Meet John Krubski

John Krubski is a keynote speaker that is on the forefront of innovation. A futurist at heart, John Krubski consults Fortune 500 companies through quantitative analysis on what Matters Most for their business.


Trend spotter, futurist, and change management expert, John Krubski has spent more than three decades helping client companies and teams make sense of data in an age of information overload. He has helped organizations as diverse as DreamWorks, National Grid, Mercedes-Benz, and Sneaker Villa go from information chaos to calculated action in record time.

Krubski is the founding director of the Institute for Applied Decisional Sciences, in addition to being the founder and CEO of itlcINSIGHTS, a 20-year-old thought leadership consultancy. He is the creator and architect of The Index of What Matters Most (TiMM), a revolutionary research methodology that aims to decode the “cultureography” of individuals, groups, or activities with a holistic perspective rather than focusing on minute shifts in year-to-year respondent trending. Having been used with over 35,000 respondents, this methodology has uncovered priceless insights into how and why people make the decisions they make and value what they value. As a speaker and consultant, Krubski transforms that data into actionable takeaways tailored to his audience or clients, who range from Fortune 100s to small family businesses. He is a top keynote speaker on business trends and innovation. 

Krubski is the author of several practical books packed with easy-to-digest substance and strategies. His most recent book, Productive Meetings Every Time…Guaranteed!: 7-3-1 Fast Track Thinking, marks the beginning of a series grounded in fast track thinking.

Key Audience Takeaways

As a keynote speaker on business trends and innovation, Jon Krubski has expertise In:

  • Motivation
  • Virtual Presentations
  • Business Trends
  • Futurist
  • Resilience
  • Tenacity
  • Team Work
  • Goal Setting

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