the situation, doctors immediately told him that he would never walk or move his hands again. Upon receiving this news, Robert was distraught.

Fortunately, though, Robert was born with a level of resiliency that not many people have. He was eventually released from the hospital and began his regiment of intense, daily physical therapy to regain his strength.

Unbelievably, Robert reached the point where he could walk again with the assistance of a cane. What’s even more incredible, is that he ended up graduating from UCLA and actually walked across the stage to receive his diploma!

Through his lived experiences, Robert can give so much impactful advice to people who need to hear it. Truly a special guest speaker, every audience that Robert has spoken to leaves with a new perspective on overcoming adversity. 

So many people have gained strength from Robert's story and advice, which is why he is one of the best guest speakers!

David Kwong

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? A plane?

No, it’s magician and New York Times crossword constructor, David Kwong. But he may as well be Superman because his performances are out of this world!

Kwong's performances combine illusions and magic with crossword puzzles. Every show feels unique with David, as he frequently gets audience members to participate in his illusions, adding to the unpredictability of things.

David is in high demand, not only because of his highly entertaining performances but because of how he requires everyone to work as a team to solve his puzzles. His keynotes are fun and captivating, and they can overall be a great treat for employees.

As a TED Talk favorite, David has spoken to numerous audiences around the world. He’s dazzled big corporations and small companies alike, leaving them captivated and asking themselves, “how did he do that?”

Chris Therien

Chris Therien, also known as “Bundy,” is a former Canadian ice hockey player for the NHL. Therian spent 12 seasons with the Philadelphia Flyers and the Dallas Stars, and also earned himself a silver medal in the 1994 Winter Olympic Games. 

After Therien retired in 2006, he became a sports analyst for Flyers Pregame Live and Flyers Postgame on NBC Sports. Competing among the best means you need to think like a champion, which is why Chris Therien is one of the best guest speakers.

Therien is an expert in teamwork and team building as a result of his time spent in the NHL. Any organization that has hockey fans or sports fans in general, would be a perfect fit for someone like Therien.

Moreover, Therien is great for any company that is looking to strengthen its team. Excellent teamwork is what led Chris to success in the NHL. Now, he can lead your company to that same level of success.

Marcus Allen

Marcus Allen’s resume is simply too long to list in one section, which is why he is one of our top guest speakers. Allen is a former professional basketball player and the current CEO of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region.

Prior to his work with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Marcus was the CEO of Achievability, a non-profit Philadelphia-based organization. This organization sought to end the generational cycle of poverty, by providing academic, employment, housing, and family support services.

This mission is near and dear to Marcus, as it relates to his personal story of growing up in poverty.

Marcus Allen has had a distinguished career and has received several awards and honors. Allen has received the Philadelphia Business Journal's Most Admired CEO Award and the McDonald's Anthony De Luz Black History Award. Allen was also named on Philadelphia Tribune’s Top 10 list of Most Influential African Americans Under the Age of 40. 

Special guest speaker, Marcus Allen, gives keynotes on overcoming obstacles and achieving success and growth in life. Some of Allen's main keynote presentations talk about how there is a message in every challenge or obstacle. Allen also discusses the importance of learning to replicate success.

In his keynote, 'Three Tools to Replicate Success,' Marcus talks about how commitment, authenticity, and compassion are the most essential tools for success. This is the presentation that Marcus delivered at the 2022 EOS Conference in Orlando, Florida. The audience at this conference loved it so much, that they actually voted him the best speaker at the conference.

Hire special guest speaker, Marcus Allen today!

What Does a Guest Speaker Do?

At the Mollie Plotkin Group, we have the top guest speakers in the industry.

What exactly is a guest speaker? A guest speaker is a presenter, host, or emcee that is invited to an event because of their expertise, notoriety, or fame. Guest speakers add prestige to corporate and private events. They can provide an informative lecture, share inspiring stories, or put on an entertaining performance. Effectively, a guest speaker makes your event that much more memorable.

Additionally, guest speakers will have positive effects that go far beyond their presentations or performances. Our selection of top guest speakers ranges from celebrities, athletes, and performers to ground-breaking entrepreneurs. Guest speakers boost event attendance, employee engagement, and company morale.

To see these results at your next corporate event, inquire about one of these top guest speakers of 2022.

Top Guest Speakers of 2022

These speakers come from a variety of different industries, and all have unique personal experiences to share. But what is the one thing they all have in common? Their ability to grab your audience’s attention and leave them feeling inspired and reinvigorated. 

Interested in These Speakers?

Well, if that’s the case, you’re in luck! With the Mollie Plotkin Group, these speakers can be hired for your next event.

Check out our wide range of speakers that includes the names listed above, and so much more!


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