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Tom Burgoyne is the man behind the Phillie Phanatic, widely considered to be the best mascot in baseball. For over 30 years and counting, Burgoyne has traveled around the world entertaining millions of fans, growing the success, importance, and love of the Phillie Phanatic. Now, he passes his principles to organizations that want their teams, clients, and leadership to Pheel the Love.

Meet Tom Burgoyne

Millions of fans know Tom Burgoyne as the Phillie Phanatic. However, Burgoyne is not only the man behind one of the greatest mascots in baseball history, but he is also a highly sought-after keynote speaker, workshop leader, and author. 

Drawing from his 35-year tenure as the Phillie Phanatic, Burgoyne demonstrates how business leaders can use the Phanatic’s principles to generate customer loyalty and employee engagement.

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Tom Burgoyne’s Legacy as The Phillie Phanatic

The Phillie Phanatic is widely acclaimed as one of sports’ best mascots, as recognized by Forbes Magazine and several more media outlets.

Burgoyne has performed in front of over 70 million fans at Phillies home games. What’s more, he has suited up thousands of times at events and appearances, bringing the Phanatic’s special brand of humor to sports fans everywhere.

In fact, the Baseball Hall of Fame enshrined the Phillie Phanatic into their ranks, and he is currently part of a permanent exhibit in Cooperstown. But what about the man under the mascot? 

Before the Phanatic

Tom Burgoyne spent his younger years idolizing Philly sports teams. In a tradition still kept today, he would climb and hang off of statues after thrilling wins and during championship parades. In fact, a photo of him hanging on top of a Center City statue during the 1980 Phillies championship parade would help him land the job of his dreams. 

After graduation from Drexel University, Tom worked in sales. Although, he couldn’t shake the feeling that his real calling was somewhere else. Then, he decided to answer an anonymous want-ad in the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

The Audition and Onward

Tom Burgoyne began his career toward the Phillie Phanatic stardom by standing before a panel of judges. He donned the Phanatic costume and put every ounce of his love for Philadelphia into his audition. However, he didn’t win over the judges with his performance alone. He brought newspaper clippings of photos that showed him on top of statues during the Phillies and 76ers victory parades. These were proof enough that he was a true Phillie Phanatic.

Starting in 1989, Tom Handled most of the promotional appearances for 5 years. But since the 1994 season, he has handled all game-day duties. Tom has traveled across the country and around the world, bringing the Phanatic’s special brand of humor to sports fans everywhere. His international travels have taken him to Japan, Europe, Australia, South America, Mexico, and the Phanatic’s homeland – the Galapagos Islands.

Pheel The Love

Tom Burgoyne’s mission is to spread the love, joy, and excitement that he shares with over 70 million sports fans, to the rest of the world.

Tom’s new book, Pheel the Love – How the Most Powerful Force in the Universe Builds Great Companies, shows how leaders can use the Phanatic’s principles to generate customer loyalty and employee engagement. 

He also has written 19 children’s books chronicling the adventures of the Phillie Phanatic. In addition, Tom started a reading and literacy program in the Philadelphia area called “Phanatic About Reading.” 

Tom has been a familiar face on the local and national interviewing circuit, frequently appearing on TV and radio programs as the “Best Friend of the Phanatic.” For the past 5 years, Tom has interviewed sports legends and local personalities on his popular podcast, Phillies Backstage. Additionally, his energy, authenticity, and experience have translated into a successful keynote speaking career. One thing is guaranteed, companies that hire Tom Burgoyne PHEEL THE LOVE.

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Key Audience Takeaways

Pheel the Love

How Organizations can Generate Love from their Customers and Employees

“I LOVE the Phillie Phanatic!”

In costume and out, Tom hears these words nearly every day of his life.  And people don’t just love the Phanatic, they go wild for him! They wear his apparel, buy his plush dolls, swarm him at appearances. What’s more, they’ll do anything to get a selfie with him.

What company or organization wouldn’t want to generate that kind of love from their customers and employees?  And more importantly, how can a business create that love?

Based on his critically-acclaimed book, Pheel the Love, Tom incorporates what he has learned from the Phanatic into this transformative keynote speech. 

Pheel the Love— a presentation that shows how we can create love by doing what the Phanatic does every day:

  • The 7 Principles of of Love
  • How to implement these principles at an organizational level
  • How you, as an individual, can help others Pheel the Love


This keynote speech is perfect for organizations of all sizes and any industry. When booking Tom Burgoyne for the Pheel the Love keynote, Tom and an MPG representative will meet with your team to tailor the presentation precisely to your event.

Positively Fun: No Fans? No Problem!

How to keep the energy up in a ballpark filled with cardboard cutouts

Beginning a new chapter of your life can feel like performing in an empty stadium. How can you Pheel the Love without an audience? How do you lead your team through times of change, face new challenges, and most importantly, create excitement.  

Over Tom Burgoyne’s 30+ year tenure as one of the greatest mascots in baseball, the Phillie Phanatic, he thought he had seen it all. That was until no fans were allowed to attend Phillies games, except for the Phanatic. Throughout the pandemic, he hilariously interacted with cardboard cut-outs, virtually harassed umpires and popped up in unexpected places throughout the ballpark. In a time of uncertainty and concussion, the Phanatic brought a sense of normalcy back to our lives. 

In his new keynote, Tom reveals his three keys to generating excitement, positivity, and success:

  • Exude Positivity
  • Stay Creative
  • Always Have Fun


By utilizing these three tools, people of all walks of life can be happier, more productive, and meet any challenge.

Find YOUR Phanatic with Tom Burgoyne

Discover the passion within you.

Tom Burgoyne has been performing as the Phillie Phanatic for the past 35 years. He is widely considered to be the best mascot in baseball and has traveled around the world, entertaining millions of fans. He’s seen regularly on sports highlights shows, has made cameo appearances on talk shows and sitcoms and has even performed for the nine Supreme Court justices. 

How does a kid go from being a huge fan of the Phillies to being hired to be their famous mascot? In this keynote, Tom reveals the three steps to helping discover the passion that’s in each and every one of us:

  • IT is in you
  • People see IT in you
  • Signs that IT was meant to happen.


It’s a talk that students at every grade level should hear and a message that if you are authentic and genuine your dreams will come true!


Pheel The Love Book Cover

Pheel The Love!: How the Most Powerful Force in the Universe Builds Great Companies - Phillie Phanatic Style!

“Everyone knows that the Phillie Phanatic is the Babe Ruth of mascots. This book is proof that the Phanatic is also the Michael Jordan of leadership philosophy. It inspires leaders to build great companies by being loving to the people and the organizations they lead.” – Pat Williams, SVP Orlando Magic and author of Leadership Excellence.In this world of fast-paced change, businesses everywhere are searching for critical levers to ensure growth and sustainability. We believe that there is an answer that has been hiding from all of us in plain sight. It is a solution that is rarely, if ever, associated with business. A powerful and pragmatic force that is an incredible driver of results. It is… wait for it… Love.In this powerful and engaging book, Tom Burgoyne, the Phanatic for the last 29 years, and Evan Marcus, an expert in executive team and organizational development, demonstrate how to harness the amazing power of love to radically transform people and the organizations they lead. Learn how Love positively impacts every driver of business success – from operational excellence, to customer loyalty to quality. Discover 7 powerful principles that will create and sustain love in your organization. See ways in which Phanatic inspired principles like “The Big Smooch” are already being applied by successful companies such as Vanguard, WAWA and Wegmans. Burgoyne and Marcus teach us how the power of love will unleash potential of ourselves, the people we work with, and the organizations we lead. If you dare to embrace this approach and seriously employ these principles, you and your business will be transformed.

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