How To Be Your Honest Self, With Coach AK Ikwuakor

Mar 26, 2021 | Wellness

For those of you who have yet to meet Coach AK, allow us to introduce you. He is not just an executive coach, not just a world-renowned sports diplomat, not just a motivational speaker…he is Unbranded.

Motivational Speaker AK Ikwuakor holding his hand up in front of a large seated audience

“Unbranded” is a mindset that requires you to break down your life to its core identity. When creating a brand, most people fall into the trap of looking outward at others.

We look at the most common trends, what appears to be working for everyone else, and then appropriate their image. Or, even worse, we let other people define who we are.

By helping his listeners to define their core identity, AK Ikwuakor trains them to be better communicators and leaders, allowing their companies to thrive. 

The most important conversation you can have is not “what do you do?” but “how do you spend your day? Take a moment to view this speech and join the Creative Mornings team in discovering who you are.

Get out a piece of paper and follow along, trust me, Coach AK spends his day educational consulting in China, working on his fashion line, and travling the world helping fortune 500 companies craft their stories.

Coach AK sees the political culture that we live in, divided between Republic, Democrat, and other political affiliations. He asks us to see each other differently, because if you can’t see somebody, you can’t listen.

Be honest with your self, because you don’t realize how many connections you can make with just a single genuine conversation.

Book AK Ikwuakor Today

Bring this exploratory experience of self discovery to your office. Contact the Mollie Plotkin Group to get an affordable quote today. Book AK Ikwuakor to grow your company with the same expertise he uses to grow the top companies of the world, and his own brand.

“Build connections, be your honest self”

AK Ikwuakor at CreativeMornings Boston, October 2018.


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