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Madison Utendahl

Forbes 30 Under 30, two-time Webby Award-winning Social Media Director Madison Utendahl is a subject matter expert in brand-storytelling, social media strategy, and experiential marketing, wellness in the workplace and burnout prevention.

Meet Madison Utendahl

Madison Utendahl is a Forbes 30 Under 30, two-time Webby Award-winning Content & Social Media Director, specializing in brand-storytelling, social media strategy and experiential marketing. More than that, Madison inspires CEOs, entrepreneurs and teams to bring more fun into their workday!

In 2019, she launched Utendahl Creative, a female-focused, branding, social media & content strategy agency, servicing clients such as Refinery29, Milk Bar, Lemon Perfect, and Bandier. When she is not running Utendahl Creative, she can be found as an on-camera video host and producer. Since 2016, Madison has interviewed the likes of Arianna Huffington, Martha Hunt, Marcus Samuelson, and many more notables.

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Madison Utendahl is, first and foremost, a storyteller. Beyond that, she is a Forbes 30U30 recipient (Class of 2021), a two time Webby Award winner, and the Founder of Utendahl Creative, the all female, Black owned, full service branding and design agency behind cutting-edge brands like Simon Huck’s Judy, Halsey’s About-Face, and Lena Dunham’s Good Thing Going.

Madison has been a Social Media Executive for a decade. In fact, she was on the founding teams of cultural phenomenons Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, 29Rooms, and Museum of Ice Cream.

Madison’s experience being on the creative teams behind these massive cultural successes led to a specialty not only in emotional brand storytelling, but to a personal experience with burnout and discovering the power of authenticity and self-worth within the workplace.

Madison Utendahl’s Keynote Speaking

Since starting her own agency where she is fundamentally changing the way creatives work, organizations hire Madison Utendahl to speak at events such as Inbound, Vidcon, Yelp’s Women in Business Summit and many more. When Madison is not playing boss at Utendahl Creative, she can be found as an on-camera video host. She is the creator of two Instagram original series: The Elephant & Her Name Is. Madison lives in NYC with her dog, Lou and her cat Izzy.

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Key Audience Takeaways

Why I Quit Working in Social Media

In this keynote, Madison Utendahl explains her career path in social media, and why she chose to take a step back from the industry. She covers topics such as:

  • Why social media is no longer effective for brands
  • How the Instagram algorithm played a role in this shift
  • Where brands/creators should shift their energy to

Anti-Trend Design

Utendahl Creative is an Anti-Trend Design Studio, in every way. From their team to their clients, and the products they create. 

Madison Utendahl gave this speech at Advertising Week x The Dieline Conference. She explains how she continues to innovate and create new content for brands without tagging along with trends.  

Your Team is Quiet Quitting

and unfortunately, it’s due to their workplace environment. Now What?

We are living in an age of “quiet quitting,” due to people being unhappy or dissatisfied in the workplace. Unfortunately, the primary reason why people are disconnected from their jobs is due to dated workplace systems and environments that are not conducive to our overall wellbeing and mental health.

From Personal Peril to Pioneering Change: My Journey from Burnout to Breakthrough

Madison Utendahl recounts her intimate battle with burnout, casting a spotlight on its profound effects on health and well-being.

Through her narrative, Madison offers a penetrating look into the modern work culture that often sidelines mental and emotional health. With an emphasis on best practices, Madison also details the innovative strategies her firm, Utendahl Creative, has adopted, such as Monday meeting restrictions and extended leaves, which serve as benchmarks for industry-wide change.

Concluding, she offers a call to action both individuals and organizations to critically examine, rethink, and reshape the modern work paradigm. Unlike other keynotes, Madison provides actionable steps, tools for individuals experiencing burnout, and a questionnaire to promote self-awareness for employers and employees alike.

From Personal Crisis to Organizational Revolution: Challenging the Burnout Epidemic and Its Unequal Toll  

Madison Utendahl shares her personal journey confronting severe burnout, emphasizing its extensive and often overlooked consequences on well-being. She delves into the disproportionate impact burnout has on women and people of color, highlighting systemic imbalances and societal pressures. 

Drawing from innovative burnout prevention policies implemented at her firm, such as flexible weekly starts and extended annual leave, Madison spotlights proactive solutions. Concluding with a call to arms, she underscores the urgent need for both individuals and companies to challenge the “always-on” work culture and prioritize holistic well-being.

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