Tam Williams

Wellness Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Envision2bWell

Expertise In:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Women in Technology
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Reaching Your Goals
  • Motivation
  • Building Your Brand
Businesswoman, wife, mother, visionary, health advocate, and motivational speaker are just a few superlatives to describe Tammy Williams, founder, and CEO, of Envision2bWell Inc. Tammy’s core philosophy is empowering individuals, especially women, to pursue a life of positive health and well-being, and to encourage others to do the same.  

While working for Corporate America, Tammy was frustrated with the current health apps available on the market, so she penned her frustrates down on a napkin. Tammy would soon find out that she was not alone with her frustrations.  She conducted a survey and was astonished to find that there was a significant lack of women when it came to technology and well-being. Shortly afterward, she left her job and founded Envision2bWell Inc., whose core mission is to democratize Social Health Empowerment for all. 

Since the inception of Envision2bWell, Tammy has brought the mindset of success and challenging the status quo through her business every day. Her mission to empower social health awareness fuels the embers to her company’s success. Tammy’s hard work and dedication to wellness has been recognized by the Network Journal when they announced their Top 25 Influential Black Women in Business.  Tammy’s genuine passion for health and wellness is something everybody can learn a thing or two from.  

With her creative mind and can-do attitude, Tammy has turned her passion for health and wellness into her life’s work. Not only does she run a business that focuses on providing a digital platform that promotes healthier lives, but she also dedicates her time to give motivational and educational speeches to empower companies and individuals to promote wellness. Tammy accredits her success and fulfillment to a personal philosophy that she would like to share with others. Tammy’s keynotes include

  • Envisision2bEmpowered
  • Live Life GRAND!
  • Baby Boomer Entrepreneurship
  • The Leader Within
  • Swim with the Sharks &Play with the Dolphins
  • 2000 Miles to Survive Domestic Violence
  • Envision2Be…

As a self-starter and entrepreneur, Tammy knows what it takes to be a leader. Tammy is a down-to-earth person who ultimately wants to empower the leader in all of us. However, Tammy’s most important note is for everyone is to live life “GRAND!” Living life “GRAND” essentially means living life to the fullest, pursuing your maximum potential, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Tammy’s message of empowerment and wellness resonates with audiences. Both businesses and individuals can learn a thing or two from Tammy’s message. Tammy follows her philosophy every day by encouraging others to live a life that is “GRAND,” which is why everyone should consider listening to her message.

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